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[The Sun 11/03/05]

Leila Tong will be working together with Roger Kwok again for the modern version of "Square Pegs" after the delay of filming for her mainland production of "Wu in Spring-Autumn" meant she was able to work with Roger after all. "I really like working with this crew after last time and I was so scared that the schedules would clash and I wouldn't be able to do it. Now we can work together again, I am so happy."

In the show, Leila plays a successful businesswoman: "I don't feel too much pressure, I will just do my best. Actually, my manager is more worried than I am, but I feel that to do my best with my performance is enough and more importantly, the producer is confident in my ability. I will have to sacrifice though, because after cutting my hair short last time, I did not want to grow it again, but to tie in with my more mature character, then the producer has asked me to grow it longer, so for the sake of Roger, I will wear my hair long again."


[The Sun 11/03/05]

Shirley Yeung took on a special project recently for the Kwun Tong Professional Education College's "Professional Film Development Project" where she worked for free to shoot a set of 'Constable and Entertainer' images, with looks similar to those from Zhang Ziyi's "House of Flying Daggers".

During filming, Shirley posed in a sexy dropped shoulder costume with a Pipa, whilst also showing a strong official air to her. She says: "The job was quite challenging because when you are acting, you use your voice and expressions to get your feeling across, but for still photos, then you can only use a picture to get the message across, so it is quite difficult."


[The Sun 10/03/05]

Recently, there have been rumours that Gigi Lai has been playing up whilst filming "Powder and Rouge", leading to Kiki Sheung losing her temper and swearing at her. As a result, the show's producer Mui Siu Ching was on set in person yesterday, but there seemed to be no awkwardness between Gigi and Kiki and when they happily posed for a photograph together, Gigi and Mui both insisted that Kiki had not been swearing, with Gigi saying: "This gossip magazine is not truthful or honest, we don't need to respond. (How are you working with Kiki?) I loved watching her series "Once Upon An Ordinary Girl" when I was young and it was great, so being able to work with her makes me very happy. She has taught me a lot."

As for Kiki, she seemed rather relaxed and even though she had to film a scene where she was soaked, she did not complain at all. In response to Gigi seeing her as a role model, she smiles: "Don't say that, we are all working hard! Actually we only argue because we have to in the show, these little gossips are quite funny because those who know me know that I do not swear!"


[The Sun 10/03/05]

Adam Cheng's new series "The Prince's Shadow" (previously referred to as "Imperial Layabout") will begin airing next Monday and has once again caused concern over the 'Ding Hai Effect' that suggests Adam's appearance on screen will affect the stock markets. An internet betting site has even opened odds at 4-1 that the markets will fall when the show is aired.

Upon hearing about this, Adam laughs that they are underestimating his influence: "How dare they! They will pay! (Do you want the markets to go up or down?) I hope that it will rise over 14,000 points because that is good for everyone except the betting company!"

As for the other cast members in the show, they are not superstitious and believe that Adam will not crash the markets. Marco Ngai says: "Nothing happened when 'The Driving Power' aired, I don't believe in the 'Ding Hai Effect' and when the show airs, everyone will be too busy laughing at the show to care about the markets." Marco would bet on the markets going down though: "If the markets go down, the ratings go up because people have time to watch TV then!" Tavia Yeung has many scenes with Adam in the show and she would bet on the markets rising: "I will support Adam and bet on it rising because I don't believe in the 'Ding Hai Effect'."


[The Sun 09/03/05]

The recent rise of "Dae Jang Geum" (Jewel in the Palace) fever has led to Kelly Chen's Chinese theme tune "Hope" becoming the hit song on the streets and a special event was held yesterday to premiere her two subthemes for the show, one of which is a duet with Bowie Lam. With rumours that Bowie's involvement in this venture was part of the negotiation of his recent signing for TVB management, this was denied by TVB production chief Lok Yee Ling: "When we bought the copyright to the show, we had already chosen three songs and as Bowie was involved in filming the supplementary clips for the show, then it was only natural for him to sing the song. He has already signed for TVB management last month."

Bowie knew about recording the song in November last year and as for not receiving a fee for this work, he says: "It doesn't matter, we need to look further than this. Only with TVB is there Bowie Lam, so it can't be counted so strictly." As for Kelly, she says: "I heard the songs before and wanted to ask the company to let me sing them, but they asked me anyway and I agreed immediately. (Bowie will be taking a share of the work?) I don't mind, as long as the song is popular, the more people who hear it the better. (The show is popular, are you confident with your new album?) I don't have any expectations from the music industry, but my album comes with a free soundtrack for the show, so its a bargain!"


[The Sun 08/03/05]

Mimi Lo and TVB's Infotainment Manager Siu Wai Hung took part in an event to promote exTV's "TVBQ Super Kids Contest" heats. Mimi indicated that the layout is similar to "Minutes to Fame" (The Cruellest Bell), where the kids will have to recite a tongue-twister, do a talent act and a reflex test, but emphasises that the judges are not at all cruel! She laughs: "I will be hosting along with Joey Leung, but this is a children's challenge show and Joey will be showing some love and definitely will not be sending the children off with his bell."

