Tuesday, January 04, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 05/01/05]

Nancy Sit, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Louis Yuen, Joyce Chen and Michael Tse were filming in Admiralty for Steven and Linda's wedding scene, but the bride ran away and everyone else had to chase after her. Afterwards, Linda denied running away from the wedding, saying that her character had received a call to discuss business at the airport so she had to leave everyone including her husband instead.

The taunts continued through filming at the news of Nancy's relationship and Louis said: "If the show reaches 37 points, then Nancy will get married, even if she doesn't then she has to at least reveal him to everyone." As Nancy nodded and laughed, she was asked if she would bring him out and she smiled: "This is something that has to be agreed by both parties, I will try my best!"

Also, Michael will be getting married in real life on January 14th and at the moment he is so nervous that he is suffering from insomnia because he is worried about missing someone's invitation. He says: "Yesterday I dreamed that I went to Louis' home, but it was blowing a typhoon and even the house was blown down. After waking up, he checked in a dream book and this signifies a happy occasion, so he hopes that Louis will also get married soon, but Louis jokes: "I have not found someone I love yet, I keep fighting over guys with Nancy, so if I don't like them I will pass them to her."


[Ta Kung Pao 05/01/05]

TVB's new series "Mr Chan of Foshan" held its costume fitting yesterday and cast members taking part included Leung Ka Yan, Timmy Hung, Maggie Siu, Selena Li, Charmaine Li and Jack Wu. Male lead Yuen Wah was not present because he had other engagements. Timmy was sporting an injury on his nose and forehead and explained that this was caused by a premature explosion of a bullet cap and as he had not yet inverted it, he was subjected to the full force of it. Luckily the injury is not serious.

Yesterday whilst talking about his wound, Timmy says that it does not hurt and like his last injury sustained whilst filming in the Philippines, that also did not hurt. As they had to rush to finish the film, so once the bleeding had stopped, then they had to carry on filming. Was he not worried about it scarring his face? He laughs that it is okay for a man, but luckily both times were just around his eyes and he did not damage the eyes themselves. As for whether his father Samo Hung knows about his injury, Timmy says he does not and even if he did, this is minor for his father's standards, because he has had much more serious injuries in filming.

Talking of being able to film "Mr Chan" with his father's 'martial brothers' Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah as well as Leung Ka Yan , who is also from his father's generation, Timmy says that he feels the pressure, but not in terms of acting skill, but rather in their rather hard and real Kung Fu skill compared to his height and rather unattractive stances. When asked if he has asked his dad to give him special training, Timmy says that Samo is too busy working in Taiwan, so he has had to seek help from elsewhere until his dad has time to perfect him. He believes that if his dad has time he will come to visit him on set because it is a rare occasion to catch up with all his old friends.

Maggie worked together with Yuen Biao before in "Shogun and Little Kitchen" where Brother Biao played her uncle, but this time they will be playing lovers. As for her character, she will be a chiropractor and there will be some action scenes, but she is not worried about being injured because there are so many Kung Fu masters in the cast and it makes her feel secure. Also she will go and learn from some real practitioners so that her performance is more convincing.

2003 Miss Hong Kong's "Miss Photogenic" Selena has had some reports about her father's debt problems and was asked how her father was. She says that she has been in contact with him and he is a lot calmer than she imagined. Maybe he does not want her to worry so he did not say too much about it to her. Forcing a smile, she says: "My dad has been in business for thirty years now, so he is smarter than me and I believe that he can handle it."

Selena says that she has plenty of opportunities at TVB now, so she hopes to focus her attentions on her acting and she does not want these matters to affect her concentration. When asked if she has to handle the family's finances, she says that she has already moved out to live on her own and is used to looking after herself, but her brother is only 15 years old and her sister is only 10. If her father needs her to look after her siblings, then she will help, but she does not plan to move back in with her family because her work is very unstable and she does not want to disturb them.


[The Sun 05/01/05]

Joe Ma and Kenix Kwok were filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" yesterday in a hugging scene, where Kenix reveals a cunning smile as she hugs Joe. She reveals that her character is rather sly and this is the first time she has played an evil character. Kenix says: "Modern drama is different from ancient drama because you have to be more subtle and the acting is much deeper." Talking of this hug scene, she laughs that this is easy: "We had to do a lot of kissing scenes before and they went on for several hours. Since I started acting, this is the most kissing I have had to do on screen, but I know Joe too well, so there is no embarrassment."

Joe was asked about recent reports about him feigning illness on the festive days causing some annoyance to the crew, but he responded lightly saying: "It wasn't that! I did work on Christmas Day, but I was ill on New Year's Eve and am still unwell now. I believe that everyone will understand because looking back at my previous work attitudes, my record is good, so they should just be rumours. I don't think that people would believe that I was pretending." Kenix adds: "Joe was just ill for one day and his attitude is fine. If you are unwell, then taking time off is inevitable."


[Oriental Daily 05/01/05]

Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Anne Heung, Kiki Sheung and Chan Hung Lit were filming in a Fanling mansion for TVB series "Rouge and Powder" yesterday in a scene where Moses is caught between Gigi, Yoyo Mung and Mandy Cho and should be enjoying his female company, unfortunately, one is his sister and the other is his sister-in-law, so the conflict is tough. When it was mentioned that he keeps working together with Gigi, he was asked if he is developing feelings for her and he immediately replied awkwardly: "I hope that you will all take care of me! (Are you worried about rumours?) No, I have had plenty now. I am most afraid of if people get paired up with me then they will get bad luck!"

As for Gigi and Anne, when they heard the word 'gossip', they both reacted with the words: "No Way!" Being turned down by two pretty women at once, Moses was so embarrassed that his face went red. Gigi explained saying: "Wah, so boring! I have worked with Bowie and Moses so many times and we know each other so well that we are like brothers and sisters, so we will not fall for each other." Gigi also reminded Yoyo to be careful about rumours, dragging her into the picture!

Gigi's series "Shades of Truth" has achieved just 26 points in its first week and it would seem that her sexy performance is not giving the results she wanted. Gigi did not seem to bothered by this though as she said: "It is about right, because it is the Christmas and New Year period and people have all gone out to play and are not watching television. (Are you confident?) Of course, it should start going up later. Even though I don't have time to watch it, I will still record it to watch later."


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