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But couldn't resist this bit of news on Roger and Bosco... hee hee hee!

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/03/05]

Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong, Angela Tong and Hui Siu Hung took part in the costume tryout for new series "The Legend of Ah Wong". With the last installment "Square Pegs" being set around a cake shop, where Ah Wong made his famous 'Wife's Cakes', the modern version of the story will be set in a sweet soup shop and Hui announced that if this series does as well as the last, they should all club together to open their own sweet soup stall and make the most of the publicity!

With this much anticipated modern version to "Square Pegs", Roger and producer Wong Wai Sing emphasised that this is not a sequel to the original, but is just starring most of the original cast and Roger reprising his role as a simpleton who happens to have the same name "Ding Sheung Wong". Although there are high expectations to this production, Roger says he has no pressure or mental obstacles before him. As he is currently filming for Wong Jing's movie, he cannot put on too much weight just yet, but he will be using a week to try and pile on the pounds for the role. He laughs: "I have already put on a lot of weight, another ten pounds or so will be enough. (Will you invest in a dessert shop?) We were just joking about it, but if it does happen, then I could do the opening myself and save some money!"

After resting for five months, Jessica admits she is a little confused about the new series and needs to step back a little because in the last show, she and Leila played sisters, but this time, they will be fighting over the same man. However, she feels it will be hardest for Roger because in an ancient comedy, he can be a little exaggerated and overact, but in a modern show, it is all down to true acting ability. Fortunately, there is no feeling of pressure among the cast and they were all happily chatting yesterday. As for the suggestion of Hui Siu Hung to open a sweet dessert stall, Jessica is not particularly interested as she says: "It is hard to run a business in Hong Kong and keeping it is even harder. You have to put a lot of time into looking after it and since I failed in my last business venture in a fruit juice shop, I understand that if you don't put the effort in, you won't make the money. We are all so busy filming all the time, I think we would be more relaxed doing that!"

One of the other stars in the original Winnie Young is currently pregnant, with her baby due in June, but despite this, she still really wants to be in the show so the producer has allowed her to guest star in three episodes, completing filming for her scenes in fifteen days. Winnie will play Ah Wong's schoolfriend from primary school, who works in Bosco's company. As she became pregnant unknowingly, Ah Wong helps her to find out who the father is and becomes the baby's godfather. Wong Wai Sing says: "In order to work around Winnie, I will try to arrange all studio scenes for her and if we have to do location, I will keep it to one or two scenes."

In the show, Bosco will play Roger's half-brother, where they share the same father and he is a very intelligent young talent in the IT world, who sets about buying up satellites. When it was mentioned, his character resembles real life businessman Richard Li (son of Li Ka-Shing), he asked how old Li is. When he found out from the reporters that Li is 36, he was rather amused and said: "Well, I am smarter than him then because I am only in my twenties!" As he has recently filmed a number of ancient series, Bosco was somewhat unrecognisable in modern clothing and as he forgot to bring his leather shoes with him for the event, his suit and sneakers look was rather unusual!

Angela's look yesterday was rather pitiful and she says that she plays a rubbish girl in the show who has a very low self esteem, but she is good friends with Roger's Ah Wong character and she smiles: "The producer asked me to do this role to let me have a breakthrough. I thought that I had to play a sexy role, but instead I have to play an ugly girl. I will be wearing some crooked teeth and it will be a new experience for me."


[Additional translation from Sing Pao by Tammy]

TVB’s new series “New Legend of Ah Wong” held its costume fitting the day before, those in attendance include Roger Kwok, Bosco Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Leila Tong, and Angela Tong. All though Bosco expresses that this series is not the continuation of “Square Pegs”, but in the series Roger’s name is still called “Ding Seung Wong”, and will frequently call Jessica his “Lo Por Jai”, showing the close similarities to “Square Pegs”.

In the series, Bosco portrays Roger’s stepbrother (same father, different mother), and will develop relationships with both Jessica and Leila. He is also the IT world’s young talent, his appearance resembling closely to Lee Chak Kai. Bosco laughs saying that Lee Chak Kai is 36 years old and he is only 26 years old. Bosco had earlier filmed for a few ancient series, this time he can finally film a modern series, so he had especially gotten a new pair of glasses made.

