Sunday, January 30, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 31/01/05]

The five newly crowned Miss Chinese International award winners were on a busy schedule yesterday as they attended presentation ceremonies by the show's sponsors in Mongkok and Tsimshatsui. Three different sponsores handed out prizes that amounted to totals of $228,000 of diamond jewellery, $200,000 of leather goods, skincare products to the value of $100,000 and $100,000 in cash.

The winner Leanne Li was also presented with a gold and jade sceptre by 3D-Gold, worth $238,888 in a ceremony that was also attended by her proud mother. When asked what she would do with her award, she says she will take it home to Vancouver and display it in a glass cabinet. As for her other prizes, she says she will give the money to her mother and donate some to the church because she is a Christian. Leanne says that she is very interested to working in front of the camera and if she has the opportunity, she would like to try her luck in Hong Kong. First runner up Fala Chen says that she will share her prizes with her mother and use the cash prize to help pay off her student loads. When asked if it was enough, she replied that it wasn't.

Priscilla Chik was later asked for her thoughts on the result and she did not seem surprised that Kate did not make the top three, saying that she thought the three winners were very justified and it was good enough for Kate to win the Cosmopolitan Beauty award. When asked if she even felt that outsider Jessica Young should have won, Priscilla replied saying: "You thought she wasn't in the running? I thought she was okay." As for Kate's performance, Priscilla thought she did well, but she says that the other girls did even better: "All the girls from abroad did their very best when they were faced with questions about Chinese culture and did not seem nervous at all, this made it even more entertaining. (What about Kate?) She did a very good oldie dance - I couldn't take my eyes off her body!"

After hearing boos from the audience during the pageant and now not receiving a vote of confidence from her predecessor, Kate responded to Priscilla's comments saying: "I do not really know her very well, but as a fellow Miss Hong Kong, then I am sure she will support me. I have not heard these words from her directly and she even says that for me to win an award is a good thing, so I will take this as words of support. (She says that she didn't think you would get into the top three?) Everyone has their own choices, not choosing me does not mean she did not support me."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 31/01/05]

Linda Chung, Fu Sze Sze, Winnie Shum and Vivien Yeo appeared wearing Korean national costume yesterday in a promotional event alongside Charles Szeto, Priscilla Chik and Rubyanne Choi for "Jewel in the Palace" as well as an early Chinese New Year celebration. During the event, they played games with the audience and Priscilla showed off her singing, whilst Rubyanne demostrated some Korean dance.

In response to the news that Hong Kong's Kate Tsui was not placed in the top three at the Miss Chinese International pageant, receiving only a consolation prize after the local phone/text vote, Linda says that she was surprised the Kate did not make it into the top three because she had always expected Kate to do well. However, she does feel that Kate did a great job representing Hong Kong and that the award she won should not be referred to as a consolation prize because winning or losing is not that important. When asked about her own performance in the pageant, Linda says that since taking part herself last year, she has not tried such a sexy performance and she was a little embarrassed during rehearsals. She smiles: "When it was the actual performance, I just didn't think about anything and tried my best."

As for the comments that the swimwear looked more like lingerie, Linda does not agree, saying that this bikini was able to fully showcase the contestants figures, but the colour of it gave the wrong impression to viewers.

Sze Sze also added that Kate is not unhappy at not reaching the top three because she is happy to have been awarded "Miss Cosmopolitan Beauty" and believes that the judging was fair with beauty in the eye of the beholder. She also adds that she finds that Fala Chen is very beautiful.


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[The Sun 31/01/05]

Earlier reports have indicated that because Sheren Tang has turned down several jobs from TVB, she has upset the executives and is being pulled from other productions. However, TVB's Production Resources Deputy Chief Lok Yee Ling has stepped out to clarify this, saying that TVB has not put any restriction on Sheren: "Sheren is signed on a per-series contract and she has applied for leave from TVB that has been accepted, so we have not offered her any work for now." She says that TVB were unable to book time in Sheren's schedule this time and so they could not offer her this job: "Sheren still has a contract with us, so there will be offers of work for her to do."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 31/01/05]

Yoyo Mung has been working alongside Gigi Lai and Moses Chan in new series "Rouge and Powder" lately, but things haven't been running too smoothly as there have been reports from crew members, accusing her of several sins, that have made her the public enemy on set. She has been accused of being arrogant and not getting along with the other cast members, insisting stylists go out on set with her to fix her wig and not clearing up her own rubbish in the studios.

It is reported that when news of this reached the show's producer Mui Siu Ching, she decided to step in and handle htis herself, to avoid any more rumours affecting the show. She has also instructed the crew not to mention this any more.

When Yoyo was asked to confirm this news, she admits that she has asked for her wig to be styled on location because she says that as the journey is long, then it often becomes misplaced. This is why she has asked for her hair to be styled on location instead. Mui Siu Ching had also asked about this and she gave the same explanation. If there was a problem, then the producer would have said something, moreover this has never affected the timing of the filming schedules.

As for the issue over meals, Yoyo has only eaten once in the make up room and has always eaten in the canteen at other times. When she snacks in the studio, then she will always clear away her own rubbish and no-one has ever complained about her. Yoyo says that she has worked at TVB for a while now and no-one has ever spoken to her about any problems, so she feels that she is the innocent party in this and that there must be some misunderstanding.

When Producer Mui was asked about this, she was very concerned and supported Yoyo, saying: "Yoyo did ask me about having her hair done on location and I have spoken to the crew about this. They all agreed to it. From what I know, Yoyo is getting along fine with the other cast members and I have also asked her about eating in the studio. She tells me that she was only eating in the make up room."


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