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A bit of moonlighting...

Heehee... this place is like an addiction for me.
Anyway, this isn't really news considering its from over 4 years ago, but seeing as I've done it, then here is a treat for all you Bosco Fans, whilst you're waiting for April!!!


Summary of TVB Webcast with Guests: Timothy Zao (Siu Chuen Yung) and Bosco Wong - 24/11/2000

Q = Web question
B = Bosco
T = Timothy

Q: What do you find is the difference between hosting and acting in drama?

B: I find that the scripts for hosting are easier to relay because it is just a set of points to express and you can improvise and be yourself, but in drama it is all very rigid and it is more difficult to be someone else.


Q: What experiences have you had as an MC?

B: My first big show was for a talent contest and I really couldn't be myself because if you made one slip, then you were in trouble and ready to be sacked. The worst thing is when you miss the cue for the next person and you have to improvise. Then you have to repeat yourself without looking like a fool. The easiest way to do this was to laugh.


Q: What ghostly experiences have you had at TVB?

B: I have never met any myself, but I have heard stories from Studio 8...

T: But this industry is very susceptible to these things. It's a very superstitious industry.

B: I didn't know that.

T: What stories have you heard?

B: I once heard from a martial arts guy that he was in the elevator in the D2 building next to this one when it suddenly stopped and the door opened. He was faced with a ghostly figure in red, but he just kept staring at it until the doors closed again. That would have been quite scary!


Q: Have you met anything spooky on travel shows?

B: I didn't come across anything in Hainan Island, but when I was young, I went on holiday to Thailand and fell ill after a couple of days for no reason. I was there for seven days and was ill for four days with a fever and nausea. I had some buddhist beads that I kept in my bag and my mum suggested I wear them. After resting that day, I found that three of the five beads had split in half and I was fine then after going to the toilet.


Q: What is your favourite series?

T: I liked watching "Long Vacation"....

B: I don't really like watching Japanese series because I am afraid of reading subtitles. With English shows, then it is okay because you can half understand it, but because I don't have a clue with Japanese, then by the time I have read the subtitles, then I can't watch the acting. When Nicam dubbing came along, then I felt it had lost its original feeling. My favourite series is Stephen Chow's "The Final Combat" because it was so funny and I still remember the jokes and lines from it. It was unbeatable.


Q: What would you do if you weren't in showbiz?

B: If I wasn't in showbiz, I would do one of two things. The first one would be to work for the SPCA because I love animals, but only those with fur like dogs and cats. Not snakes though, because I am scared of them. The other thing would be to do with cars, but not fixing them because I am afraid of dirt. I'd probably be a salesman and sell them instead.


Q: What kind of girls do you like?

T: I think she just has to give me the right feeling. How about you Bosco, does she have to be 5 ft however many inches or something like that?

B: No, you can't do that. I think for me, as you say, it all comes down to feelings. As long as we are right for each other. The think I hate is for people to have dirty and untidy fingernails.

T: This is like an Eddie Murphy film where he checks the toenails of beautiful women he sleeps with...

B: I remember, there is a scene where he is in bed and he pulls away the sheets just to see her feet.


Q: Who is the funniest person you have filmed with?

T: Possibly Eric Tsang... I have never worked with Stephen Chow

B: Not only filming, but Eric is just very funny in general.

T: Yes, he just comes out with things that make you laugh out loud...

B: For me, apart from Stephen Chow obviously, who is renowned for being funny, then I think Nick Cheung is a very funny guy, but as a person, he can be quite serious though. For someone who can really make you laugh when you work with him, it is Chin Ka Lok.

T: There is one person who is very funny, Bobby Au-Yeung.

B: Yes, I interviewed him once and he is so funny. From the time that we entered the studio to the time we finished, we were laughing all the way.

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