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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/03/05]

Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong, Angela Tong and Hui Siu Hung took part in the costume tryout for new series "The Legend of Ah Wong". With the last installment "Square Pegs" being set around a cake shop, where Ah Wong made his famous 'Wife's Cakes', the modern version of the story will be set in a sweet soup shop and Hui announced that if this series does as well as the last, they should all club together to open their own sweet soup stall and make the most of the publicity!

With this much anticipated modern version to "Square Pegs", Roger and producer Wong Wai Sing emphasised that this is not a sequel to the original, but is just starring most of the original cast and Roger reprising his role as a simpleton who happens to have the same name "Ding Sheung Wong". Although there are high expectations to this production, Roger says he has no pressure or mental obstacles before him. As he is currently filming for Wong Jing's movie, he cannot put on too much weight just yet, but he will be using a week to try and pile on the pounds for the role. He laughs: "I have already put on a lot of weight, another ten pounds or so will be enough. (Will you invest in a dessert shop?) We were just joking about it, but if it does happen, then I could do the opening myself and save some money!"

After resting for five months, Jessica admits she is a little confused about the new series and needs to step back a little because in the last show, she and Leila played sisters, but this time, they will be fighting over the same man. However, she feels it will be hardest for Roger because in an ancient comedy, he can be a little exaggerated and overact, but in a modern show, it is all down to true acting ability. Fortunately, there is no feeling of pressure among the cast and they were all happily chatting yesterday. As for the suggestion of Hui Siu Hung to open a sweet dessert stall, Jessica is not particularly interested as she says: "It is hard to run a business in Hong Kong and keeping it is even harder. You have to put a lot of time into looking after it and since I failed in my last business venture in a fruit juice shop, I understand that if you don't put the effort in, you won't make the money. We are all so busy filming all the time, I think we would be more relaxed doing that!"

One of the other stars in the original Winnie Young is currently pregnant, with her baby due in June, but despite this, she still really wants to be in the show so the producer has allowed her to guest star in three episodes, completing filming for her scenes in fifteen days. Winnie will play Ah Wong's schoolfriend from primary school, who works in Bosco's company. As she became pregnant unknowingly, Ah Wong helps her to find out who the father is and becomes the baby's godfather. Wong Wai Sing says: "In order to work around Winnie, I will try to arrange all studio scenes for her and if we have to do location, I will keep it to one or two scenes."

In the show, Bosco will play Roger's half-brother, where they share the same father and he is a very intelligent young talent in the IT world, who sets about buying up satellites. When it was mentioned, his character resembles real life businessman Richard Li (son of Li Ka-Shing), he asked how old Li is. When he found out from the reporters that Li is 36, he was rather amused and said: "Well, I am smarter than him then because I am only in my twenties!" As he has recently filmed a number of ancient series, Bosco was somewhat unrecognisable in modern clothing and as he forgot to bring his leather shoes with him for the event, his suit and sneakers look was rather unusual!

Angela's look yesterday was rather pitiful and she says that she plays a rubbish girl in the show who has a very low self esteem, but she is good friends with Roger's Ah Wong character and she smiles: "The producer asked me to do this role to let me have a breakthrough. I thought that I had to play a sexy role, but instead I have to play an ugly girl. I will be wearing some crooked teeth and it will be a new experience for me."


[Additional translation from Sing Pao by Tammy]

TVB’s new series “New Legend of Ah Wong” held its costume fitting the day before, those in attendance include Roger Kwok, Bosco Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Leila Tong, and Angela Tong. All though Bosco expresses that this series is not the continuation of “Square Pegs”, but in the series Roger’s name is still called “Ding Seung Wong”, and will frequently call Jessica his “Lo Por Jai”, showing the close similarities to “Square Pegs”.

In the series, Bosco portrays Roger’s stepbrother (same father, different mother), and will develop relationships with both Jessica and Leila. He is also the IT world’s young talent, his appearance resembling closely to Lee Chak Kai. Bosco laughs saying that Lee Chak Kai is 36 years old and he is only 26 years old. Bosco had earlier filmed for a few ancient series, this time he can finally film a modern series, so he had especially gotten a new pair of glasses made.

Producer Wong Wai Sing reveals that “Square Pegs” participant Winnie Yeung, will only be guest-starring in “Legend of Ah Wong” for three episodes, portraying Roger’s elementary classmate. Because she had been cheated and gotten pregnant, Ah Wong will help her track down the father.


And the best of the rest...

[The Sun 15/03/05]

Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu and Joe Ma headed out to Canada for some promotional activity yesterday and with a seventeen hour flight ahead of them, they were a little worried about getting bored on the plane. Ron said: "This is the first time I have tried a seventeen hour flight. I was watching football all night last night and didn't sleep very much, so I will be sleeping later." Tavia has brought many things with her to pass the time: "I have taken a lot of facial masks onto the plane, putting one on every seven hours to pass some time."


[The Sun 14/03/05]

With the sudden drop in temperatures in Hong Kong lately, Charmaine Sheh has caught a cold and looking rahter tired, she was at TVB filming for "Always on Standby" yesterday. She said: "I have been to see the doctor, but the cold has still not got better, maybe because I have not had time to rest from filming. I don't want to take any medication because I am scared it will make me drowsy. I don't want to turn into Garfield during filming." However, for Charmaine, working whilst being ill is no hardship, the worst thing is filming on location in the rain because this takes a lot of endurance.

Apart from Charmaine, Michael Miu returned from Shek O filming for "Disappearance" yesterday looking rather flushed and said: "I have been stuck out in the wind at Shek O for three hours and it was only four or five degrees, so my skin is very chapped now."


[The Sun 14/03/05]

Kevin Cheng will be playing a hair stylist in new series "Barber Father Stylist Son" and in order to play his part well, he has been taking time to learn the trade at a hair salon and after practicing on a dummy a number of times, he has finally been able to try his skill on a real head of hair and he was very excited when faced with his model. When the time came, Kevin and his young tutor finally came up with a suitable style and after about an hour of careful snipping, he had created a porcupine head for his victim.

Reflecting on his virgin creation, Kevin said he was very pleased with it: "It has a lot of layering to it and the gel gives it a lot of volume. I am quite talented!" He also revealed that when he was younger, he had thought about becoming a hairstylist: "I am quite vain, so becoming a stylist means that I can pretty myself up without any excuse as well as designing images for other people, that would be very satisfying."


