Sunday, February 06, 2005

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 06/02/05]

Linda Chun and Cutie Mui were among the artistes taking part in the recording of some New Year Entertainment for TVB. One of them showed off her voice singing live for the first time, whilst the other showed off her figure, making the show rather interesting.

Linda has always been a regular at the Karaoke and singing live for the first time in this show, she was rather nervous, but still performed very well. She would rate herself a 7/10 for her performance. MC for the show Cutie squeezed herself into a very feminine chipao for the show and later she explained that she was wearing a wonderbra that gave her an amazing 35D bust and together with the warm up training she has been doing for her wakeboarding, she has really toned her body, taking her waist down to just 25 inches. As a result, she had the dress specially made for her to show off her great new figure.


[The Sun 06/02/05]

Sharon Chan has been busy filming for TVB's "Rouge and Powder" and as her old fashioned hairstyle makes her face look rather large, she has been eating less to try and lose a little weight. However, because of this, she felt a little faint whilst filming one day and luckily Lee Ka Ding spotted something was amiss and started to press on the pressure point on her nose as well as pulling at her hair roots until she felt better, avoiding the need to go to hospital.

Afterwards, Sharon said that she was very thankful to Ding Ye for saving her life: "After this, I am afraid and daren't diet any more. When I have time I will go and eat and I am also going to a herbalist and accupunturist to fix my health."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 06/02/05]

Sammul Chan and Shirley Yeung were in China earlier on behalf of "Jade Starbiz", filming a special report on the Panyu Circus and as well as enjoying the flora and fauna of the park, they even came close to the white tiger, bald eagle and other rare animals. Little wonder they seemed rather excited about it all, but when they were having a photo taken with a cross breed goat-llama, the little animal jumped towards Sammul, making them both scream and run away. Afterwards, Sammul said: "I was quite scared before, the animal was really ugly and was a little wet with a strange smell , so it was quite frightening when it jumped at me."

Talking of earlier reports about his record contract being terminated by Universal, Sammul shook his head and said: "It has not yet been terminated. (There are rumours that Bobo Chan can stay on with support from Alan Tam?) I don't know because I am unclear on how the company works. I am not in control when it comes to releasing a record, it is all in the hands of my management company. Originally I was looking for new songs, but there are some internal problems at the moment. Will I be disappointed? I have been through the worst when I was in Taiwan and it was abandoned after everything had already been recorded. However, I really do want to sing and release a record."

Shirley revealed that she has been asked by her old schoolfriends when she would be getting married and handing out lucky packets and she smiles: "Many of my friends have already got married and they keep asking me when it is my turn. Of course I don't want to do it so soon because my career is more important for now. (Has Sze Ming rushed you to get married?) No, she is very open-minded and will let the young people develop their own relationships."


[The Sun 06/02/05]

Ursule Wong and Pat Liew were celebrating the thirteenth anniversary for "Pleasure and Leisure" and when asked about her plans for the new year, Ursule says that as her father has died not too long ago, then she cannot go to visit people yet at the new year, but she will be having dinner with Tang Chi Fung and his family on New Year's Eve. She says: "He is the husband of my cousin, so we are family and the tradition is not so strict."

When asked where she plans to go for the new year, Ursule says she will stay in Hong Kong and she is happy to hear the fortune tellers predict good luck for her and others born in the year of the dragon, so hopefully this will come true! [Em hopes so too as she is a dragon as well!]


[The Sun 06/02/05]

Alex Fong held an autograph and mini-concert yesterday signing 200 autographs in a one go. He says he likes signing autographs because his fans are very happy when they obtain his autograph, so he is very willing to put pen to paper to satisfy them all. He says his record is to sign 5000 autographs in the space of three days, leaving his hands rather numb.

He also says happily that this new year will be a prosperous one for him because since Christmas, he has received many offers of advertisements and stage work and has earned a seven figure sum. Among these was a renewal of an advertising contract, where he will be working alongside Sammy Leung and not Patrick Tang any more.

Alex says that originally, after so much hard work, he had planned to buy himself a watch worth $200,000 as a reward, but he felt that this was too extravagant and decided against it, putting the money instead into lucky packets for his staff and colleagues who have also worked so hard for him or maybe to buy some presents for his parents and play the good son. Alex says that his TV series debut "My Family" is doing quite well, with many viewers asking why his character in the show is so dumb, always being taken advantage of.


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