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[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 04/02/05]

To welcome in the Chinese New Year, cast members from TVB's "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu", including Bosco Wong, Rain Li, Cerina Da Graca, Angela Tong and Helena Law gathered for a promotional lion dancing event on the streets of Tsimshatsui yesterday and handed out greetings posters as well as paraded with the lion heads in a lively event.

The show's ratings have been fairly good throughout, peaking at 34 points and Rain is very happy about this, saying that if the finale next week reaches 40 points, then she will do whatever is asked of her. When it was mentioned that Bosco will be handing out lucky packets, Rain says that she has had this habit since she entered showbiz, but she has received less because she does not go out visiting as much and feels awkward to ask people for lucky packets. When asked if she is scared of people rushing her to get married, Rain says that no-one is rushing her and they tell her to work hard on her career instead and get married later. As there are many good men, then she can take her time in choosing. As for rumours that she has already selected 'Master Siu', she laughs that this is nothing to do with him and there are actually plenty of people to choose from. She also says that she hopes to film another fighting action series with TVB because she likes wirework and swordplay.

Bosco says that if the final weeks ratings average at 34 points, then he will definitely be handing out lucky packets with at least a four figure sum as long as everyone is happy. As the show has been popular, Bosco has been called by his character name "Wong Fei Hung" during the parade and have forgotten his real name, so he would really like the original cast to join together again for a sequel.

Whilst Bosco was carrying the lionhead, Rain spotted his underpants sticking out from his trousers and couldn't resist the temptation to pull them out, causing plenty of laughs. Talking of her plans for the new year, Rain says: "I will be working on stage in America for the New Year."


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 04/02/05]

TVB will begin airing new series "Fantasy Trend" this Saturday, hosted by Ekin Cheng and Mimi Lo, each episode will featuer short stories enacted by young singers and artistes. Cast members taking part in a special premiere event yesterday included Shirley Yeung, Bobo Chan, Edwin Siu and Girl's Dormitory.

Shirley arrived late because she was busy filming and when she got there, she was very apologetic, saying: "I am very sorry, I was filming a music video for a children's song in Sai Kung today and it was delayed because of the rain. I rushed here by taxi, so I hope you will forgive me. Shirley plays a beautiful sprite in the series, who likes to con people on the internet.

Bobo signed together with Sammul Chan for Universal Records, but because the company is not doing very well, Sammul has since had his contract terminated, but luckily Bobo escaped this fate. With suggestions that this was thanks to the support of Alan Tam, Bobo responds: "Maybe I have already released an album! I believes that if Alan was going to help, he would not just have helped me." She has not called Sammul about the incident for now because she feels a little awkward about it. She just hopes that Sammul, who loves singing, will be able to release his record. At the moment, she has started recording her new album and this is planned for release in April or May.

At the Chinese New Year, many artistes will have their fortunes read for the coming year and Bobo will also give it a try, but not take it too seriously as she will be asking her mother to have it read on her behalf. She says that she usually asks about her career progress as this is the priority in her life at the moment. When asked if she needs to recover from her love wounds, she smiles: "I did not say that! (There are suggestions that you want someone who is faithful?) A lot of girls want a dedicated man! (Was your last boyfriend unfaithful?) This was from a long time ago and it is quite foggy now. I usually don't see good looking as being one of my criteria for a partner."

In the series, Edwin plays a pedlar who deals in people's conscience, but he insists that in real life he will never betray anything, including family love. Reently, he has been focussing his career in the mainland and although he would like to spend more time in Hong Kong, he will not let go of the mainland market because he does not want to waste his efforts.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 04/02/05]

Hacken Lee and Joey Leung recorded the second episode of "The Cruellest Bell" two nights ago that will be aired on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year and feature speical guest host Andy Lau. The three made an amazing comic trio and there was a great atmosphere and chemistry throughout the show. Andy was left with a particularly deep impression of contestant number 5, six year old Mok Hoi Heem.

