Thursday, January 27, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 28/01/05]

Linda Chung and Leila Tong were presented with awards for "New Favourites" at a jewellers yesterday, whilst models Vanessa Yeung and Eunis Chan were presented with "New Femininity" awards. Leila and Linda were presented with Chinese Zodiac gold jewellery, whilst Vanessa and Eunis received a set of diamond jewels. Leila had to rush back to work, so she left soon after the ceremony.

Linda was asked if she likes to buy jewellery for herself and she indicated that her mother bought most of it for her and every time she visited from Canada, she would bring some jewellery over with her. Of course it is not precious jewellery, just enough to accessorise an outfit. In response to her award, Linda was asked whether she felt that she had become TVB's "New Favourite" and she nodded saying: "Yes, the company has given me a lot of opportunities and I will make the most of them."

Apart from the sceptre she received for winning Miss Chinese International, this is the most gold that Linda has been presented with and she says happily: "With so much gold at the beginning of the year, the feeling is good and I think the coming year will go smoothly. (What will you do with so much gold?) I will save it up and certainly not give it to anyone. I am not saying where I will keep it though to avoid it being stolen." Linda was asked if she preferred gold or diamonds and she says that her favourite is actually crystal because under the lights, it can show off different colours and she feels that is very special. She smiles: "Maybe when I am more mature, then I will change my taste and start to like diamonds. (Does that mean that if someone wants to date you, they don't need to buy you diamonds?) Dating me is all about the heart, not about money."


[Ta Kung Pao 28/01/05]

The news of China's "Diving Prince" Tian Liang being thrown out of the national team has become the talk of the town lately and filming in TVB City for "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" yesterday, Liza Wang was asked what she thought about it. She said directly that it was a shame, but if he did not treasure his opportunity, then there is nothing more to say.

Liza feels that in every occupation in society, there are rules and athletes should carry out the duties of athletes, like artistes have to carry out the obligations of their contracts. As a member of the national team, then Tian Liang should follow their rules. She goes on to show her concern for him by asking the reporters whether or not Tian will be able to continue diving. When she heard that he was still able to represent his province at national level, then she sighed: "If he really does love diving, then he needs to work hard. The temptation of money is great, but there is no need to rush."

As an onlooker, Liza feels that maybe Tian has spent so long just concentrating on his diving and has seen very little of the outside world, so when he was raised to dizzy heights on his previous visit to Hong Kong, then this must have had a very big effect on him. She says: "This will be a warning to other people that the country has invested a lot of time, effort and resources into them and if they do not appreciate it, then there is nothing more to say." She adds that for athletes, it takes a lot of training and hard work to succeed and the working life of a sports personality is very short. When asked if she felt sorry for Tian Liang, Liza says: "Yes, very sorry, but there is nothing we can do, he has to be punished." She is also concerned about Guo Jingjing, but the reporters told her that Guo has apologised and returned to the team, so she should be alright.


ATV News

[Ta Kung Pao 28/01/05]

Pinky Cheung headed out to Zhongshan to shoot a travelogue show for the new year in a Hot Spring resort, where she had to try out over ten different springs, each with different health effects, including a spring that was build on snow and some with herbal medicine in it. However, after trying out the springs one after another, Pinky's skin was very shrivelled and she says that her newly installed hair extensions meant that if she got her hair wet, then there would have been trouble.

Pinky also talked about an earlier magazine interview that she gave when she was asked a lot of questions about sex. When the report was printed, they had twisted all her words and this made her rather unhappy. Luckily her friends all know that she is not that kind of person and have not misunderstood her. Also the magazine's headline claimed that she was not wearing any underwear for the shoot, but in fact she had pads and tape to cover herself. The photo also appeared to have been touched up and was very different to the original.


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