Producer Wong Wai Sing reveals that “Square Pegs” participant Winnie Yeung, will only be guest-starring in “Legend of Ah Wong” for three episodes, portraying Roger’s elementary classmate. Because she had been cheated and gotten pregnant, Ah Wong will help her track down the father.


And the best of the rest...

[The Sun 15/03/05]

Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu and Joe Ma headed out to Canada for some promotional activity yesterday and with a seventeen hour flight ahead of them, they were a little worried about getting bored on the plane. Ron said: "This is the first time I have tried a seventeen hour flight. I was watching football all night last night and didn't sleep very much, so I will be sleeping later." Tavia has brought many things with her to pass the time: "I have taken a lot of facial masks onto the plane, putting one on every seven hours to pass some time."


[The Sun 14/03/05]

With the sudden drop in temperatures in Hong Kong lately, Charmaine Sheh has caught a cold and looking rahter tired, she was at TVB filming for "Always on Standby" yesterday. She said: "I have been to see the doctor, but the cold has still not got better, maybe because I have not had time to rest from filming. I don't want to take any medication because I am scared it will make me drowsy. I don't want to turn into Garfield during filming." However, for Charmaine, working whilst being ill is no hardship, the worst thing is filming on location in the rain because this takes a lot of endurance.

Apart from Charmaine, Michael Miu returned from Shek O filming for "Disappearance" yesterday looking rather flushed and said: "I have been stuck out in the wind at Shek O for three hours and it was only four or five degrees, so my skin is very chapped now."


[The Sun 14/03/05]

Kevin Cheng will be playing a hair stylist in new series "Barber Father Stylist Son" and in order to play his part well, he has been taking time to learn the trade at a hair salon and after practicing on a dummy a number of times, he has finally been able to try his skill on a real head of hair and he was very excited when faced with his model. When the time came, Kevin and his young tutor finally came up with a suitable style and after about an hour of careful snipping, he had created a porcupine head for his victim.

Reflecting on his virgin creation, Kevin said he was very pleased with it: "It has a lot of layering to it and the gel gives it a lot of volume. I am quite talented!" He also revealed that when he was younger, he had thought about becoming a hairstylist: "I am quite vain, so becoming a stylist means that I can pretty myself up without any excuse as well as designing images for other people, that would be very satisfying."


[The Sun 14/03/05]

Six months pregnant, Winnie Young is expecting her first child in June this year and with TVB soon to begin filming on "The Legend of Ah Wong", it was expected that she would not have a part in the follow up to her series, but a special part has been arranged for her in her pregnant state. When asked if she was worried about it being hard work, Winnie says she is not afraid of this and says happily: "Many women do not take maternity leave until they are eight months pregnant, I will only be filming just over ten scenes in two weeks. I play a pregnant woman in the series and it will not be too hard. I have put on about 25 lbs, but I am still quite agile."

When asked if her husband, who is always very loving towards her, will let her film with their baby, Winnie says: "He has not stopped me, just telling me to employ an assistant to look after me. I will see how it goes. I really wanted to take part in this series and it is fortunate that the producer is giving me this chance. I am very happy about this. (Will you be asking for any special treatment with you being pregnant?) No, I will do what the series needs."

Winnie says that her bump is getting bigger, but it is getting more and more comfortable. When asked what her secret is, she says: "Eating bird's nest and drinking chicken soup!"


[The Sun 12/03/05]

Linda Chung, Lai Lok Yi and Ekin Cheng have been busy filming for "Always on Standby" recently and they comment that Ekin is like a big kid, always making them laugh and taking the pressure off. Linda says: "We can even make a game out of clapping." Ekin often buys us all food, so no wonder he is so popular. Lok Yi and Shirley Yeung have a lot of scenes together and as Shirley has to play a disabled girl in a wheelchair, he has to bend down all the time to speak to her. Lok Yi also complains that she often doesn't stop in time and crashes the wheelchair into his legs.


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