Thursday, January 06, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 06/01/05]

Halina Tam was a guest star in "Virtues of Harmony", where she plays the daughter of a rich South American General, who helps out the befallen Steven Ma and falls in love with him, returning to Hong Kong to marry him, but then finding that Steven has rekindled his romance with old flame Linda Chung. Yesterday morning, Halina was filming a scene where she is trying on her weding dress, but the Kam family women - Nancy Sit, Bondy Chiu, Kingdom Yuen and Joyce Chen are all trying to help Linda and Steven get back together and so they arrive at the wedding salon to sabotage Halina's day, even cutting up her dress.

Halina was wearing a low cut wedding gown and as the dress was very heavy and she has lost a lot of weight recently, she did not quite have enough 'flesh' to hold the dress up and kept thinking that it was going slip down her body, making her more worried than happy. She says: "I have worn a wedding dress to film so many times now, but have never worn a Chinese red wedding dres, so if I get married in the future, then I may choose to wear a Chinese dress instead. (When will you be getting married then?) Maybe next year! If there is a lightning romance, then I will get married straight away. I will definitely let everyone know and not be secretive."


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