Thursday, February 10, 2005

Note from Em:

Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope you have all had a fun and enjoyable new year period.

I regret to inform you that due to an incident by a third party that puts in jeopardy the legal standpoint of this site and the use of the articles I translate, then I will taking time out to reconsider whether I should continue working here or put my time to better usage.

I appreciate that this will come as a blow to many of my readers who have supported me for so long and it is unfortunate that it has reached this stage. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved shortly and normal service will resume.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me if there is something specific you would like to discuss with me.

Thanks to everyone for your support in the past.

PS - I'm not in any trouble, in case you're worried about me! Just gonna maybe find a new direction and catch up a little on the main TVBspace site in the meantime! (Yes, you lucky Rogerspace fans!!!)

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