Mimi also reveals that the show will give children plenty of time to display their talents and the prizes are very attractive, with the winner taking a scholarship worth $50,000 as well as a chance to take part in a large scale variety show. She says: "I hope that the little girl who was rejected from 'Minutes to Fame' will come and join in this event again because we will only encourage children to have a good educational spirit." The selection event will take part this month on 13th and 27th in Tuen Mun City Centre, with guest judges Nancy Sit and Lily Lei.


[The Sun 08/03/05]

TVB's new series "Disappearance" was filming on location in Sai Kung yesterday and leading stars Michael Miu and Melissa Ng were shooting a scene with a dog. The story tells of Melissa taking her dog with her to look for Michael's missing son and Melissa has to take Michael's shoe off. She cries out: "I have never had to take a man's shoe off in all my life! If it wasn't for acting, I wouldn't do it." To which Michael replied cheekily: "If you've never tried it, then you should, there will come such a day!"

Michael laughs that he is like a newcomer to the TV station and often asks Melissa for advice. He says: "I have been filming now for a month and have got to know the other cast members now. I am very happy with filming and the best thing is working with so many pretty girls. Although I am married, but to be in such ravishing company makes the time pass so much quicker when I am working!"


[The Sun 07/03/05]

Michael Tse appeared at an event with his pet dog yesterday and told of how when he was on his honeymoon with his wife, he receive the news that one of his other dogs, that was 13 years old had died. Michael said that this dog was very faithful and one day when he went wakeboarding, the dog was in the boat and thought he had fallen in the water, so it jumped in and tried to rescue him. Since then, he loved the dog even more, so when it died, he immediately returned to Hong Kong to attend the dog's creation and set up a shrine for its ashes at home.


[The Sun 06/03/05]

Ron Ng, Michelle Ye, Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma were at a promotional event for "Lost in the Chamber of Love" yesterday and Michelle seemed a little weepy eyed throughout the event, forcing a smile during the games and bursting into tears twice during the press interviews. She squeaked: "This is my last interview and I will miss Myolie." After saying this, she was in floods of tears as she rushed to the washrooms.

Myolie stepped forward to offer comfort as well as explaining: "I think it is because she will not be signing again (for TVB management). When we went out earlier, she had already cried once, she is a more sensitive artiste." She says openly that she and Michelle are like sisters and emphasises that if she had not worked with Michelle in "Lost", the results would not have been as good: "I admire her bravery to try her luck outside the company, but I need a sense of security."

After composing herself, Michelle indicated that she will not be signing for TVB again when her contract expires in June, but she will miss her manager and her colleagues: "I will not be filming for TVB for a while. TVB discussed it with me a year ago, but I wanted more space in my career." After saying this, she broke up again, but remembered to thank TVB boss Lok Yee Ling and saying that she is currently the target of many mainland production companies.


[The Sun 06/03/05]

Recently there have been rumours that Charmaine Sheh is secretly dating Matt Yeung and even staying over at his home. At an event yesterday, Charmaine denied this romance and thanked rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan for supporting her.

Modelling at a wedding show with Julian Cheung, Charmaine was asked whether she was dating her junior Matt and she said with frustration: "I know there are such reports, but what do you want me to do? When I am on my own, people say I am a loner, if I am with someone elder than me
then they are my sugar daddy, if they are younger then they are my toy boy! My family are not in Hong Kong and my friends are important to me, so if I am not working then spending time with friends is very normal. (What is your relationship with Matt?) Colleagues and friends, we have got on well all along. (The reports suggest you went to his home in the middle of the night?) No, this is not true."

As for words of support from her former rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan, Charmaine says happily: "I will thank anyone who supports me. (Has this affected your relationship?) We are separate entities."


[The Sun 05/03/05]

Myolie Wu says that if the finale of "Lost in the Chamber of Love" pulls in good ratings she will pay for a sharks fin meal, so Ron was asked what he would do if the show gained 30 points in the final week and he said he will take everyone out for dinner, but admitted he is not as generous as Myolie. He says that he has just finished filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" and when asked if he will be keeping in touch with rumoured girlfriend Ella Koon, he said defiantly: "I don't want to be photographed by the press!" He added that the rumours were rubbish and he has just seen it as a joke.


[The Sun 03/03/05]

TVB's new series "Always on Standby" held a blessing ceremony at the Government Flying Services hangar yesterday and promotional shots were taken with three helicopters worth $250 million. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and Production Department Deputy Chief Catherine Tsang were present at the event and Mr Chan hopes that "Always" can be as popular as "Jewel in the Palace": "Hopefully it will reach 40 points!"

Lead cast members from the show including Ekin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam were also present and of the stars, Charmaine was the most popular with the staff as many pilots and crew asked her to pose with them for photos. Charmaine says she will be totally absorbed in this production: "I don't know who I will end up with yet, I have a romance with Ekin and he is like a big kid, always playing computer games." Ekin says he only took on the role because it gives him the chance to go up in a helicopter: "I will be filming in the hangar and every time I enter, we have to take our ID. If we lose it then we have to report it to the police and whenever the alarm sounds, we have to clear off... it is very stressful!" As for Bowie, he reveals that at the moment only he has had the opportunity to fly a helicopter and adds: "I held the controls for about thirty seconds and I was both excited and scared. I will put my all into it and as William (Hung) says - Do my best!"


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