Tuesday, February 08, 2005

[Oriental Daily 09/02/05]

Having risen to fame through TVB's "War and Beauty", Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam have had a very fruitful year last year and in the year of the rooster, they both hope that they will maintain their popularity and step up in their careers.

Gigi and Bowie are known for being quite inseparable in their work and their New Year photoshoot is no exception, as Gigi laughs that they seem like a married couple. However, they will be leaving each other for a short while in the new year as Gigi will be heading into the mainland to do some stage shows, whilst Bowie will be flying to America. Today, for Chinese New Year's Day, they will be heading into TVB City to offer their greetings to Sir Run Run Shaw and receive their special lucky packet before going off on their separate ways.

Gigi says: "I have two days off this year and after doing the shows, I will not be going anywhere and just going home to sleep to get rested before starting work again."

As for Bowie, he is a little more relaxed as his favourite festival is the new year, so he will be going to the flower markets and decorating his home. When Bowie was asked if he will be buying any flowers, he says: "Definitely, especially the very Chinese gladioli. (Will you buy plum blossom for popularity?) I don't need to, there is a large one at home already (his girlfriend)." Upon hearing this, he was asked when he would be getting married and he replies: "Not at the moment, my career has just started taking off and we have an understanding, unlike some 'loving couples'. As long as we are comfortable together, then that is enough."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 09/02/05]

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong were hurriedly buying flowers from Sai Kung market last night because they had been so busy filming for "My Sassy Mother-in-law" that they only had time yesterday on New Year's Eve to go and buy some new year flowers.

At the market, Myolie and Bosco showed off their haggling skills and Myolie won the contest, talking down the price of a plum blossom from $150 to just $88 and also buying a lion head ornament.

Myolie reveals that she bought plum blossom for the first time last year and was told by Bosco that once you start, you have to keep buying it every year to increase your popularity. Myolie laughs that Bosco only needs to buy a vase because he already has enough 'plum blossom' (gossip). In fact, Bosco's earlier rumours were quite numerous and he also had bad luck on the last day of the Monkey year as his car was dented near his home by a rubbish truck, making him very upset indeed. He sighs: "My car was parked in the car park and was hit by a garbage truck, leaving a dent in the back and a shattered rear windscreen. So unlucky!" Fortunately, Bosco was not in the car at the time and did not suffer any injuries.


[The Sun 09/02/05]

Iva Lo was spotted at the Mongkok new year market, running her own ornament stand working hard to collect money and sell her goods. When the reporters praised her for being pretty and intelligent, she said with a boss' tone: "I have invested a five figure sum into this stall, so I will be selling toys in the afternoon to the children and then some household items in the evening to attract the adults. That way I can break into the young and old markets. Haha!" Iva's plan seemed to work as the crowds were never ending, so she should make a fair bit for the new year!


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