Tuesday, February 01, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 02/02/05]

Shirley Yeung will be working on the day of the Chinese New Year, but she says she does not mind, laughing that she can really soak in the New Year atmosphere. As her two grandmothers are still alive, Shirley will have to spend time with them to have the New Year's Eve dinner. As for her mother-in-law to be Sze Ming, then Shirley will make time for her.

Shirley's series "My Family" has just begun airing, but because of the popularity of Korean drama "Jewel in the Palace", TVB plans to switch the broadcast slots for the two series so that "Jewel" will be aired first and "My Family" will be aired later. When Shirley was asked for her thoughts, she says she did not know about this and it is all in the hands of the company anyway. As for whether she is worried about the ratings for "My Family", she says she doesn't mind as long as someone likes it. At the moment, a lot of people have to work overtime and a lot later, so airing it early may not necessarily be a good thing. It may be better airing later because people can then watch when they get home after work.

Shirley will begin working on 14th for new series "Always on Standby" and as her boyfriend Gregory Lee also has a part in the show, she was asked if they would be spending Valentine's Day together at work. She says she does not know yet. As for whether she has prepared a present for him, she smiles: "When your in love, a glass of water is often enough and even if we just have a piece of cake and some water, then we will be happy, so we don't need to think too much."


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