Tuesday, January 18, 2005

[The Sun 19/01/05]

In her third year as spokesperson for Starrywood, Shirley Yeung shot the new season's ads for them in a show apartment yesterday and had to change into 20 different images in the space of half a day. As it was the summer collection, most of the clothes were shorts and miniskirts and posing beside the pool in a premature summer left Shirley shivering as the wind machine generated a gentle breeze but in the freezing cold. However, Shirley was very professional and did not utter a word of complaint at all.

Shirley took the opportunity to look around the apartment and she says: "I have always wanted an apartment of my own in the hope I can live with my family. (With so many ads, you should have enough by now?) I am still very far off and I want to think about how I will decorate it."


[Ta Kung Pao 19/01/05]

Since becoming involved in the intimidation case, Nick Cheung has been under the protection of the police and not ventured out of his home very much. Nick was back at work filming for Johnnie To movie "Triads" yesterday. The shoot was on location at the Kam Shan Country Park on Monkey Hill and other artistes included Simon Yam and Louis Koo. There were a lot of cast and crew members there and reporters from the press, but there did not seem to be a police officer present.

Despite the case still looming, this had not affected Nick's mood and he remained absorbed in his work, not leaving the director's side throughout. When he saw the reporters, Nick was happy to stop for a chat. At this point, Simon Yam was nearby and he said to Nick: "Don't worry! With the papparazzi following you around and so many media friends helping you out, you won't be disturbed!" When asked if there was police protection around, Nick says that he does not need it when he is working, but if there is a need, he will contact the police. Was the offer of protection from the police themselves? Nick says that it was, as he is just an ordinary citizen and does not have the right to simply ask for protection in this way. The police have their own guidelines to follow.

When asked if he has been for the identity parade, Nick did not respond and moved the topic back to the protection issue. He says that at the moment there are a lot of crew around, so there is no need for it. When the question was asked again, he indicated that he does not want to talk about the process because it is all in the hands of the police and he cannot say very much, nor does he want to add his own opinions.

However, Nick does indicate that recently there have been a lot of press reporters waiting for him outside his home and he would seriously urge everyone not to waste too much time on him. He lives in the country and the weather is getting very cold and he is not in any special situation really. Also he is concerned because this will cause complaints from the other residents living nearby. He hopes that the media will not wait around for him any more because at the moment he is not in a position to comment. He says: "I do not have any unusual lifestyles or habit, so there is no point in waiting!"

When asked whether his mood has been affected by the matter, Nick says that he would be lying if he said he was not upset, as he is not someone who is constantly caught up in something, so of course he will be affected. When asked if his wife is worried, he says that now his wife knows that the matter is in the hands of the police, then she will not be too worried. Nick worked until the evening yesterday and went straight home. Louis Koo was asked if he had seen any strange men around and he replied that he did not notice or see anyone. He has asked after Nick and he says that protection is not needed when filming. Louis did not feel that Nick's mood was too affected and he seemed quite happy when they were working.


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