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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/02/05]

"Lost in the Chamber of Love" will be airing after "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu" and cast members including Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye and Kenneth Ma took part in a promotion at Harbour City Ocean Terminal yesterday. The group of artistes joined members of the public making soup dumplings, writing greeting posters as Ron and Myolie's theme song to the show was revealed to the crowd.

After writing her half of the greeting, Michelle wished the show blockbusting ratings, saying: "How many ratings points shall we aim for? What do you think Myolie?" To which Myolie responded shaking her head and saying: "What? You ask me to talk about ratings! I don't know, let's just say it will be great!" Myolie explains that as this show is following on from "Wong Fei Hung" that reached ratings in the thirties and this puts even more pressure on her, laughing that if "Wong" reaches 35 points in its final week, then this would make her even more scared. She reveals that she is taking a two month vacation and planning to go on holiday to Bangkok with her friends and family, but on one day, she will have to come back to Hong Kong for a promotion, so she will be paying for her airfare back to do the work before continuing her holiday afterwards.

Making his debut on the musical side, Ron feels his performance is not bad. He says that it is thanks to Myolie's lead, because she liked to sing when she was studying. He will have three days holiday for the new year and he will be going visiting with his parents.

There have been rumours that after a recommendation by a well known person, Michelle Ye is planning to sign with a mainland production company soon and is therefore pushing up the negotiations with TVB when her contract expires in July. When asked about this, Michelle says that her contract is up in July, but she is still considering whether or not to renew. As for reports that she is pushing up her salary, Michelle says immediately that she has no means to do this because TVB is where she has been nurtured and she will remember where she came from. She feels that for the magazines to write this about her, they are too flattering, but it is most likely just an eyecatching headline.

Asked if she would sign with TVB again, she says she is still undecided and will think about it carefully. However, she insists that her decision is not based around money and that Lok Yee Ling and Catherine Tsang have both been to see her recently as well as being approached by other companies. She says that she will decide after the new year and when asked if she was worried that TVB will be quite sensitive about the magazine reports, she says that this is irrelevant and the company has always been very kind to her, such as arranging for her to film with Chinese Best Actor Chen Du Ming in a new mainland production.

TVB's ratings for last week during prime time were very respectable as Korean Drama "Jewel in the Palace" continued its success, achieving 30 points and both "My Family" and "Wong Fei Hung" gaining 29 points. Saturday's first episode of "The Cruellest Bell" averaged at 25 points, but Sunday's "Fantasy Trend" only reached ratings of 17 points, falling 9 points from the previous week. The Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority also received one complaint about "Fantasy" being too horrifying.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/02/05]

Andy Lau filmed a short New Year clip for TVB earlier where he performed some Chinese Calligraphy, offering a greeting to the Hong Kong people in the word "Strong". The meaning behind this is for Hong Kong's economy to become Strong and for Everyone's health to be Strong and free from illness. He says modestly that he is not a strong person and there are plenty of people in the world who are stronger. However, he hopes to be 'strong-willed', keep working hard and show the strongest side of the Hong Kong people's spirit.

Andy will be heading out to Beijing for the new year to promote his New Year Movie "Kung Hei Fat Choy" as well as taking part in CCTV's New Year Eve show. He will take this opportunity to catch up with many friends based in Beijing such as Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang for the Gathering Dinner. Feng has also invited Andy to his home as a guest for the New Year.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/02/05]

Bernice Liu and Michael Tao were in TVB City yesterday filming some promotional clips for their new series "Love Bond" that will begin airing on 28th February. When asked if they are winding down for the new year, Michael says that as he will be doing stage performances on the mainland over the new year, he has had to have an early family gathering meal. When he gets back, he will be finishing filming for "Fantasy Hotel" that should be completed on the 6th day of the new year when he can take a rest. He says: "Because I have been filming non-stop, I have neglected my wife, so I will be taking her on holiday during my break together with my newly-wed manager and his wife, travelling as a double couple, probably somewhere in South East Asia."

Bernice reveals that she will probably be filming for new series "Disappearance", so she is not sure as yet whether or not she will have time off and she has already had her family gathering with her sister and mother. Earlier when she was filming at a flower market with Roger Kwok and Tavia Yeung for "Jade Starbiz", she experienced the buzz of the new year markets for the first time ever. As she does not have too many relatives in Hong Kong, Bernice does not receive too many lucky packets. When asked if she bought any plum blossom at the flower markets, she says that she will be putting her career first, so she doesn't need it just yet. As she has bought herself an apartment and a dog this year, she will be working hard to make money and has no time for a boyfriend.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/02/05]

Michelle Yim is always glowing at any time of the day and as she has become the spokesperson for a Chinese Herbalists, she has been busy taking part in many promotional events, but she has still kept at her best and has recently accepted a series with TVB. Although it will be on a guest star basis, it is enough to satisfy her acting bug.

