Saturday, January 15, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 16/01/05]

Anne Heung, Alice Lau, Priscilla Chik, Vinci Wong, Jimmy Wong and his wife Maple Hui were all guests on the "Friday Variety Show" Celebrity Karaoke item earlier showing off their singing. Vinci was referring to Anne as his 'auntie' throughout the show and it turns out that the two are related, but they were not aware of this until it was pointed out by a common relative. Anne says: "The world is really small! Although I am from a higher generation than Vinci, I am actually younger than him!" Vinci also reveals that as well as Anne, Kevin Cheng is also related from his as they are first cousins.

Anne was asked about an earlier interview with Angel Tong who had said that Anne had undergone a slimming procedure with her company and then signed as a spokesperson with another company. Anne says with resignation: "It was way back in 2001 and at the time, Angel was a judge with me in the Miss Hong Kong Perfect Figure award and did not sign with me. Afterwards, the other company approached TVB to sign me as their spokesperson and TVB contacted Angel at the time to explain and then I stopped attending her company for sessions."

Jimmy and Maple brought their son along to TVB City for filming and having slimmed down to just 90 lbs after giving birth, Maple was asked whether she is not planning another baby because she has a contract with the slimming company. She says: "The contract does not say that I cannot have another baby and I will be renewing my contract with them in February. If I have another baby, then I can always lose it again!"

Priscilla was singing with her stylish dad on the show and they often join together for karaoke at home, so even without rehearsal, they managed to harmonise very well.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/01/05]

As spokesperson for a massage and beauty centre, Nnadia Chan was a guest at the opening of a new salon yesterday and her godfather Yeung Koon Yat also attended. Although the weather was rather cold yesterday, Nnadia was not afraid as she appeared in a thin backless dress. Luckily there was a heater inside, otherwise she may have caught a chill. Having just finished filming in Singapore, Nnadia was asked how long her sponsorship deal was with the company and she laughed in response: "The longer the better!", but she says that she will definitely no longer suffer from city stress because she now has her own personal masseuse to get rid of any fatigue. She laughs: "If I am filming in Hong Kong, the boss will send someone with me onto the set and whenever I feel tired, then they will massage me." Nnadia plans to start filming a new series again in March.

Nnadia also adds that she has always been a fan of massage, because it helps with circulation, making you prettier and also because it can help with slimming, so she will go for a massage at least once a week. As she loves it so much, why doesn't she invest in a massage parlour? She laughs: "If the boss will let me invest in the company, I am willing to but if I was to do it myself, then I do not have that kind of capital yet." When asked what her fee is for this contract, Nnadia says that she does not want to talk about money because the owner looks after her too well, taking her for dinner, saving her a lot of money and even applying for gym membership for her to keep fit, taking care of her every whim.

Also, with the Chinese New Year approaching, Nnadia will be filming two ads in Singapore for a skincare product and a health drink. As a result she will be spending the new year over there and she laughs that her lucky packet income will go down as a result, because Hong Kong lucky packets tend to be very generous, in particular those from her godfather Mr Yeung, that is comparable to a month's wage!


[Ta Kung Pao 16/01/05]

Michael Tse was married two days ago and he held a Western buffet style reception in the evening. MC'ed by good friend Louis Yuen, Patrick Lui and Nelson Cheung were the singers for the night. Among the guests from the entertainment industry were Jordan Chan, Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen, Nat Chan, Nancy Sit, Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok, Cheung Tat Ming, Vincent Kok, Linda Chung, Yvonne Lam, Chan Ling Li and the soon to be married Chapman To and Krystal Tin.

Nancy revealed that the groom sang many love songs at the reception, making his bride very happy indeed. Nancy laughs: "As the weather was quite chilly, many of the female guests were wearing fur. As well as telling the story of how he proposed, he also played the guitar and sung to her, making the bride extremely emotional as she rushed onto the stage to hug him. It turns out that the guitar he used was given to him by Tina a few years ago, but he had never used it until his wedding day, when after much practice, he played and sung 'A Better Man' making the whole scene very romantic!"

Also, Vincent, Tat Ming and Jordon joined in playing games with the newlywed couple including a 'Find the Bride' game where a blindfolded Michael guessed that Jordan was Tina, but luckily still managed to get the right person in the end. The couple will soon be heading out to America and Canada on their honeymoon.


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