[The Sun 14/03/05]

Six months pregnant, Winnie Young is expecting her first child in June this year and with TVB soon to begin filming on "The Legend of Ah Wong", it was expected that she would not have a part in the follow up to her series, but a special part has been arranged for her in her pregnant state. When asked if she was worried about it being hard work, Winnie says she is not afraid of this and says happily: "Many women do not take maternity leave until they are eight months pregnant, I will only be filming just over ten scenes in two weeks. I play a pregnant woman in the series and it will not be too hard. I have put on about 25 lbs, but I am still quite agile."

When asked if her husband, who is always very loving towards her, will let her film with their baby, Winnie says: "He has not stopped me, just telling me to employ an assistant to look after me. I will see how it goes. I really wanted to take part in this series and it is fortunate that the producer is giving me this chance. I am very happy about this. (Will you be asking for any special treatment with you being pregnant?) No, I will do what the series needs."

Winnie says that her bump is getting bigger, but it is getting more and more comfortable. When asked what her secret is, she says: "Eating bird's nest and drinking chicken soup!"


[The Sun 12/03/05]

Linda Chung, Lai Lok Yi and Ekin Cheng have been busy filming for "Always on Standby" recently and they comment that Ekin is like a big kid, always making them laugh and taking the pressure off. Linda says: "We can even make a game out of clapping." Ekin often buys us all food, so no wonder he is so popular. Lok Yi and Shirley Yeung have a lot of scenes together and as Shirley has to play a disabled girl in a wheelchair, he has to bend down all the time to speak to her. Lok Yi also complains that she often doesn't stop in time and crashes the wheelchair into his legs.


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Recent News Highlights

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[The Sun 11/03/05]

Leila Tong will be working together with Roger Kwok again for the modern version of "Square Pegs" after the delay of filming for her mainland production of "Wu in Spring-Autumn" meant she was able to work with Roger after all. "I really like working with this crew after last time and I was so scared that the schedules would clash and I wouldn't be able to do it. Now we can work together again, I am so happy."

In the show, Leila plays a successful businesswoman: "I don't feel too much pressure, I will just do my best. Actually, my manager is more worried than I am, but I feel that to do my best with my performance is enough and more importantly, the producer is confident in my ability. I will have to sacrifice though, because after cutting my hair short last time, I did not want to grow it again, but to tie in with my more mature character, then the producer has asked me to grow it longer, so for the sake of Roger, I will wear my hair long again."


[The Sun 11/03/05]

Shirley Yeung took on a special project recently for the Kwun Tong Professional Education College's "Professional Film Development Project" where she worked for free to shoot a set of 'Constable and Entertainer' images, with looks similar to those from Zhang Ziyi's "House of Flying Daggers".

During filming, Shirley posed in a sexy dropped shoulder costume with a Pipa, whilst also showing a strong official air to her. She says: "The job was quite challenging because when you are acting, you use your voice and expressions to get your feeling across, but for still photos, then you can only use a picture to get the message across, so it is quite difficult."


[The Sun 10/03/05]

Recently, there have been rumours that Gigi Lai has been playing up whilst filming "Powder and Rouge", leading to Kiki Sheung losing her temper and swearing at her. As a result, the show's producer Mui Siu Ching was on set in person yesterday, but there seemed to be no awkwardness between Gigi and Kiki and when they happily posed for a photograph together, Gigi and Mui both insisted that Kiki had not been swearing, with Gigi saying: "This gossip magazine is not truthful or honest, we don't need to respond. (How are you working with Kiki?) I loved watching her series "Once Upon An Ordinary Girl" when I was young and it was great, so being able to work with her makes me very happy. She has taught me a lot."

As for Kiki, she seemed rather relaxed and even though she had to film a scene where she was soaked, she did not complain at all. In response to Gigi seeing her as a role model, she smiles: "Don't say that, we are all working hard! Actually we only argue because we have to in the show, these little gossips are quite funny because those who know me know that I do not swear!"


[The Sun 10/03/05]

Adam Cheng's new series "The Prince's Shadow" (previously referred to as "Imperial Layabout") will begin airing next Monday and has once again caused concern over the 'Ding Hai Effect' that suggests Adam's appearance on screen will affect the stock markets. An internet betting site has even opened odds at 4-1 that the markets will fall when the show is aired.

Upon hearing about this, Adam laughs that they are underestimating his influence: "How dare they! They will pay! (Do you want the markets to go up or down?) I hope that it will rise over 14,000 points because that is good for everyone except the betting company!"

As for the other cast members in the show, they are not superstitious and believe that Adam will not crash the markets. Marco Ngai says: "Nothing happened when 'The Driving Power' aired, I don't believe in the 'Ding Hai Effect' and when the show airs, everyone will be too busy laughing at the show to care about the markets." Marco would bet on the markets going down though: "If the markets go down, the ratings go up because people have time to watch TV then!" Tavia Yeung has many scenes with Adam in the show and she would bet on the markets rising: "I will support Adam and bet on it rising because I don't believe in the 'Ding Hai Effect'."


[The Sun 09/03/05]

The recent rise of "Dae Jang Geum" (Jewel in the Palace) fever has led to Kelly Chen's Chinese theme tune "Hope" becoming the hit song on the streets and a special event was held yesterday to premiere her two subthemes for the show, one of which is a duet with Bowie Lam. With rumours that Bowie's involvement in this venture was part of the negotiation of his recent signing for TVB management, this was denied by TVB production chief Lok Yee Ling: "When we bought the copyright to the show, we had already chosen three songs and as Bowie was involved in filming the supplementary clips for the show, then it was only natural for him to sing the song. He has already signed for TVB management last month."

Bowie knew about recording the song in November last year and as for not receiving a fee for this work, he says: "It doesn't matter, we need to look further than this. Only with TVB is there Bowie Lam, so it can't be counted so strictly." As for Kelly, she says: "I heard the songs before and wanted to ask the company to let me sing them, but they asked me anyway and I agreed immediately. (Bowie will be taking a share of the work?) I don't mind, as long as the song is popular, the more people who hear it the better. (The show is popular, are you confident with your new album?) I don't have any expectations from the music industry, but my album comes with a free soundtrack for the show, so its a bargain!"


