Wednesday, February 09, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 10/01/05]

TVB Executive Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw (Uncle Six) took part in a special Chinese New Year greeting show "Golden Rooster Greets the New Year in Lively Mood" yesterday and seemed to be n high spirits, holding tightly to Miss Hong Kong Kate Tsui throughout the performance, where the absence of Liza Wang, Lydia Shum and Carol Cheng was noted, Sir Run Run was still happy to see some younger faces among the performance.

Ninety-eight year old Sir Run Run arrived at TVB City with his wife Mona Fong yesterday and in line with the show's title was in a lively mood as he chatted away with Kate and held her hand. He then went on to hand out $20 'Start of Work' lucky packets to all his staff, assisted by Kate and Queenie Chu who kept him talking throughout, saying lucky phrases. Even when Sir Run Run left, he turned to them and said: "I'll take you out for dinner sometime!" Afterwards, Kate said: "I will definitely accept. Uncle Six kept saying how pretty and young the girls were, whilst he is nearly a hundred years old. When Mrs Li heard this, she suggested that we should have a special birthday party for him and he said that would be good."

Although Liza, Lydia and Carol were not present to oversee proceedings, there were plenty of male and female leads there to keep the show running, including "War and Beauty" leads Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan and "Square Pegs" stars Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan.

Born in the year of the rabbit, Charmaine says that her sign is in conflict with the gods this year, so she has bought plenty of plum blossom for her home, as she really wants a date this year: "After being in the industry for eight years, I think it is time to find someone and enjoy dating life. It will also be good to raise my spirits." After the show, Gigi rushed off to Dongguan to appear in another stage show and make some new year fortunes. She will be staying at home on the 2nd and 3rd days of the new year. "I have to get enough sleep before I continue filming 'Rouge & Powder" and I need to spend some time with my family." With a rewarding year last year, Gigi has prepared a large sum as a new year gift for her parents to share her fortunes.

There was a short hiccup during TVB's New Year's Eve show when there was some confusion resulting in no countdown to the new year at midnight. MC Cutie Mui explained afterwards: "There were some technical difficulties and we thought that there would be simultaneous broadcast with the location team watching the fireworks, but we could not connect in time and it was only when we heard the fire crackers that we realised we had already entered the year of the rooster. Let's just put this down to experience."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 10/02/05]

Fearless of the gossip mongers, Sammul Chan and Bernice Liu shared a New Year meal together yesterday and wishes everyone success in your careers. Everything about the new year i about good luck, so Bernice chose to eat some red hot spicy crab in the hope that this will bring her good luck. (Red is the Chinese lucky colour.) As for new year traditions, Sammul says: "People say you should not buy shoes or wash your hair at the new year, but I will still do these things because I am not so superstitious. (What is your new year wish?) I hope that I can make new developments in my career and release a record soon. Also I wish for world peace!"

Despite her western upbringing, Bernice is actually a very traditional person as she says: "I will use pomelo leaves to bathe at the new year, buy some new underwear and ask for lucky packets. I hope that the Rooster Year will be even better, I can earn more money to buy an even bigger house and work goes smoothly. Also I wish for good health."


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