Saturday, January 01, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 01/01/05]

The Hong Kong Performance Industry has begun preparations for its forthcoming fundraising event that has been planned for January 7th at the Hong Kong Stadium. A press conference will be held at the International Financial Centre to reveal the details and Eric Tsang will lead the committee at this event.

After the calls for assistance, many media companies have offered their help and the show will be aired on the main TV stations. As this is a show that has no boundaries, any station is free to take part and the show will be aired via RTHK, but CRHK and Metro Radio will also be supporting the broadcast. Eric is currently in the mainland working on a New Year Countdown show, but he is still actively urging people to take part and there has been a good response from artistes currently working in the mainland. Chapman To has already set out for Sri Lanka to report on the local situation and Jaycee Chan will soon be heading out for Phuket.

TVB is responsible for the production of two major fundraising events in the meantime, inlcuding one this afternoon at 2:50 pm at the Hong Kong Stadium held by the Government and their own fundraising show tomorrow evening at TVB City, raising funds for the Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam, Salvation Army and Unicef.

TVB General Manager Chan Chi Wan and the producers of the two shows Chin Kwok Wai and Wai Sai Fai met the press and Mr Chan indicated that the Hong Kong Stadium event is free for the public to attend and the capacity is estimated at around 35,000 people. The MC's will be Cheng Dan Shui, Anna Yau and Vinci Wong and stars taking part will include Andy Hui, Miriam Yeung, Alex Fong, Ronald Cheng, Leo Ku, Candy Lo and Jade Kwan. The show will be aired live by TVB. Mr Chan says that this production on behalf of the government will only be charged a nominal production fee that the company will be donating to the funds raised. He also welcomes the other TV stations to air the show on the grounds that they donate a similar amount to what TVB have donated and for interested parties to contact the government officials.

As for the second event, there will be the 7 MC's and singers taking part include Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Aaron Kwok, Miriam Yeung, Dicky Cheung, Frances Yip, Elisa Chan and Teresa Cheung. Sam Hui has taken a few days out of his schedule to write a new song for the event and will be singing it in person, but it has not yet been decided whether this will be recorded or live. Paula Tsui is also being contacted to take part. The Honourable Timothy Fok will be leading a group of sporting heroes in a friendly match against the Celebrity Soccer Team and Derek Li has flown out to Phuket to report on the local situation there. Some Thai stars and some Hong Kong survivors will also make an appearance on the show.

Mr Chan also indicated that at the "Virtues of Harmony" countdown event, there have been placed a number of donation boxes and also at the EEG Charity show and the Kelly Chen concerts, artistes have been shaking donation boxes to encourage the public to donate. The hotline number for donations has been set at 1872345 (100 lines) and the Hong Kong Jockey Clubs 116 branches and three race clubs will be collecting funds from the public on behalf of the event.

In addition to this, in light of the disaster, many New Year events have been cancelled, including Alan Tam and Hacken Lee's concert in Kuala Lumpur. Originally Alan and Hacken had wanted to donate the takings from the show to the appeal, but with the air of sadness after the event, it was finally decided to cancel the celebratory event.


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