[The Sun 08/03/05]

Mimi Lo and TVB's Infotainment Manager Siu Wai Hung took part in an event to promote exTV's "TVBQ Super Kids Contest" heats. Mimi indicated that the layout is similar to "Minutes to Fame" (The Cruellest Bell), where the kids will have to recite a tongue-twister, do a talent act and a reflex test, but emphasises that the judges are not at all cruel! She laughs: "I will be hosting along with Joey Leung, but this is a children's challenge show and Joey will be showing some love and definitely will not be sending the children off with his bell."

Mimi also reveals that the show will give children plenty of time to display their talents and the prizes are very attractive, with the winner taking a scholarship worth $50,000 as well as a chance to take part in a large scale variety show. She says: "I hope that the little girl who was rejected from 'Minutes to Fame' will come and join in this event again because we will only encourage children to have a good educational spirit." The selection event will take part this month on 13th and 27th in Tuen Mun City Centre, with guest judges Nancy Sit and Lily Lei.


[The Sun 08/03/05]

TVB's new series "Disappearance" was filming on location in Sai Kung yesterday and leading stars Michael Miu and Melissa Ng were shooting a scene with a dog. The story tells of Melissa taking her dog with her to look for Michael's missing son and Melissa has to take Michael's shoe off. She cries out: "I have never had to take a man's shoe off in all my life! If it wasn't for acting, I wouldn't do it." To which Michael replied cheekily: "If you've never tried it, then you should, there will come such a day!"

Michael laughs that he is like a newcomer to the TV station and often asks Melissa for advice. He says: "I have been filming now for a month and have got to know the other cast members now. I am very happy with filming and the best thing is working with so many pretty girls. Although I am married, but to be in such ravishing company makes the time pass so much quicker when I am working!"


[The Sun 07/03/05]

Michael Tse appeared at an event with his pet dog yesterday and told of how when he was on his honeymoon with his wife, he receive the news that one of his other dogs, that was 13 years old had died. Michael said that this dog was very faithful and one day when he went wakeboarding, the dog was in the boat and thought he had fallen in the water, so it jumped in and tried to rescue him. Since then, he loved the dog even more, so when it died, he immediately returned to Hong Kong to attend the dog's creation and set up a shrine for its ashes at home.


[The Sun 06/03/05]

Ron Ng, Michelle Ye, Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma were at a promotional event for "Lost in the Chamber of Love" yesterday and Michelle seemed a little weepy eyed throughout the event, forcing a smile during the games and bursting into tears twice during the press interviews. She squeaked: "This is my last interview and I will miss Myolie." After saying this, she was in floods of tears as she rushed to the washrooms.

Myolie stepped forward to offer comfort as well as explaining: "I think it is because she will not be signing again (for TVB management). When we went out earlier, she had already cried once, she is a more sensitive artiste." She says openly that she and Michelle are like sisters and emphasises that if she had not worked with Michelle in "Lost", the results would not have been as good: "I admire her bravery to try her luck outside the company, but I need a sense of security."

After composing herself, Michelle indicated that she will not be signing for TVB again when her contract expires in June, but she will miss her manager and her colleagues: "I will not be filming for TVB for a while. TVB discussed it with me a year ago, but I wanted more space in my career." After saying this, she broke up again, but remembered to thank TVB boss Lok Yee Ling and saying that she is currently the target of many mainland production companies.


[The Sun 06/03/05]

Recently there have been rumours that Charmaine Sheh is secretly dating Matt Yeung and even staying over at his home. At an event yesterday, Charmaine denied this romance and thanked rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan for supporting her.

Modelling at a wedding show with Julian Cheung, Charmaine was asked whether she was dating her junior Matt and she said with frustration: "I know there are such reports, but what do you want me to do? When I am on my own, people say I am a loner, if I am with someone elder than me
then they are my sugar daddy, if they are younger then they are my toy boy! My family are not in Hong Kong and my friends are important to me, so if I am not working then spending time with friends is very normal. (What is your relationship with Matt?) Colleagues and friends, we have got on well all along. (The reports suggest you went to his home in the middle of the night?) No, this is not true."

As for words of support from her former rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan, Charmaine says happily: "I will thank anyone who supports me. (Has this affected your relationship?) We are separate entities."


[The Sun 05/03/05]

Myolie Wu says that if the finale of "Lost in the Chamber of Love" pulls in good ratings she will pay for a sharks fin meal, so Ron was asked what he would do if the show gained 30 points in the final week and he said he will take everyone out for dinner, but admitted he is not as generous as Myolie. He says that he has just finished filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" and when asked if he will be keeping in touch with rumoured girlfriend Ella Koon, he said defiantly: "I don't want to be photographed by the press!" He added that the rumours were rubbish and he has just seen it as a joke.


[The Sun 03/03/05]

TVB's new series "Always on Standby" held a blessing ceremony at the Government Flying Services hangar yesterday and promotional shots were taken with three helicopters worth $250 million. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and Production Department Deputy Chief Catherine Tsang were present at the event and Mr Chan hopes that "Always" can be as popular as "Jewel in the Palace": "Hopefully it will reach 40 points!"

Lead cast members from the show including Ekin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam were also present and of the stars, Charmaine was the most popular with the staff as many pilots and crew asked her to pose with them for photos. Charmaine says she will be totally absorbed in this production: "I don't know who I will end up with yet, I have a romance with Ekin and he is like a big kid, always playing computer games." Ekin says he only took on the role because it gives him the chance to go up in a helicopter: "I will be filming in the hangar and every time I enter, we have to take our ID. If we lose it then we have to report it to the police and whenever the alarm sounds, we have to clear off... it is very stressful!" As for Bowie, he reveals that at the moment only he has had the opportunity to fly a helicopter and adds: "I held the controls for about thirty seconds and I was both excited and scared. I will put my all into it and as William (Hung) says - Do my best!"


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Anyway, noticed this excellent preview article from this week's TVB Weekly, so just couldn't help but share it with everyone. There are some gaps, so bear with the dots because its hard to read from the web version. Hopefully, there will still be a copy of the real thing in the shops on Sunday when I go to Chinatown!

[TVB Weekly Issue 402 - 22/02/05]

Cover Story - The Show Must Go On

This is the motto that 'big sister' Liza Wang deeply believes in. It means that no matter what the situation, everything has to carry on.

