Wednesday, January 05, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 06/01/05]

Nancy Sit, Louis Yuen, Joyce Chen, Linda Chung, Michael Tse, Bondy Chiu, Steven Ma and Halina Tam were filming on location in Stanley for "Virtues of Harmony" yesterday in a scene where Steven is torn between Linda and Halina, who pretended to commit suicide because of him. Luckily they are both fine and Steven finally decides to stay with his beloved Linda, so the Kam family have a barbecue to celebrate. As this was Louis' last night of filming for the series, he and Kingdom Yuen prepared some barbecue foods to share with the other cast and crew members after the filming was done.

During the event, Louis laughed: "Now that filming is finished, I am jobless so after barbecuing the food, we will be burning some offerings as I have brought over ten packs of charcoal (to commit suicide with)! I do not have any work yet, we'll have to see if there are any odd jobs such as housework assistant, picking up odds and ends." Actually Louis was just joking because he has just renewed his contract with TVB in October and he should have new work coming his way. At the moment, he would like to take a vacation and go on holiday, but he will not be heading to the area of the Tsunami disaster until at least after the fundraising event. As for whether he received a pay rise for renewing his contract, he immediately laughed: "Nothing at all, my relationship with TVB is good and not all about money because this will cause a rift. I am only bothered about opportunities to perform because I am still a newcomer!"

Joyce also has not arranged her new work yet, but she indicates that she does not mind because after filming "Virtues" for several years now, she would like to take a rest, especially as she is not the type to think too much about the future. Joyce will soon be discussing contract renewal terms with TVB, so will she be signing again. She says openly that she is not sure yet because a lot of things will happen unexpectedly, just like the Tsunami. With reports that she is turning down the sexy star route, shooting swimwear articles for magazines, is this the way she is is planning to head? She says that personally she does not mind taking sexy photos as long as they make her look beautiful, but as some magazines will use them the wrong way and print some dirty captions alongside, then there was a time when she would not do these shoots. However, her manager has been taking these on for her lately and she has been keeping fit, so she gave it a try and the reaction has not been too bad. When asked if she has received more work after the article was published, she says that she has received one or two more store opening jobs and hopes that she can film ads such as skincare products or swimwear fashion in the future.

Linda's skirt was burned by some flying embers from the barbecue yesterday, but luckily this was a costume from the company and not one of her own dresssed. Talking of many of the stars of "Virtues" yet to receive new work, but Linda has already been sent to star in new series "Always on Standby", she feels very lucky, smiling: "Don't say that, they have filmed for four years now, so it is time to take a breaks. I believe that the company will definitely have work for them.

Nancy has agreed to donate over a thousand costume items from the show to celebrity charity auction.


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