Saturday, February 05, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 05/02/05]

RTHK's sex education programme hosts Sheren Tang, Zac Koo and Ching Chui Wan were handing out new year greetings at the Star Ferry Terminus yesterday, wishing the public an early happy new year and spreading the word to take care with safe sex on Valentine's Day. Sheren's "Yu Fei" popularity continued as many people came to take greetings posters from her and ask for a photograph with her and the commotion even attracted many foreign tourists to stop and take a look.

With Sheren's popularity has also come much gossip, with the most recent suggestions that she is too busy making money to work for TVB and causing their displeasure. Faced with the questions from the press, Sheren says from the start: "Apart from topics related to this event, I will not discuss anything else. I don't want to give a response, otherwise you will just write more rubbish. (Do you feel that people are writing what they want?) No comment. (Is the recent gossip frustrating you?) If people are always calling you, then would you be frustrated? So I don't want to say anything." As for when she will be filming for TVB again, she says tthat in the short term, there is nothing suitable. As for whether she has reached an agreement with TVB, she says that the company will understand and this is a common occurence. Her health is not too good at the moment, so she plans to take a break for at least three to four months to rest. Sheren had been back to a shoot for the TVB Weekly magazine and she indicated that she will be on vacation until mid April, then she will see whether there is suitable work for her after that.

For the Chinese New Year, Sheren will be doing a show in San Francisco before visiting friends in Los Angeles. She smiles: "These are friends whom I met when I was studying in LA and they have all got married and have children, some have as many as four! (Everyone else has got married, so do you feel pressure to do the same?) They have rushed me, but it is no use because there are still so many things I want to do and I hope to achieve them whilst I am still single. (How do you turn away your pursuits?) I have had no-one pursuing me, apart from work, my life revolves around the church."

Sheren goes on to mention that many young people have misunderstandings about sex and she says that when she was young, there was no such thing as sex education, so she could only get the information from magazines. As a result there are a lot of myths in circulation, such as abortions by eating cold and raw foods. She smiles: "I know a pair of sisters and the elder sister started her period, but thought she had piles so she tried to treat it with her family member's haemorrhoid cream. This shows how important education is."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 05/02/05]

Yoyo Mung and Moses Chan were filming in TKO TVB City for new series "Rouge and Powder" yesterday in a scene where Moses's character was being picked on by his uncle Lee Kwok Lun and forced to sweep the path. Luckily Yoyo appears to console him and help to raise his determination again. Moses laughs that in real life, no-one dares to bully him: "Maybe I look terrifying, so if they dare to mock me, then they must be pretty powerful themselves!"

Yoyo was earlier accused of being arrogant and upsetting everyone, but Moses supports her saying: "I have worked with her on several series now and she has always been really easy going. This is small gossip really, when we were filming for 'War and Beauty' it was even worse. Luckily, men don't usually take much notice of these things."

With Moses's words of support, little wonder that Yoyo has much admiration for him in real life. She says: "In the show, I have a crush on Moses and in reality, I did have a crush on someone when I was in Form 5, but I did not have the courage to tell him and he emigrated!" Yoyo says that her appearance was rather ordinary when she was at school, so it was hard for her to attract the boys: "I have a schoolmate from high school who is a fan of mine and my other fans say they are very envious of this person for sitting next to me at school. However, this friends said that I looked quite ugly at the time and it was quite difficult to sit next to me for even a week!"


[Oriental Daily 05/02/05]

Every Chinese New Year, Niki Chow will order some New Year foods such as puddings and Mooli Cake and as she is Shanghainese, then she is also quite a dab hand at making Shanghai foods, but she has never tried making New Year foods. Niki likes the New Year Pudding because it is sticky and sweet and the eating sensation is good, but desserts will make you put on weight, so she can't eat too much. This year, Niki has decided to make some desserts that are suited to her tastes as she says: "The food you buy from outside has a lot of sugar in it and is not very fresh, so this year, I have taken lessons from a master and learned how to make this 'Coconut Milk Carp Dessert', which is easy to make and looks very appealing. I will make a few and take it to my mum and family to try."

