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[The Sun 28/01/05]

Michael Tao, Melissa Ng and Michael Tong were filming on location earlier for TVB's new series "Fantasy Hotel" in a scene where Melissa is brought back to Hong Kong after a traffic accident in China in an ambulance. Before filming started, Michael (Tao) did not care for superstition as he rested inside the ambulance and jokingly said to Melissa: "Come in and have a seat, you don't get much of a chance to do this!" In response, Melissa cried: "Choi! Don't say things like that! Actually though, I have never been inside an ambulance before, but it is okay if it is for filming, just hope that in real life I don't have this experience."

Later, they went on to film Michael collecting Melissa from the hospital, where he meets the other Michael, who happens to be his love rival and has already collected her and Michael (Tao) then has to pretend to be gracious and help them shut the car door. Although on-screen, the two Michaels are fighting over their girl, in reality, they are very polite to each other and Michael (Tao) laughs: "If we really had to wrestle over her, I would not be able to beat Michael because he is bigger than me! I would definitely lose."

For Melissa to have two men courting her simultaneously, she still seems to be dissatisfied as she laughs: "No, there is also Ben (Wong). In the story, they are all trying date me and as there are not many female characters in the show, then they all look after me well. Ben often buys me breakfast, when I am cold, Michael (Tong) will lend me his jacket and Michael (Tao) looks after me all the time. Even Wayne (Lai) will buy me afternoon tea sometimes, so I am really enjoying this show."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 28/01/05]

TVB's new series "Rouge and Powder" has been filming for a month, but the actors have all taken turns to fall ill and leading stars Gigi Lai, Anne Heung, Moses Chan and Kiki Sheung have all spread their colds to each other, with Gigi coughing for a month without any improvement and Kiki suffering the most serious symptoms. As they have not had time to go and consult a doctor, only buying over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacist, Kiki has also suffered from an allergy to the medication and her face has developed a bright red rash.

As a result, the show's producer Mui Siu Ching has allowed the entire cast to take two days off from filming to rest and recover. However, she still praises them for their endurance: "The cast are all very good and even keep working despite their illness." She says she is very touched by their dedication and the two day stoppage will have an effect on progress, but fortunately, this is not major.

Currently taking the time to rest, Kiki said with a weak voice: "As I did not have time to go and see the doctor, I had to buy medicine from the pharmacy and taking both cold remedy as well as antibiotics left me with a rash. At first I did not notice, it was only when I got to work and everyone in make-up asked me why my face was so red that I noticed. After seeing the doctor, he confirmed that I was suffering an allergy to the medicine and I cannot put on make-up yet." Kiki indicated that as her costume in the show was just a chipao dress, it was very tight fitting and as the producer is quite strict in not letting them wear a shawl, it was very easy to catch a chill. She adds that her character in the show is a very bossy woman and her lines sometimes span three pages of the script, which is quite hard work.

Moses mocks himself, saying that he is just cheap labour, so even if he is ill, he still has to work: "Maybe it was me who spread my germs to everyone else." He indicates that he is much better now, with just a little cough left.


[The Sun 28/01/05]

Recently busy filming for TVB's "Rouge and Powder", Sharon Chan gave up her valuable break time between shoots to spend time with her group of dedicated fans and celebrate her 26th birthday. During the event, the fans gave her many words of support and she was moved to tears, almost crying out loud.

The fans were very thoughtful and made her many presents, including lucky stars, a scarf and birthday cards. Sharon loved all the gifts she received and was very thankful to her fans for their gestures. When asked how Sharon will be repaying her fans, she says: "Of course I will work hard and I have agreed to hold more functions with them and see them a little more."


[The Sun 28/01/05]

Some of the twelve artistes currently being promoted by TVB, including Winnie Shum, Fu Sze Sze, Vivien Yeo, Martin Lau, Vin Choi, Jack Wu and Amigo Chui were broadening their horizons and knowledge on Chinese Culture by meeting at a Chinese Tea House and savouring this Chinese artform together. Among them, the internationally educated Vivien and Sze Sze were particularly excited and acted like they had discovered something new and causing some amusement. Vivien laughs: "I really love Chinese Culture, but I have not had very much opportunity to come into contact with it, so this is quite an experience for me. (Will you learn to make arts and crafts?) I do not have the patience, but if I can focus my attentions to enjoy it then it is even better."

When the men started looking around the buddha statues, they changed their lively personalities as they became subdued and serene as Jack explains: "You never know these things, so being respectful is just good manners."


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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 28/01/05]

TVB series "War and Beauty" set off a massive response last year and was hailed a great success, but the show's producer Chik Kei Yi has always insisted that he would not shoot a sequel. However, he is planning to film another period costume drama "Yellow Earth Great Plain" starting in May that will be featuring many of the "War and Beauty" cast members and this show has already been dubbed the 'pseudo sequel' to "War". Favourite Male and Female Leads Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam have been offered parts and reports suggest that Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh are also in consideration, but it would appear that the publicly acclaimed 'Best Actress' Sheren Tang has been taken out of the equation.

Reports suggest that the reason for Sheren's omission is down to the criticisms that she had made after losing out on the female lead award after last year's anniversary that possibly upset some of the TVB executives. Feeling that Sheren was not giving them any respect, they have decided not to invite her to take part in the forthcoming production. However, it appears that Producer Chik admires Sheren's talents a lot and feels there is a role that would suit her a lot and so has submitted numerous requests to Catherine to change her mind and let Sheren take part.

Upon hearing this news, the press contacted Sheren's assistant Ruby for confirmation and she said: "I am unclear about this, I only act on her behalf for stage shows as she negotiates her own TV series. At the moment she is not in Hong Kong and will return at the end of the next month, so you can discuss it with her then. There is further speculation that the role planned for Sheren will be offered to Ada Choi, but this is down to whether Ada can fit it into her schedule.


[Oriental Daily 28/01/05]

Kingdom Yuen and Joyce Chen joined together to take part in the opening of a photographic service in Bao An and they each received a five figure sum for their trouble. Kingdom says that this is very satisfactory and added happily that the company will have other branches opening throughout China in the future and she and Joyce will definitely be the guests for the store opening. Kingdom says: "There are other areas of work that I would like to try and earn some money from!"

Since the end of "Virtues of Harmony", Kingdom, Joyce and many of the cast members have been out and about making stage performances. Kingdom and Joyce have joined together to make money together. When asked if this led to a lower fee, Kingdom replied: "Of course not, we are like sister sharing from the same bowl."


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