In the same light, this is also what TVB deeply believes in and regardless of past performances, the show must go on and they will continue to bring the best productions to their viewers.

In 2004, shows such as "To Catch the Uncatchable" and "War and Beauty" were greatly welcomed by the audience, but TVB's production department does not live in the past as they have already started the hard work in bringing plenty of new ideas to life in the form of captivating dramas. They understand that ratings are important, but what is paramount is bringing entertainment to you, the viewer - making you laugh out loud or shed an emotional tear as each scene reaches out to you.

Led by Liza herself, here is a preview of some of the great shows that TVB has in store for this year that encompasses all. "TVB 2005 Showdown" has invited the support of the leading cast members to reveal some secrets behind forthcoming productions.

My Sassy Mother-In-Law (Translated title)
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung
Script: Choi Suk Yin, Leung Yan Dung
Cast: Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Christine Ng, Shek Sau

In the Qing Dynasty, there was a bossy princess (Liza Wang) who married into a noble family, but still exerted her influence. Whilst choosing a wife for her son Mau Chun (Bosco Wong), she accidentally marries him to Tin Lik (Myolie Wu), who is the daughter of a gang leader. Thus begins the battles between mother and daughter-in-law with the son stuck in the middle, having to win the affections of his wife as well as keeping his mother happy, playing the sympathetic one. However, he is actually a great martial artist who is hiding a secret from them all. What is this secret? And what will happen to the rowing duo? You'll have to wait and see....

"I haven't filmed a comedy for a while now and this series was quite interesting. When they designed the characters, they let their imaginations run riot and I am always being sprayed with rice and water. The character is actually much like myself and is very bossy, but actually she is very direct as well. I hope the audience will both love and hate her!"

"The best thing about the show is Liza because I have never seen her so bossy. On the other hand, her character also has some very feminine qualities about her and it is this soulful inner acting that is great to watch."

"The deepest impression for me was filming an argument scene with Liza that lasted three hours. We were both very absorbed and the lines were very piercing, so after we finished, everyone gave us a round of applause."

Healing Hands III
Producer: Chik Kei Yi
Script: Chow Yuk Ming, Choi Ting Ting
Cast: Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Lawrence Ng, Bernice Liu, Melissa Ng

Doctor Ching Chi Mei (Lawrence Ng) fought alongside his girlfriend Ho Sum Yin during the SARS epidemic, but after the disease was eradicated Sum Yin is fatally injured in an accident that left Chi Mei falling deep into depression. Luckily, he receives comfort from pathologist Shum .. Ching (Gigi Lai) and regains his confidence. As for Doctor Lai Kwok Chu (Bowie Lam), he has split up with his lawyer girlfriend, but soon finds himself between the affections of bone specialist (Melissa Ng) and junior doctor Tsang Suk Kei (Bernice Liu). This instalment of the show will also look into various conditions from a professional angle, including Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and SARS, indicating the effects and causes of the illness and raising the profile of these ailments.

"This is the first time I have played a pathologist, but it wasn't too difficult. However, I had to do some autopsies and despite not being too scared, sometimes duirng the night I did have some nightmares!"

"For me, filming 'Healing Hands' lets me pretend to be a middle class person and drive my dream car, a Maserati Spider. It was a titanium silver one too, so I had my fun! As for my character Henry, after so many experiences, he has reached the stage where he wants to settle down, but he knows that his love for Melissa is only on the surface and they cannot be together. This is quite reflective of the relationship troubles of the middle classes."

Yellow Earth Great Plains (Translated title)
Starts filming beginning of May 2005
Producer: Chik Kei Yi
Script: Chow Yuk Ming
Cast: Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi, Sonija Kwok, Kenny Wong

Set in the 1920's and 30's, the story is set in a village nestled in the yellow earth of the higher plains, where the villagers make their living by making fireworks... this gradually brings fortune to some of the residents as well as complications to their simple life. Originally, there were just two families living in the village, the Lams and the Chois, where the Lams were the original inhabitants and the Chois were accepted after they offered to help with the firework trade. All was fine, but after a while, there were disagreements between Lam descendent (Bowie Lam) and Choi descendent (Ada Choi) and a struggle for power begins to appear.

Chik Kei Yi:
"In the show, Moses will be playing a Choi family descendent and he will be arch rivals with Bowie. He is big and strong enough to play a northerner and fits the role exactly. His character is both good and evil as he will do anything to seek his vengeance. The conflict and fighting in this gives the feeling of a male version of 'War and Beauty'."

Ada Choi:
"I have just been in a meeting about this and have heard a little of the plot., I really like the story, so I hope to start filming soon."

The New Legend of Ah Wong (Translated title)
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Script: Lau Choi Wan
Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Roger Kwok, Bosco Wong

This show has nothing to do with the original "Square Pegs", apart from the main character 'Ah Wong' being mentally disabled. When Ah Wong (Roger Kwok) was thee years old, his mother (Michelle Yim) could no longer stand his father (Paul Chun) and left, taking him with her... After growing up, Ah Wong finds his place in society and meets his ambitious and determined 'Lo Por Jai' (Jessica Hsuan) and a success-hungry young talent (Bosco Wong). Ah Wong decides that in order to marry his beloved, he will work hard to be a useful person, so he finds his first job in the dessert cafe where his mother works and creates "Lo Por Sweet Dumplings" that spark a massive trend...

"The show will be keeping Ah Wong's innocence and everyone in the show will be good people, with no major bad guy. However, my character this time will not be a perfect girl because she has a little wild streak to her. I am so glad to play a bad role, so remember to tune in!"

"Filming hasn't started yet, but I have started putting on weight, so I will eat whatever I see. I think I will put on about 20 lbs to make my appearance look naive. Luckily the character of Ah Wong is timeless, so the play the modern version of him isn't too difficult. Lo Por Jai, I am coming back!"

