Sunday, January 16, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/01/05]

As the ambassador for the Hong Kong SPCA, Gigi Lai took part in a promotional event yesterday, encouraging the public to adopt animals from the society and she was arranged to show off a 2 month old puppy named "Chocolate" to everyone. When Gigi saw the dog, she fell in love with it and wanted to take it home with her, but she was worried that her seven year old dog at home would bully it.

Gigi has kept a dog herself for a while now and although it is quite old, it is very sensitive and when it sees her feeling frustrated, it will leave her alone, but if she is in a good mood, then the dog will fly towards her. As Gigi is busy working all the time, who looks after her beloved dog? She says that her family looks after the dog for her, especially her mother who seems to spend more time looking after the dog than she does her daughter, leaving Gigi a little jealous sometimes!


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 17/01/05]

Community Chest Fundraising event "Hong Kong and Kowloon Charity Walk" set off yesterday from Hong Kong Stadium and teams took part from TVB, ATV, Cable and CRHK. TVB was led by General Manager Stephen Chan Chi Wan alongside the 22 Miss Chinese International Contestants, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Linda Chung, Winnie Shum and Heidi Chu. ATV's team was led by Managing Director Yu Tung Ho and their team consisted of the three Miss Asia winner Lu Jing Jing, Wang Hui and Fung Chi Ying as well as artistes Alice Chan, Joey Meng, Kenneth Chan and Gilbert Lam. As for Cable, their team consisted of Chief Executive Ng Tin Hoi and Television Chief Executive Tsui Siu Ming with a group of their artistes and CRHK's executive Yu Jang also took part with some of her staff.

With TVB sending out an all female team apart from executive Mr Chan, he says that this was not an intentional choice, but as they wanted to tie it in with the Miss International Pageant, especially as they were not filming abroad this year, then it was a good chance to take part in a worthwhile event and as the other artistes all have a beauty pageant background, then it is a good chance for them to pass on their experiences and support. When asked what his impressions of the contestants was, he says that they have three 'highs' - that is their high level of education, their height and their high standards.

With reports that TVB plans to hold a talent search show in the same vein as the American show with the 'Bell of Cruelty', where contestants will be rewarded with $100 per second they last on the stage before being 'pinged' off and suggestions that the show will be hosted by Hacken Lee and Joey Leung, Mr Chan responded to questions saying that there is such an idea being considered at the moment, but they are still looking into it and the hosts are yet to be decided. All he would reveal was that the two hosts would be TVB artistes and one of them is a professional judge. He says that this new format will be revealed at the end of January and constestants will not be limited by age or sex, provided they can sing. As well as cash rewards, there will also be record company scouts present, so even if you do not make it to the end, you may still be noticed. When asked if he would be asking William Hung on as a guest, Mr Chan says that this may be a good idea!

The 22 contestants for the Miss Chinese International Pageant took part in yesterday's walk and were able to meet and mingle with their predecessors including Bernice, Linda and Shirley. For Bernice, this was her first meeting with the contestants and her first impression was that they were all very tall and slim and that their quality was very evenly spread. When asked if she has any advice for them, she said: "My advice would be to just be yourself and be happy because this is a unique experience and you should not just think about winning."

This is the third time that Bernice has taken part in the charity walk and before the event, she had her first Fan Club meeting. However, before that, she went to see the Chinese chiropractor because in the previous evening's "Yan Chai Charity Show", she injured herself when she walked up some steps whilst bending over backwards. In order to avoid further effects to her work, she sought treatment quickly.

Last year's MCI winner Linda Chung had met with this year's contestants earlier in the TVB canteen and in the dance studio and she feels that they are not only very tall, but also of a very high standard of beauty. Whenm asked if she has any tips for her successors, she smiles: "Remember to smile and be yourself. (Do you have favourites?) Yes, but I don't want to say because I don't want to put pressure on them. I hope that they all do well as winning or losing is not important."

Bernice, Linda and the Vancouver Representative Leanne Li all hail from the same university, so yesterday they were requested to pose for a photograph together. Linda says: "Earlier, when Lena took the winner in Canada, I was the one who crowned her." When asked if she thinks she will be crowning Leanne as Miss Chinese International too, Linda laughs that she will not respond to this because she does not want to put pressure on her.

Alice Chan poked a little fun at TVB's lack of male participants, saying: "All the cast and crew from before and behind the screen are taking part, so we appear to me more united than the TVB lot. Have their men forgotten to get up today?"


(L-R: 10 Fala Chen - New York, 3 Annie Chang - San Francisco, 4 Lisa Wang - Chicago)

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/01/05]

The Miss Chinese International Pageant 2005 will be held on 29th January and yesterday, the organisers released the official photographs and measurements for contestants 1 through 11. The shots this year show all the contestants in a low cut shoulderless dress, showing the great figures of the majority of the girls. Among them, No 4 Chicago's Lisa Wang's stats were the most outstanding measuring in at 35.5,25 and 36. No 3 Annie Chang (San Francisco) stats are 34,24,34 and No 7 Grace Sze reports 33,24,34.5. After the official makeovers, the most eyecatching contestant appears to be No 10 Fala Chen from New York, who also has a rather perfect figure at 34,24,34.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 17/01/05]

Yuen Biao has taken on filming for TVB's new series "Mr Chan of Foshan" and he says that this first time venture filming TV series is just to learn new things. It would appear that his friendship with TVB boss Lok Yee Ling has influenced his decision to take on the role. Yuen says: "Many friends have encouraged me to film it and so I am doing it with the mentality of giving it a try and learning things. Filming for television is quite hard work, but I have been acting for over twenty years so I should be able to adapt quite quickly." He also says that before filming this series, he has not been too busy and has had some quite leisurely time because his eldest daughter is twenty and already at university and his son is seventeen and no longer needs supervision so now he has plenty of time to himself. He says that he will be working with his 'martial nephew' Timmy Hung in this series and as an uncle, he is full of praises for him, saying: "I have been holding Timmy since he was very young and he is a good boy. I see him finding success in so many areas and his performance is not bad. Earlier I have worked with him and I feel that his skills are quite good. My brother Samo will teach him, so I don't need to pass on any tips. Actually our group of brothers do get together from time to time, but it is rare that everyone can turn up together." In this production, he will be offering his martial arts advice and as the martial arts choreographer for the show Yuen Bo is his martial brother, then they should be able to communicate well. He also says that his wife will be returning to Hong Kong from Canada next month to spend the Chinese New Year with him.

Also, Yuen will be playing a couple with Maggie Siu and they filmed a fiery dragon dancing scene in TVB City's ancient street two nights ago together with Charmaine Li and Jack Wu, where they played with lanterns in the street. A dragon adorned with incense measuring over a hundred feet long was paraded through the street by ten men to complete the festival scene. Maggie has worked with Yuen before ten years ago and meeting him once again, she praises him for still being so stylish, saying: "He has not changed, still so dashing and agile!"


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