Monday, January 03, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 03/01/05]

Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Liza Wang were filming at TKO TVB City yesterday for "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" in a wirework scene where mummy's boy and secret super hero Bosco steals the Duke's dagger to raise money for the poor and he meets his wife Myolie who is stealing the imperial seal tp rescue her father. Bosco helps her to escape and as he is wearing a mask, she does not recognise him as her husband.

This is not the first time that Bosco or Myolie have done wire scenes, but it is harder for Bosco this time because he had started being suspended since the early hours of the morning. When asked if he has worn protection for his sensitive areas, he laughs that it is not necessary, but the tops of his thighs and his bottom are quite painful. Although Bosco has to fight hard again in this show, compared to his "Wong Fei Hung" role, this is much more relaxed. As for his silver mask, he had spent 45 minutes making the mould earlier, but the colour is coming off it and irritating his skin.

TVB held a special fundraising event yesterday evening, but as Myolie and Bosco were both busy filming, they were not able to take part. However, Bosco has made a donation and Myolie had originally planned to donate to the Red Cross, but now she has passed her donation to the Jockey Club Appeal because they will match the donation. As for TVB's President Sir Run Run Shaw, he has personally donated $10 million and they both feel that this is a very good thing.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/01/05]

Despite the cold weather continuing yesterday, many artistes still turned out for a dog-lovers walking event including Charlene Choi, Niki Chow, Jessica Hsuan, Jackie Lui, Sheila Chan, Stephen Fung, Halina Tam, Paul Wong and Marco Ngai, however the participant's patience was tested due the long winded opening ceremony. Charlene won some awards at the ceremony the previous night and had planned to celebrate with her colleagues, but as she was followed by the press, she decided to head home early instead. However, she was not feeling too well because of the cold weather and was overexcited by winning the award, so she could not sleep. Charlene was with her beloved dog 'Chocolate' at yesterday's event and as the dog was as cute as a toy and wearing a hooded doggie coat and standing still, it was accused of being a toy dog. Charlene laughed: "The weather has been so cold, so it has been fighting over the heater with my housemate."

As for Jessica, she was at the event with her pet 'Lulu', who was meeting the press for the first time. Jessica says that since she adopted the dog from TVB, it has put on some weight so she has had to control its diet. Niki's dog 'Yoko' is already seven years old, but this is the first time it has taken part in this walk and Niki says that she did not want to trouble the elderly dog, so she will be carrrying it on the walk.

Halina's poodle was frightened by so many people and was a little shaky and it was spotted wearing a jade pendant. Halina explains that this was bought by her mother because she treats the two dogs like her own daughters, so whatever she buys then they will also have a share. Marco says that his dog is very dumb and only knows how to eat and sleep, but it is just like its owner. Paul's dog 'Grape' is very cute and the funniest thing is that it sleeps with its owner every night. Luckily Paul's girlfriend Athena Chu loves the dog too, so ther is no jealousy!


[The Sun 03/01/05]

Sammul Chan and Geena Cheung were at a shopping mall event yesterday and Sammul was asked how he spent the New Year. He says that he had a quiet time with some friends. When asked when he would find himself a girlfriend to spend the New Year with, he immediately replied: "I have thought about this every year, but I have to find her first because the responsibility of a relationship is very great and greater than is actually needed, so I would like to have a stable career first and this is the time to work hard. What are my requirements? She needs to be mature, be able to understand me, with a pretty face and long hair."


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