Ten Brothers
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Script: Chan Wai Yin
Cast: Frankie Lam, Kenix Kwok, Lai Lok Yi, Jack Wu, Don Li, Jason Lam, Matt Yeung

Orphan Chan Dai Ha (Frankie Lam) sells sweet soup for a living and has a secret admiration for rich girl Kei Hau Yee (Kenix Kwok). On a day when the skies showed strange apparitions, ten crystals descended into Dai Ha's home. He did not think much of this, but when the ten crystals were swallowed by Hau Yee, she finds herself becoming pregnant before marriage and giving birth to the ten brothers, including 'Thousand Mile Sight', 'Super Hearing Ears' and 'Strongman Three'. Each of the brothers had their special powers and using them properly, they are able to bring fortune to their family. However, the local general wants to capture the brothers and use them for his own gain, so he plots to come between them. Dai Ha and Hau Yee have to work hard to keep their family together as they meet with these difficulties.

Lai Lok Yi:
"In the show, the ten brothers each have their own oddities, so the costumes were all very different. This kind of ancient fantasy story is very rare, so we should be able to bring a fresh concept to everyone. Apart from different make up effects for each of the brothers, the special effects and props are also very unusual and in the final scene, the brothers get together to fight a big fish and as they each use their powers to the limit, it should be a great scene."

Kenix Kwok & Frankie Lam:
"To be able to film such a well-known classic story is an honour and working every day with such a big group of cast, even the daily trip to the canteen meant that there was not a table big enough for the ten brothers, the director, PA and us. It was all very happy though because we could order lots of food. There were a lot of funny incidents in the group. Once, we were rehearsing in the brothers' room and it was suddenly very smelly. It turned out that all ten had taken their shoes off and got into the bed. It was so smelly! Filming this show was very happy and the ten brothers still call us 'Mother' and 'Father'."

Yummy Yummy - Food for Life
Producer: Amy Wong Sum Wai
Script: Wong Wai Keung, Lam Siu Chi
Cast: Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Kevin Cheng, Hui Siu Hung

This is a co-production starring Hong Kong and Singapore actors. The story surrounds a TV Gourmet competition that spans Singapore and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong team - Yau Hok .. (Raymond Lam), Chow Chi Yan (Tavia Yeung), Chan Ka Lok (Kevin Cheng) and Singapore's Wong Fook Sang (Ben Yeo) meet in the competition and turn from opponents to good friends. Chi Yan meets with her half sister Chow Man Hei (Charmaine Sheh) and these five young people overcome great difficulty in search of business success.

"We filmed in Singapore for about a month and a lot of Singaporean cuisine will appear in the show. My favourite was Bak Kut Teh and Pepper Crab. During filming, the best fun was during an eating competition scene and although I did not have to eat, seeing everyone else eating made me very happy. Finally I couldn't resist and ended up eating lots of satay skewers."

"The most unimaginable thing filming this show was having to shoot in the forests for a modern series and having to catch fish and chicken. Not only did we have to get wet in the water, we even had to do wirework! However, to have the chance to work with the Singaporean artistes and communicate in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and even Taiwanese during working was quite an unusual experience. The most important thing was of course all the food that we were able to try that you cannot usually find in Hong Kong."

"Whilst filming this series, I had to eat turtle and snake and I am actually quite scared of these things, but had to just grin and bear it for the show. Luckily, when I had spare time from filming in Singapore, I made the most of the Hainan Chicken Rice, in particular one restaurant where it was delicious. Their Beef Fried Noodles was also amazing, you really have to try it!"

Barber Father Stylist Son (Translated title)
Filming begins March 2005
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen
Script: Chan Ching Yee
Cast: Nnadia Chan, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai, Sharon Chan, Halina Tam

In the holiday hotspot of Stanley, a light hearted romance and heartwarming story evolves. Chiu Tin .. (Kevin Cheng) is a famous name in the world of Hong Kong hairstylists and despite his popular salon in the heart of Central, he was born in Stanley, where his father brought up his two sons by cutting hair. Unfortunately, his expectations for his sons are too high and this puts a strain on the father-son relationship. Chiu meets with debt problems and has to move back to live with his father in Stanley, where he meets his childhood sweetheart Pang Ching (Nnadia Chan), who is a windsurfing expert as well as a mechanical engineer...

"I always go to Stanley, but I don't know much about the local traditions and customs. When the producer told me that there are no discos, karaokes or triads there, then I was very shocked. I never imagined that the place was so 'clean'. Working with Kevin will be a fresh experience and as for the role, she is very suited to my personality, but the biggest challenge for me will be to go windsurfing. At the moment I am working hard to pick up exercising again."

"Although the show hasn't started filming yet, to be able to go to film in Stanley should be very relaxing. I think it will be very light hearted and this is the first time I am working with Nnadia, but it should be good fun. The story tells of the love between a father and son and there will be a lot of opportunity to shine as well as to convey the message that love is valuable."

The Academy
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Script: Lee Yee Wah, Choi Suk Yin
Cast: Michael Miu, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Sammul Chan, Fiona Sit, Deep Ng

This is not the story of "Naja not fearing the Dragon King..." (reference "Police Cadet 1985"), but the story of Chung Lap Man (Ron Ng), who enters the Police Training Academy after his parents split up as a protest against instructing officer Lee Man Sing (Michael Miu), who he believes to have caused the break up of his happy family. In the 27 week training course, he meets many other cadets and gets on well with Lee Pak Kiu (Sammul Chan). Due to a misunderstanding, Pak sees Man Sing as an obstruction... The two men also meet waitress Ho Fa (Tavia Yeung) and rich girl Ma Hoi Lam (Fiona Sit) and embark on some romance... Who will eventually find success?

"Maybe because I hadn't filmed a series for a while, but I felt a little uneasy during the shoot for this series. It wasn't too hard work being a cadet, because I have experience of working for the Red Cross and marching was not a problem for me. The happiest thing was to be able to spend time living and filming in the Police Academy, it really was a memory that will last a lifetime. The must surprising incident was finding an ATM inside the school, but it was very hidden, you had to go past the principal's office and down a corridor before you saw it. It was quite unusual."

"Filming series for the first time broke three personal records for me. The first was only sleeping for three hours in three days, the second was putting on 10 lbs and the third was getting the best tan ever after so much location filming in the sun. Afterwards, I felt very accomplished, because at the end of it, our marching was almost as good as the real cadets and all the cast were very happy. As the weather was very hot and uncomfortable, so hot that the soles of our shoes were melting, it was very easy to suffer sunstroke."

