Sunday, January 16, 2005

[The Sun & Oriental Daily 17/01/05]

Moses Chan, Yoyo Mung and Sharon Chan were filming yesterday on location for "Rouge and Powder" on a hillside in a scene that tells of Moses being kidnapped, but rescued by the two ladies. The three run for their lives down the hill and luckily neither Yoyo nor Sharon are afraid of heights.

Sharon also has to wear high heels to film this scene and in the end the heels were completely worn down. Yoyo was a little smarter as she had changed into some pumps to film the scene. She says: "Originally my shoes were two and a half inches high and to run in them meant that it was quite easy to twist my ankle, so I wore a similar coloured pair of pumps instead." As for this show being a female focussed series, there has been very little gossip so far on the set. Yoyo says proudly: "Yes, I am quite lucky in that I do not attract much gossip. The best way to avoid it is to reach an understanding with everyone not to let any rumours affect our friendship. Gigi and I are always joking and we all have a good time playing around."

Sharon does have some bad memories of hillside filming though as she recalls: "Once when I was filming in Beijing on a hillside, I saw that there was a woman on the opposite side of a valley holding a baby. As it was quite close to the 14th day of the 7th month (Chinese Ghost Festival) and no-one around me could see her, I was quite afraid to start with. Luckily it was not night filming."


[Oriental Daily 17/01/05]

Myolie Wu was filming in Sheung Shui yesterday for "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" in a scene where she was soaked and although the storyline told of Myolie falling into a dirty pool, some clever camera angles meant that Myolie only had to stand on a ladder and pretend to have climbed up from the muddy pool. As her costume was soaked for effect and muddy stains were added, together with some pondweed in her hair and leaves in her mouth, Myolie was left looking quite a sight.

Myolie says that after all the conflicts that she has had with her screen mother-in-law Liza Wang, there have been countless scenes so far where she has to get wet, but luckily the weather then was not too cold. When asked if she has put extra clothes on to protect herself in these scenes. she says: "I did not need to wear a wet suit today, but I did put a polythene sheet from the dry cleaners underneath my costume." After this shoot, Myolie had to continue with a studio sesion, so Myolie has prepared some spare sets of clothes to change into.

The show is due to complete filming at the beginning of February and at the end of January, Myolie will be heading out to Atlantic City for a stage performance with Bowie Lam. When asked if she had heard about the blackmail case involving Nick Cheung, Myolie says that she was once a model for his music video and although she does not know him very well, they are still friends, so she is worried about him because he is out in the open, whilst the other party is hidden. However, these situations are hard to avoid when you are a public figure.


[The Sun 17/01/05]

Since it was revealed that Nick Cheung has become involved in a blackmail and intimidation case, his friends have been especially concerned for him and he has been receiving 24-hour protection from the police. At around 7pm on Saturday, Nick left his Sai Kung home to go to a seafood restaurant, where he had dinner with his colleagues from the movie "Triads" Johnnie To and Sean Lau. Nick was accompanied by a plain clothes police officer throughout his trip.

Nick did not respond to any of the press' questions when he left, saying only that it was all in the hands of the police. New reports speculate that when he was a uniformed police officer, his career with the force was not going well, so he left and spent some time mingling with some triad gangs. When he entered showbiz and wanted to distance himself from these acquaintances, he was subjected to some disturbance and this case may be related. Based on the information gathered from Nick, the police have arrested a man, but arrangements are still being made for Nick to identify the suspect.

Good friend Sing Fui On picked Nick up to go out yesterday but to avoid revealing where they were going, he did a few circuits before enlisting the help of a police car to stop the following press gangs. Afterwards, he denied knowing of Nick's whereabouts, saying: "We just went for tea, I did not ask about his case." Johnnie To also refused to reveal anything, saying: "We just had dinner together!" Nick returned home safely last night at around half past eight.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 17/01/05]

Sheren Tang was in a simple white strappy top yesterday shooting an ad for a skin whitening formula. To avoid Sheren catching cold, the sponsors had arranged a heater and a warm fan for her, looking after her well. Little wonder that Sheren said excitedly: "This is my first ad of 2005 and the fee is very good. We have worked together well." Since last year, Sheren has had an endless string of jobs and from mid-January until the Chinese New Year, she will be heading over to do some stage performances in America (New York, Atlantic City & San Francisco), combining business with pleasure as she tours with her auntie and cousins in a small family reunion.

Sheren admits that she has been very busy with work recently and as she matures, then her family becomes more and more important to her. As a result when she goes abroad, she will take her folks with her. As she has become very weary lately, she is planning a break in March when she will travel to Greece with her family to visit her uncle there. Sheren will find a balance between her work and her health and will not go flat out just to make money. She laughs that she has never been very vain, but after so many beauty and slimming ads, she has to keep herself looking good.


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