Together with the reigning leader from the first show Kwan Ho Yeung, there were nine contestants in the second show, with ages ranging from six to forty nine years old. Hoi Heem sung a rendition of Joey Yung's "Habitual Love Lost" for 71 seconds and toppled the champion, who was not on form singing "I want", becoming the winner of this episode. Andy jokingly asked him: "You are only six years old, do you know what losing love is about? How can it become habitual?" - to which the child replied: "I am only here to sing some songs and have some fun!". Andy then said : "You should have told me earlier, then I didn't need to give you 71 seconds!" causing the audience to laugh out loud. Andy complimented Hoi Heem's performance, saying that he was very calm and his performance was very fresh and unusual.

When Andy saw a pair of fifteen year old girls, Yip Wai Yan and Ma Sze Wan, wearing a short skirt and tights and doing a can-can dance singing to "Scent of a Woman", he gave them 61 seconds before sending them off. He joked that her high kicks were not high enough and when the girl heard this, she demonstrated them again, scaring him into screaming: "It's the new year! Don't do this to me!" before telling her to kick in another direction and raising more laughs from the audience.

Forty nine year old Leung Tim Fat also caught the camera's attention, wearing his home made cape as he showed off his "Lee's Flying Dagger" and throwing plastic knives at the audience. There were screams from the audience, but Andy played it calm as he waited for another flying knife. However after it didn't materialise 49 seconds into the performance, he was sent on his way. Tim Fat went on to exude confidence as he described his singing voice as smooth and strong.

When Hoi Heem was announced as the winner, he was congratulated by a troupe of can-can dancers and seemed a little intimidated. Andy took pity on him, saying: "He won and still has to go through this torture, that has to be the cruellest thing!"


[The Sun 04/02/05]

Michelle Ye and good friend Selena Li took part in TVB's "February Birthday Stars" event yesterday and held an early birthday celebration. Having just bought a new home, Michelle says that many friends have bought her housewarming presents ranging from shoe cupboards to plasma TV's, so this has saved her some money.

Selena has a horoscope clash with the coming Rooster year and although she is very Western-minded, she will still be going to pay her respects to the gods for peace of mind and to ask for good luck.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 04/02/05]

Louisa So has recently been signed as spokesperson for a spar and since taking on the job, her skin and figure have improved a lot and this has attracted many men to pursue her and even asking her on a date for Valentines Day, thus raising a little jealousy in her boyfriend of ten years. Louisa laughs: "I shot another set of stills for the ads recently and I was very happy with them, so I wanted to share and admire them with him, but he complained that they were too sexy. What a spoilsport!" Louisa admits that she was a little annoyed at her boyfriend's reaction, joking: "As I have so many men wanting to date me, then maybe I should see if there is someone more suitable!" Could this be a challenge to their ten year love affair?!

In truth, Louisa is a very faithful person, so her boyfriend has nothing to worry about, but she is a woman after all and yearns for affection. She says: "My boyfriend bought me some diamond earrings earlier, so we'll see what he produces this time!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 04/02/05]

Nnadia Chan was in Tsimshatsui yesterday at a massage and beauty centre, shooting a TVB ad as spokesperson for the company. The sponsors have invested heavily in the promotion and even Nnadia laughs that the boss is very generous, investing without a care and even she is worried for him. Entering 2005, Nnadia has accepted three ads and will have a prosperous new year.

Earlier, whilst shooting a skincare and bathing foam advertisement in Singapore, Nnadia developed two ulcers in her right eye and nearly had to give up the job to have an operation in hospital to have them removed. Nnadia was very worried that she would not be able to do the job and have to compensate the sponsors. She says: "Luckily I used a very old-fashioned remedy, steaming my eye with chrysanthemum water and it was better before I started filming and we completed the shoot." For the new year, Nnadia will finally have a break, able to stay in Hong Kong with her family for three weeks over the new year period. Nnadia says that she will be learning how to make radish cake during this time.


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