Fantasy Hotel
Producer: Lee Tim Sing
Script: Cheung Wah Biu
Cast: Michael Tao, Melissa Ng, Wayne Lai, Woo Fung, Ben Wong

This story is set around some tour guides - Kam Chi Kit (Michael Tao) is known by the nickname "Hong Kong Pass" after having been through many ups and downs in his career, from being a rich businessman to rock bottom, but still keeping a positive attitude and the belief that he can find his third bucket of gold. He meets the woman in his life Man (Melissa Ng) and they go from arguing duo to good friends who bear troubles together. One day, he meets the boss of the "Golden Hotel" Kam Kwong .. (Woo Fung), who gives him some shares in the hotel. At first, Kit wants to just sell them and make a quick buck, but Kwong instructs him that he is not allowed to sell his share of the hotel. After many difficulties, Kit finally puts his heart into making the hotel work.

"This is the first time I have worked with Melissa and I never imagined her to be so comedic. In one scene, we had to play tour guides and lead a group of tourists from the mainland from Whampao Gardens to the train station and it was very amusing. Another scene told of an air stewardess that my character had a crush on being killed in an air disaster, leaving him with a phobia of plains. Luckily with Melissa's help, he finally overcomes this, if you want to know how, then you have to watch it."

"This is a light production and in the show, I keep having to chase after buses in search of a husband, but apart from running, filming for the show was not hard work really because Michael is very gallant and often gets drinks for me, so I thought it was rather relaxing. Also, we went to film for the show at many of Hong Kong's tourist attractions because it tells of us being tour guides, so there are plenty of great locations to see."

Scavenger's Paradise
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung
Script: Wong Kwok Fai
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok, Myolie Wu, Cherrie Kong

This story is set in Hong Kong in the 50's and 60's and how two young people with different personalities meet and look out for one another. Tang Wai Cheung (Roger Kwok) and Tang Kwok Fung (??) (Kenneth Ma) are uncle and nephew, but have different characters. After the death of his parents, Cheung arrives in Hong Kong to look for Ling Sing Bo, because Ling owed his father a favour, where he meets his uncle Kwok. Because Kwok owes a large amoutn of money to the loan sharks, the two of them can only work in whatever they can to make money to repay the loan. After working through 72 different jobs, they meet Cheng Pik Wan (Myolie Wu) and Ling Fung (Cherrie Kong) and embark on their own happy love stories.

"The series is full of the sights and colours of the fifties and sixties and you could say that it is a classic show from the times but in colour. The younger generation will find it quite fun and the older generation will find it very reminiscent, like looking back on their pasts. The main selling point of course is Roger, because he has become a very flexible actor and he captures the essence of Brother Cheung [ref to Cantonese opera and classic film star Tang Wing Cheung]. I learned a lot from working with him and as well as looking after his own performance, he often offered a lot of advice to me on how to act. He would go into every detail and offer a fix for every scene, so the whole show is very refined!"

Always on Standby (Translated Title)
Producer: Lo Wing Yin
Script: Ng Siu Kong, Choi Ting Ting
Cast: Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung, Ekin Cheng, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Lai Lok Yi

This series is based on the work of the Government Flying Services (GFS) and is the first such venture for TVB. The two male leads Ko Ho Fung (Ekin Cheng) and Yip Ching Wan (Bowie Lam) are the top partners in the GFS and they are made responsible for training a group of new trainees, including the intelligent but untrusting Sze Cho Ki (Linda Chung) and the talented but unfailing Wong Ka Lok (Lai Lok Yi). During the training, they all face challenges in career and romance, but they manage to face up to their difficulties and put rescuing people as their number one priority. Always on standby to face life and all it brings.

"In the show, I play a flying services officer and have to go and rescue people on the mountain and at sea. Although the series has not officially started filming yet, we have been through a four-day training course with the services and one of the experiences was to to go into the air in a helicopter that kept rising and falling, making you feel very dizzy and nauseous, I was so scared I had to grab onto the person beside me. However, if I have the chance, then I would do it again because maybe this would help me to overcome my fear of roller coasters!"

"My character is a communications officer for the GFS and she is very optimistic, but because she is disabled, she has to use a wheelchair. During filming, I practised with a manual and an automatic chair and my arms are getting very strong with all that training!"

"In the show, I am the team leader of the flying services team and the best thing about filming this is to be able to go and train with them beforehand. Each of the cast members took turns to be hoisted from the helicopter to rescue a 'victim' from the sea. When I did not have to do this, I went to play the victim and made it all very dramatic."

Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Script: Lee Yee Wah, Yip Sai Hong
Cast: Ron Ng, Joe Ma, Kenix Kwok, John Chiang, Lau Dan, Ella Koon, Elaine Yiu, Ellesmere Choy

The story befalls the family of Wong Yuk Ting (Lau Dan) who runs a five-star hotel chain and tells of how repaying a favour turns into seeking vengeance in a twisting story of honour and revenge. Wong Kai Kit (Ron Ng) is the youngest son in the Wong family, but his two elder brothers are not suitable heirs to the family wealth in the eyes of his father. Then Yuk Ting suddenly dies mysteriously and the business is strangely handed to a man named Ko Fung (Joe Ma) to head. He develops a romance with Bik Kei (Kenix Kwok), whom he meets in the hotel and becomes embroiled in a tangled power struggle with the family, including Kit's uncle Wing Fat (John Chiang), where deceit and plots unfold around every twist and turn...

"My character has very distinct stages throughout the series, going from headstrong and enthusiastic into having to face Joe Ma (enemy in the show) and everything for him is a test. At first there was some pressure on me, but after chatting to the producer and the director, I began to feel more satisfied with my performance. There are a lot of surprises in this series and you have to watch out for my dad's storyline because the father-son bond will be there throughout the show."

"You really have to be observant throughout this series, because there are a lot of different plots and it will be difficult to tell between the good guys and the bad guys. There are also many emotional scenes from the heart and it was quite difficult to portray these. Sometimes, Kenix and I found it hard to keep up with each others reactions and we would joke tht the other was a dozy spy."

