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[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 11/01/05]

2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant Contestants

1 Gaynor Chin / Chan Wai Ling / Chen Hui Ling - 23 - Sydney - Student
2 Jess Young / Yeung Man Ki / Yang Wen Qi - 19 - Melbourne - Student
3 Annie Chang / Cheung Sing Ying / Zhang Sheng Ying - 25 - San Francisco - Customer Account Supervisor
4 Lisa Wang / Wong Yuet Ki / Wang Yue Qi - 22 - Chicago - Analyst
5 Jolene Chin / Chan Ying Man / Chen Ying Wen - 25 - Kuala Lumpur - Student
6 Linda Tomko / Lam Yuen Hung / Lin Wan Hong - 20 - Seattle - Student
7 Grace / Sze Kai Yi / Shi Jia Er - 21 - Manila - Student
8 Patricia Hon / Hon Wing Yan / Han Yin En - 20 - Calgary - Administration & Marketing Planning Consultant
9 Jasmine Lim / Lam Si Wai / Lin Shi Hui - 21 - Singapore - Student
10 Fala Chan / Chan Fa Lai / Chen Fa La - 22 - New York - Student
11 Jeanette Ma / Ma Chin Wai / Ma Zhan Wei - 19 - Auckland - Student
12 Lena Ma / Ma Yim Ping / Ma Yan Bing - 17 - Toronto - Student
13 Cheung Kit / Zhang Jie - 22 - Los Angeles - Student
14 Wang Sze Nga / Wang Si Ya - 18 - Brisbane - Student
15 Leanne Li / Lee Ah Nam / Li Ya Nan - 20 - Vancouver - Student
16 Kimberly Chin / Chan Ka Ka / Chen Jia Jia - 22 - Taipei - Student
17 Kate Tsui / Tsui Tze Shan / Cui Zi Shan - 25 - Hong Kong - Marketing Executive
18 Alicia Augusto Wang / Wong Suet Hung / Wang Xue Hong - 24 - Lima - Assistant Manager
19 Joyce de Jong / Ho Mei Hing / He Mei Xing - 21 - Amsterdam - Assistant Customer Manager
20 Cecilia Liu / Lau Kai / Liu Jia - 21 - Montreal - Student
21 Elodie Chung / Chung Mei Lin / Zhong Mei Lian - 21 - Tahiti - Student
22 Ying Pradubduen Na Lamphung / Sau Yi Fong / Xiu Yi Fang - 19 - Bangkok - Student

(Additional information from Miss HK Beauties)

The 2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place on 29th January and the 22 beauties from all over the world met the press for the first time yesterday and revealed their contestant numbers. Overall, the standards of the girls this year was rather ordinary, with the favourites already being selected as No 8 Patricia Hon from Calgary, 10 Fala Chan from New York, 15 Miss Vancouver Leanne Li, 17 Hong Kong's Kate Tsui and 19 Joyce de Jong from Amsterdam. As far as the best figures go, Number 3 Annie Chang from San Francisco and 14 Kelly Wang from Brisbane stand out from the crowd.

However, among the girls, the most photogenic appears to be Joyce from Holland and she shows off a tattoo of her Chinese name "Mei Hing" on her right ankle. She is the first contestant to openly reveal a tattoo in the history of the contest.

After the 22 contestants introduced themslves, an arrangement was made where two of the other contestants presented Miss Bangkok and Miss Kuala Lumpur with cards expressing their best wishes for the victims of the Tsunami disaster in Malaysia and Thailand. Amsterdam's Joyce seemed rather confident and when asked if she is worried about her tattoo giving the judges a bad impression, she indicated that the tattoo was done when she was 17 and said: "I don't know, it depends on the judgets, but I think it looks very beautiful and this is very much part of me."

New York's Fala was asked how she felt about being a favourite and she said: "I am confident, I hope that I will have good luck." Currently studying at university, she is interested in entering the Hong Kong showbiz industry and has a strong interest in music.

As for Hong Kong's representative Kate, when she was asked about losing out on her figure, she said: "The judges will look at other things. I am confident."

Also, the international location shoot has been cancelled in this year's contest and the Project manager Chan Ka Yeung revealed that it will be filmed entirely in the Hong Kong studios, but the contestants will have Tang, Ming, Qing and Dunhuang style ancient costumes made for them to bring out their ancient beauty.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/01/05]

Steven Ma and Linda Chung were filming a final scene for "Virtues of Harmony" earlier in a scene where Linda's character thinks she has a terminal disease and hides away in a nunnery, not letting Steven find her. In order to tempt her into revealing herself, Steven wears a monk's outfit and pretends to become a monk.

During filming, when Steven arrived in costume, he found that wardrobe had prepared a monk's outfit for him, but with it was a 'Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain' hat. He thought that this was a bit strange and amusing and as he is always quite careful with his appearance, he was doubtful, but ever the professional, he put it on anyway.

When Linda saw his strange appearance, she did not find him ugly nor did she laugh at him and even helped him to fix his costume. When the crew saw this, they found them both very funny indeed. Finally, Steven picked up his broom and played out a modern version of the classic opera scene in the monastery full of comedy as well as romance.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 11/01/05]

Bowie Lam, Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee donned their flying services uniform costumes in a costume tryout for TVB's new series "Always on Standby" and Bowie's uniform had a zip in the groin area and he laughed: "Don't be curious, I have asked about it and it is for ease of going to the toilet." As for playing the helicopter pilot instructor in the show, he says: "I'll leave the mountain climbing and sea diving for Ekin to do, but the worst thing is all the English lines when it comes to filming helicopter scenes. I will have to just do what I do in 'Healing Hands' and try to memorise it all."

After working opposite real-life boyfriend Gregory in "Blade Heart", they will be partnering each other again in the new show. When asked if they would get married in this show, she replied at first saying: "I don't know yet." but later she clarified saying: "I don't know what we will be doing in the show, but in real life I have not thought about it because it is still too soon." Even though she will be working opposite rumoured enemy Charmaine Sheh in the new show, Shirley says: "I don't know if we are in the same storyline, but I am not worried anyway and don't want to talk about it again."

Gregory responded to Shirley's earlier fortune reading for the year of the rooster and being asked whether he would propose to her by laughing: "No, I am too young and want to do some work first. I am not worried about her having romance because it can also mean popularity and she is always liked by many. It is all about her really, I have faith in her and she is very dedicated, especially to her dogs!"

Shirley had to have her dyed hair sprayed black again to give a better immage: "I have to look professional, so I plan to dye my hair black again." She will be having romances in the story with Lai Lok Yi and Bowie, but not with Gregory.


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