Tuesday, January 18, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 19/01/05]

The second group of this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant contestants (Nos 6-11) continued filming in their Tang Dynasty costumes yesterday and as it was also the 25th birthday of No 5 Jolene Chin respresenting Kuala Lumpur, a special birthday party was held for her. The other girls gave her a big surprise as they presented her with cards and flower and her room mate No 17 Kate Tsui gave her a dress and a birthday kiss.

Whilst preparing in the dressing room, Kate was exchanging language tips with No 22 Sawankwan Pradubduen from Bangkok and just at this time, a staff member was handing out the girls' number badges and someone was teaching Sawankwan to say the number 19 in Cantonese, but on a number of times, she mispronounced the number 9, making it sound like an expletive and causing a few laughs.

As Jolene is an only child, she is very happy to share her birthday with so many people this year and her birthday wish is for good health and everything to go well and progress. When asked if her boyfriend had called to wish her a happy birthday, she says she does not have a boyfriend yet, but she did receive a lot of greeting texts earlier. She was busy filming in TVB City, but the other girls came to visit her in the studio. When asked what presents she had received, she says that when she returned to the hotel, apart from Kate's dress, there was also a mysterious bunch of flowers. No 12 Lena Ma from Toronto also presented her with a pair of earrings. When asked if she would win, she says she will go with the flow as she is only here for the experience and sees it as a learning opportunity. If she wins an award, then it would be a bonus.

No 10 Fala Chan is a hot favourite to win this year and wearing her ancient costume yesterday, she was even more photogenic. She says that this is because she has a rather classic appearance and the period costume is very beautiful. Talking of this year's theme being "Eternal Beauty - Touching Hearts for 5000 Years", does she feel that her appearance puts her in a good position? She says that this may not be the case because it is not just about looks, as stage presence, poise and reaction are just as important.


[Ta Kung Pao 19/01/05]

Louisa So celebrated her birthday earlier with a group of fans, firstly having a barbecue at the South China Club before heading off to celebrate at a karaoke. Among these fans, there are some who have been supporting her since she first started performing in theatre over ten years ago, so they are very faithful.

During the celebration, the fans opened their hearts and told of their feelings towards Louisa and the only male fan present gave her an emotional rendition of "Forever Beautiful" and leaving Louisa a little teary-eyed. When asked what presents she has received, Louisa says: "This year is a little unusual as I have not received many gifts. THis is because my fans put all the money they would have spent on a present into a box and I will donate it on their behalf to Oxfam to go towards the Tsunami Disaster appeal." As for her birthday wish, Louisa hopes for good health and no more natural disasters.


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