The Prince's Shadow
Producer: Chui Ching Hong
Script: Ng Siu Tung
Cast: Adam Cheng, Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung

Ko Sing (Adam Cheng) is a handservant of Emperor Qianlong, but he is very smart and intelligent, often offering ideas to the emperor and therefore gains the emperor's trust and favour. Qianlong takes a fancy to Yu Yi (Tavia Yeung), so he sends Sing to go and seek her out. When he reaches the town, he finds that Yu Yi has been sold into the local brothel, owned by So Sam (Sheren Tang), who becomes a quarrelling twosome with Sing, but gradually develops feelings towards him. Later on, Sing finds out a secret about the emperor and finds his own life at risk, how will he, So Sam and Yu Yi escape with their lives? Where will Sing's affections eventually lie?

"Haha, I was so happy to film this series because there were so many pretty girls doting on me. Tavia even had to bathe me! It was like being as charming as Chor Lau Heung. However, this man has a blind devotion to the Qianlong Emperor, so there is a serious side to it and there will be plenty of emotion for you to watch!"

"Filming this show was such a happy time because every day on set, we were able to mess around with Adam. There is a great advantage of working with him because he will always be clear about which position gives the best lighting and makes you look your finest. That is why whenever Adam was around, people would stand beside him, that way it will make you look even more photogenic!"

Rouge and Powder (Translated title)
Producer: Mui Siu Ching
Script: Ka Wai Nam
Cast: Sharon Chan, Anne Heung, Michael Tong, Mandy Cho, Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Yoyo Mung, Chan Hung Lit

"Powder and Rouge" is set in the background of 1930's Hong Kong, and follows how rich heir Chuk Yau .. (Moses Chan) lets the family business fall to ruins before finding his drive and determination again to put it all right. Together with his sister (Gigi Lai), they work hard to build the business, selling cosmetics and perfumes. At the same time, he also develops a three-party affair with Ng Yi Fong (Yoyo Mung) and Wong Hiu Ching (Sharon Chan). On the other hand, Wong Hiu Fai (Michael Tong) arrives at the Chuk family in search of his sister and has a romance with the Chuk younger sister Chuk Ming Man (Mandy Cho). Elder sister in law Sung Ngai Sheung (Anne Heung) also plays a part in breaking up Chuk's relationship with his family which is faced with the results of jealousy and vengeance...

"I play a woman who meets with a lot of bad luck on her path to romance and for me it was quite good fun because the character was very layered and gave me an opportunity to test my acting. I have really liked Siu Ching's productions all along because she is very knowlegable, take 'Better Halves' for example."

"The character for me was a great challenge, especially as there are many more crying scenes than I have done before. The strangest thing is that sometimes when I couldn't cry, all I had to do was look back at the script and I would cry, it worked every time! Also, as the show was called 'Powder and Rouge', all the female cast members would get together to share ideas on the best cosmetics and when we found the best one, we would all start using it."

"This time, my character is a little different from before as it is not comedic and is very serious, because he comes in search of his sister. My part isn't very big, but there is one scene that is totally focussed on me that tells of me going to the Chuk family to eat and from the first bite, the family question me endlessly. When we filmed it, we all found this scene very amusing."

"I have never had so many pretty costumes to wear! I never imagined that it would be so much fun, because a lot of the scenes included some great actors and I could quietly learn a lot from them. Sometimes during rehearsals, I would ask them for their experiences and I have picked up so much."

Disappearance (Translated title)
Producer: Cheung Kin Man
Script: Chu Keng Kei
Cast: Bernice Liu, Michael Miu, Melissa Ng, Kenneth Ma, Hui Siu Hung, Ben Wong

Due to his work as a police officer, Ko Chung Ching (Michael Miu) first loses his wife when she leaves him and then his son, who runs away and the two people dearest to him disappear from his life... Later on, Ching leaves the police force and sets up his own detective agency. On one hand, he helps other people find their lost items and on the other, he continues to look for clues on where to find his lost family. He has three assistants at the agency: .. (Power Chan), Man Tai Bo (Bernice Liu) and Lam Yan Yan (Vivien Yeo). Later, he meets .. (Melissa Ng) and embarks on a many stranded love affair...

"When I received this script, I was really happy because I really love this role and it gives me a chance to shine. As she is not a police officer, she does not have the right to do any direct investigation, so my character has to dress up a lot, like Charlies Angels, so I will have a lot of different images. I am really looking forward to playing with pinhole cameras and listening bugs as a private detective. I think everyone has this idea of what detectives do, like when women hire their services to check on what their boyfriends are up to."

"After filming 'The Academy' as a police cadet trainer, I now move onto becoming a detective in 'Disappearance', which is a good natural progression. The role seems to be written with me in mind because he is around the same age, same personality and has a son as well. As for the selling point, then it was the lack of detective investigation shows lately and of course the chance to be the male lead! Haha! To be able to share acting experiences with the younger generation feels good. Take for example the three younger female leads in the show Melissa, Bernice and Vivien, they are all from abroad, but they are still so professional and hard working, always being fully prepared in their work."

Mr Chan of Foshan (Translated title)
Producer: Chong Wai Kin
Script: Wong Kwok Fai, Leung Wing Mui
Cast: Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, Maggie Siu, Leung Ka Yan, Jack Wu, Timmy Hung

Leung Chan (Yuen Biao) is the successor to Wing Chun Master Wong Bo Wah (Yuen Wah), but when he becomes involved in a murder case, he has to flee to Foshan. His sweetheart Cheung Kin Hei (Maggie Siu) also goes to Foshan, but is forced to marry into the Chan family. When her husband dies suddenly, she becomes a widow. When she is later reunited with Leung Chan, they work together to find out the truth behind the murder.

Yuen Biao:
"The role this time is really honourable and his martial arts skill is high, but he is not very brave really and will only fight when he has to. On the romance front, he is rather wishy-washy so he is a failure when it comes to love."

Yuen Wah:
"In the show, I have a guest role, playing Yuen Biao's master and I am very strict in the show, but despite being disciplined, he is a good master. Actually, my own master was even stricter. In those days, if he headed east, then I would run towards the west!"

The Gentle Crackdown
Producer: Lau Ka Ho
Cast: Moses Chan, Niki Chow, Yuen Wah

Ming dynasty and the corrupt officials rule. Master Constable Luk Chin (Yuen Wah) falls in love with the female outlaw Fei Ying (Michelle Yim) and they have a daughter - Luk Sap Hei (Niki Chow). When she grows up, she becomes a female constable, but in the male dominated world of the court, she is often underestimated. Luckily, the newly appointed magistrate Shui .... (Moses Chan) is not a corrupt official and solves a number of unusual cases. Then there is a mysterious murder case and the evidence points towards Fei Ying. Luk and the others set about investigating to clear her name and venture deeper into the tiger's den...

