Friday, February 11, 2005


Hi Everyone!

A huge thank you all for the messages you have left here and emailed to me. I am truly grateful for your support and it is this wonderful spirit that gives me the motivation to continue with working on TVBspace.

As far as I understand, the dialogue with the third party involved has produced results and I now no longer feel that the voluntary and unpaid work that I do in helping other fans is being exploited for financial gain by others. For those who wanted more details, I would rather leave the matter where it is without any further discussion, but a word of advice in general, always be wary when people on the internet ask for money and be sure to question what exactly you are paying for!

In the meantime, I think this incident has given me the kick up the backside that I needed to help TVBspace News Roundup along in the new direction that I have been formulating for some time. I have found a new dedicated host that is affordable and gives me more flexibility (although I must admit that blogspot has served us grandly for the last couple of years) and I will be changing the format of the site so that it is not just a collection of translated news articles. The new features have been built on your comments and feedback and I hope they will prove interesting and informative.

I plan to launch the new site when I come back from my vacation in April (I am going star-spotting in Hong Kong! haha!), so in the meantime, please be patient and you can always get your fix of news from the plethora of news sites that have sprung up recently (including said third party...)!

That's all from me before I go on hiatus!
(Mrs Ghosty can finally have some quality time with her fella!)

Take care!

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