Recently Niki has signed for a new manager and record company and has given the impression that she has plans to show what she can achieve. Niki says: "It is not anything major, but I will be advancing in many different directions, such as singing and filming. However, as I have time now, I will be improving myself a little first, learning to play the drums, singing and languages, especially Shanghainese because my origins are from Shanghai." This year, Niki will be taking a week out for the new year and going on vacation to relax.


[The Sun 05/02/05]

Michelle Ye was taking part in filming at TKO TVB City yesterday for "Stars Dreams Come True" and talking of the news recently about Chinese diver Tian Liang who has been thrown out of the Chinese Diving Team, Michelle says that she has called him to comfort him: "Tian Liang seems very determined and at the moment, he is concentrating on his diving. There is too much speculation from outside."

As for the suggestions that Tian likes to go out at night a lot, Michelle supports him, saying: "Everyone has to go to a Karaoke at least once! To never to have been is more unusual. Sportsmen are still human." Asked if she had urged Tian not to enter showbiz, Michelle says: "No, as a frend, then I dare not say too much, I don't want to be too nosy."


[Ta Kung Pao 05/02/05]

Keanu Reeves has spent three days in Hong Kong and attended the world premiere for his new film "Constantine" at Times Square on Thursday, before holding a press conference yesterday with the film's director Francis Lawrence.

The handsome Hollywood superstar attracted some of Hong Kong's most rich and famous beauties who crowded around him like teenage fans trying to catch their idol's attention. Among them was Rain Li, who raved at how good-looking Keanu was and became rather excited when she heard that Keanu would be flying back to America tomorrow, on the same day that she planned to head there on vacation. However, when she found out that they were leaving at different times, Rain seemed a little disappointed that she would not be sharing a flight with the superstar. Rain went on to imagine that if she could get close to him, he would ask him to autograph her skirt. When asked if her fanaticism for Keanu would make her boyfriend jealous, she pretended not to hear and went on to say that since she was young, she had wished to attend an International School and it was a shame that she could not achieve this goal. When asked why this was, she laughed that she just wanted to understand the personalities and appearances of foreign men.

2R were also present at the premiere and indicated that they had been fans of Keanu since the days of "Speed" and they were very excited as they watched "Constantine", saying that even though they had been recording for their new song in Tsimshatsui earlier, they still had to rush to attend and see their idol. When asked if they would lose control and pounce on him if they managed to get close, they both said no, but they wanted to have their photos taken with him and get to know him. As for Hong Kong being chosen as the venue for the film's world premiere with Keanu paying a visit in person, 2R feel that this is a great achievement for Hong Kong.


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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 05/02/05]

Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Alice Chan, Bobo Chan and many other female artistes have been involved in an internet stunt where their heads have been edited onto pictures of nude women, raising complaints from the artistes and fans alike for this despicable act.

When Ada was told about the incident by the press, she responded saying: "These epople have no morals or ethics." Alic Chan scolded angrily: "That is despicable, pointless, low and disgusting, but what can we do?" As for Bobo, she released a statement through her assistant, saying: "Hopefully, these people will learn not to be so 'mo liu' (pointless). I support the readers who are complaining."

TVB's External Affairs Deputy Chief Tsang Sing Ming expressed a response: "This is totally disrespectful to the female artistes and it is also an insult to all women. I hope they will stop doing this because as humans, we should have a conscience."


[The Sun 05/02/05]

Dayo Wong has recently been filming a mainland series version of "Justice, My Foot" and the producer Yeung Siu Hung has asked him to sing the theme tune, with lyrics penned by Dayo and Chan Siu Ki. Dayo says that as he understands the character, then he is able to write the feelings of 'life is a game' into the song.

Dayo has always had strong feelings towards singing and when he watches "American Idol", he understands the determination of the contestants to make something of themselves is just like himself when he entered the MC contest earlier and William Hung when he auditioned. When it was mentioned that TVB have begun filming for "The Cruellest Bell", Dayo says: "If TVB want me to be a guest judge, then I am prepared to consider it."


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