The Sze Kung Files (Translated title)
Producer: Lam Chi Wah
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung ...

In the Qing dynasty, there was an Official named Sze (Bobby Au Yeung) who wanted to be a good minister, but he was naturally rather clumsy. Until the day that he dreamed about the 'Pillow God', who told him about the key to solving a case. However these clues were puzzles and it was down to Sze to work them out. This god turns out to be a lingering spirit and in training Sze, it wants him to help solve a cast for it in return.


Jumping out of the TV on the cover, via the rope tended to by the artistes and then back onto your screens as they all perform to their best....
This "2005 Showhand" has been completed with the help of many departments and artistes. In the same light, every series produced by TVB is the result of the hard work of every single crew member, all pushing themselves to the limit to bring you the best on your screens, so that when everyone is lavishing in family time, then you can also enjoy the entertainment and excitement brought to you by TVB.
For each series to be completed, the path is long and arduous, but cast and crew before and behind the camera all work through their difficulties, just in the hope that you can give them two words:
"Good Show!"


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Monday, February 21, 2005

A bit of moonlighting...

Heehee... this place is like an addiction for me.
Anyway, this isn't really news considering its from over 4 years ago, but seeing as I've done it, then here is a treat for all you Bosco Fans, whilst you're waiting for April!!!


Summary of TVB Webcast with Guests: Timothy Zao (Siu Chuen Yung) and Bosco Wong - 24/11/2000

Q = Web question
B = Bosco
T = Timothy

Q: What do you find is the difference between hosting and acting in drama?

B: I find that the scripts for hosting are easier to relay because it is just a set of points to express and you can improvise and be yourself, but in drama it is all very rigid and it is more difficult to be someone else.


Q: What experiences have you had as an MC?

B: My first big show was for a talent contest and I really couldn't be myself because if you made one slip, then you were in trouble and ready to be sacked. The worst thing is when you miss the cue for the next person and you have to improvise. Then you have to repeat yourself without looking like a fool. The easiest way to do this was to laugh.


Q: What ghostly experiences have you had at TVB?

B: I have never met any myself, but I have heard stories from Studio 8...

T: But this industry is very susceptible to these things. It's a very superstitious industry.

B: I didn't know that.

T: What stories have you heard?

B: I once heard from a martial arts guy that he was in the elevator in the D2 building next to this one when it suddenly stopped and the door opened. He was faced with a ghostly figure in red, but he just kept staring at it until the doors closed again. That would have been quite scary!


Q: Have you met anything spooky on travel shows?

B: I didn't come across anything in Hainan Island, but when I was young, I went on holiday to Thailand and fell ill after a couple of days for no reason. I was there for seven days and was ill for four days with a fever and nausea. I had some buddhist beads that I kept in my bag and my mum suggested I wear them. After resting that day, I found that three of the five beads had split in half and I was fine then after going to the toilet.


Q: What is your favourite series?

T: I liked watching "Long Vacation"....

B: I don't really like watching Japanese series because I am afraid of reading subtitles. With English shows, then it is okay because you can half understand it, but because I don't have a clue with Japanese, then by the time I have read the subtitles, then I can't watch the acting. When Nicam dubbing came along, then I felt it had lost its original feeling. My favourite series is Stephen Chow's "The Final Combat" because it was so funny and I still remember the jokes and lines from it. It was unbeatable.


Q: What would you do if you weren't in showbiz?

B: If I wasn't in showbiz, I would do one of two things. The first one would be to work for the SPCA because I love animals, but only those with fur like dogs and cats. Not snakes though, because I am scared of them. The other thing would be to do with cars, but not fixing them because I am afraid of dirt. I'd probably be a salesman and sell them instead.


Q: What kind of girls do you like?

T: I think she just has to give me the right feeling. How about you Bosco, does she have to be 5 ft however many inches or something like that?

B: No, you can't do that. I think for me, as you say, it all comes down to feelings. As long as we are right for each other. The think I hate is for people to have dirty and untidy fingernails.

T: This is like an Eddie Murphy film where he checks the toenails of beautiful women he sleeps with...

B: I remember, there is a scene where he is in bed and he pulls away the sheets just to see her feet.


Q: Who is the funniest person you have filmed with?

T: Possibly Eric Tsang... I have never worked with Stephen Chow

B: Not only filming, but Eric is just very funny in general.

T: Yes, he just comes out with things that make you laugh out loud...

B: For me, apart from Stephen Chow obviously, who is renowned for being funny, then I think Nick Cheung is a very funny guy, but as a person, he can be quite serious though. For someone who can really make you laugh when you work with him, it is Chin Ka Lok.

T: There is one person who is very funny, Bobby Au-Yeung.

B: Yes, I interviewed him once and he is so funny. From the time that we entered the studio to the time we finished, we were laughing all the way.

(Thanks to ingrid from Boscoland forum for the links!)

Friday, February 11, 2005


Hi Everyone!

A huge thank you all for the messages you have left here and emailed to me. I am truly grateful for your support and it is this wonderful spirit that gives me the motivation to continue with working on TVBspace.

As far as I understand, the dialogue with the third party involved has produced results and I now no longer feel that the voluntary and unpaid work that I do in helping other fans is being exploited for financial gain by others. For those who wanted more details, I would rather leave the matter where it is without any further discussion, but a word of advice in general, always be wary when people on the internet ask for money and be sure to question what exactly you are paying for!

In the meantime, I think this incident has given me the kick up the backside that I needed to help TVBspace News Roundup along in the new direction that I have been formulating for some time. I have found a new dedicated host that is affordable and gives me more flexibility (although I must admit that blogspot has served us grandly for the last couple of years) and I will be changing the format of the site so that it is not just a collection of translated news articles. The new features have been built on your comments and feedback and I hope they will prove interesting and informative.

I plan to launch the new site when I come back from my vacation in April (I am going star-spotting in Hong Kong! haha!), so in the meantime, please be patient and you can always get your fix of news from the plethora of news sites that have sprung up recently (including said third party...)!

That's all from me before I go on hiatus!
(Mrs Ghosty can finally have some quality time with her fella!)

Take care!

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