Sunday, January 23, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 24/01/05]

Nancy Sit and Linda Chung took part in an event at Olympian City yesterday and Nancy revealed that although she feels quite relaxed now that she has finished filming for "Virtues of Harmony", when she wakes up in the morning, she feels like there is something missing, so the feeling is rather mixed.

Originally planning to take a break after "Virtues", Nancy is now considering filming a mainland series because she does not want to give up the opportunity of working with mainland actor Zhang Tielin. However, she is as yet undecided because she promised her children that she would take a good rest and spend some time with them and if she has to go and film in China, then it will be at least three or four months away from Hong Kong and her children would object to this. She says she will decide after returning from the States.

As for Linda, she reveals that she will begin filming for TVB's new series "Always on Standby" in February, where she will play the first ever female member of the Government Flying Services, so recently she has been busy gaining experience for the role. She says with resignation: "When I get on the helicopter, then I feel faint and nauseous, so I have to take some plastic bags with me." The uniform is also quite heavy, so she says that filming for the show will be quite hard work, but she is happy to have the opportunity to try new things. In the show, she will be paired with Ekin Cheng. Also, Linda will be a guest performer for the opening of Miss Chinese International Pageant 2005.

When it was mentioned that the standards of this year's contest was rather ordinary and that Hong Kong's Kate Tsui stood a good chance of winning, Linda offered her support for her colleague, saying: "Of course she has a chance, in my opinion she will be in the top three."


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