Michelle is very good at arranging her life and making it fulfilling and satisfying and this is one of the ways that she maintains her youth. As she enjoys her work so much, including her voluntary work with old people, helping them to cut their hair. She says that hairdressing has always been her hobby and she has plenty of experience, with many people asking her to help them style their hair and making her very happy. Also, she has agreed to be a drama consultant for a school, visiting rehearsals and offering her professional advice and proving popular with the students. Last year, she guest starred with the Hong Kong Dance Troupe and received a good review, learning to play the Chinese Zither for the show, when she was invited to perform in Singapore and entering the stage on wires, giving the audience a surprise.

On the day of the meeting with Michelle, she brought with her some delicious dessert that she had made herself, using just simple marshmallow and crunchy biscuits, but creating a tasty snack. She says that when she sees other people eating her food happily, then she is satisfied because loving life is not just about playing, eating and drinking, it is arranging for every day to be worthwhile and fulfilling.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 08/02/05]

Sheren Tang's favourite new year food is definitely the sticky puddings, including New Year Pudding and Mooli Cake and has a startling appetite, often eating half of a large one as a meal. However as she is the spokesperson for a slimming company, she has to keep her figure, so she has to try and resist the temptation, not accepting them as gifts, or frying them and of course eating them: "I have no choice, but there is a trick to resisting temptation and the best thing is not to take them home. If they are not in the house, then there is no temptation to eat it. So when my mother asked me if I wanted any mooli cake this year, I said no and I also instructed my friends not to give me any."

Sheren explains that she would rather go without because she does not want to have to shed the weight again if she puts it on: "Losing weight with the machines is very effective, but it is quite hard work as you have to take all your clothes off and get into the machine that is cold and uncomfortable. I don't want to have to go through it again, so I would rather not eat and resist."

Sheren will be heading over to America to do some stage shows and visit some friends over there for the new year, returning in mid-February.


[Oriental Daily 08/02/05]

This Spring Festival, Charmaine Sheh has to work, but she consoles herself by saying that she will receive a lucky packet for working and can treat that as New Year prosperity as this signifies good luck for the year of the Rooster. She says: "Receiving a lucky packet on Chinese New Year's Day makes me particularly happy." Even though she is not yet married, Charmaine will hand out lucky packets to her colleagues as well as revealing the secret to her riches to wish everyone a prosperous new year.

A friend of Charmaine's once lost his wallet that contained a lot of money as well as souvenir banknotes from different places and he had given up hope of finding it again. Then he called his friends around to play Mah Jong and he seemed to be on a winning streak, winning so much money he was quite embarrassed, so in the end, he just asked his friends to pay him a token $10 for good luck. The next day, someone returned his wallet to him and the moeny had not been touched. This seemed like a miracle.

Charmaine says: "I feel that this proves that a good heart will be rewarded. As long as you are gracious, then good luck will come to you. Not only did he win people's hearts, he also won financially and this is a double gain. This is the true secret of prosperity." Charmaine truly believes that kindness is rewarded, so recently she has been discreetly donating to charity, so no wonder she has a car and an apartment. She says: "If you are kind, then good luck will come naturally, these are words of true wisdom."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 08/02/05]

Gordon Liu was in court yesterday to face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, where he made a not guilty plea and the case was adjourned until 9th June. Whilst in court, there was a call for another person called Ka Fai and Gordon mistook it for being his turn and it was only when he stepped forward that he was told it was not his turn yet, leaving him rather embarrassed. There was more confusion later when the usher called out Gordon's real name Sin Kam Hei and he stood up again, but no-one realised this was him.

Gordon is suspected of drink driving on 1st January and was allowed to be bailed for $5000 pending the trial.

Afterwards, Gordon was asked about the mix-up in court and he said: "I really thought he called out 'Lau Ka Fai' so that is why I stood up. I was quite bemused myself as to why he was calling my artiste name, but I thought it was rude to ignore him. Maybe he was a fan of mine!" Gordon went on to point out: "This is my first time in court and I have never filmed any court scenes, but it did look like a studio set inside, just without a dock."


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