Tuesday, January 11, 2005

[The Sun 12/01/05]

With her healthy image, Kenix Kwok has been invited to become the promotional face of The Second Annual Hong Kong Quality and Trusted Enterprises Recommendations and will be taking part in the awards ceremony on Saturday. This event has selected 80 Hong Kong businesses for the contest and then opened up the voting to 110,000 mainland citizens to select the most trustworthy names to be promoted in the tourist guides, so Kenix feels that this event is very worthwhile. She says: "This is a very meaningful thing to do because this can help to promote Hong Kong's tourism industry and economy. I, myself, am an intelligent consumer and maybe I am naturally a shopping lover, so I feel that having second hand designer outlets is a great idea because you don't have to waste things and they can be recycled. (What is classed as a quality business?) The most important thing is to have good service and high quality goods because the worst thing is to spend lots of money on bad service and poor products."


[The Sun 12/01/05]

Ellesmere Choy, Ron Ng and Edward Mok were filming earlier during the night for a water scene in TVB's new series "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" and the scene showed the three men having a fight on a boat, in which Edward falls into the sea and the other two men try to rescue him. Although the temperatures have risen slightly in recent days, they were rained on all evening and when they had to get into the water it was almost 1am, so it was quite difficult and the three men were all shivering with the cold and looking quite pitiful. Afterwards though, they all brushed it off as nothing and Ron said: "It wasn't that hard work this time, compared to working on 'Twin of Brothers' when we were filming water scenes in temperatures of -4 degrees C, so this is small fry in comparison. (How did you feel in the water before?) It was not too cold because I have a wet suit on underneath. After swimming around for a bit, I had warmed up completely and I will get a hot drink in a moment that will warm me up in no time."


[The Sun 12/01/05]

Liu Xiao Qing appeared in a stage production of "Kam Taipan's Last Night" in Shanghai earlier and many celebrity fans and friends were there to lend their support. Among them were Sheren Tang, Elaine Ng, Lok Pui, Monica Chan and Meg Lam. Liu was very touched to see so many friends from Hong Kong.

Sheren has a very strong friendship with Liu and as well as bringing her father to come and support her idol, she brought along a gift that has the words "Forget the past and work hard for the future" etched on it. Sheren says: "My dad and I are both massive fans of Liu and after watching her performance, I will work even harder. Although a lot of people agree that I have worked hard on my acting, but compared to Madame Liu, there is still a long way to go and I will continue to watch and learn."


[The Sun, Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 12/11/05]

Deep Ng, Sammul Chan, Jade Kwan, Yan Ng, Vangie Tang and Renee Tai were among the guests at the press conference for the Yan Chai charity show that will be taking place on Saturday. When asked what event he would be taking part in at the show, Deep replied: "The thing I am best at - singing! I will be jamming with Joey Yung, Boy'z and Isabella Leung and singing an encouraging song." As for Jade, she reveals that she will be doing some difficult games to raise money and she hopes that when the donors see that she is doing precarious acts in her evening dress, then they will donate some more money to the worthy cause.

Deep is currently working on his album that is due for release next month and he says excitedly: "Finally I can put some of my own songs on my album because they kept getting rejected by the company before." In one song entitled "Unhappy Prince", there are some undertones of criticism on life. In response to his good friend Chapman To successfully proposing to Krystal Tin, Deep is very happy for them and says: "I am full of good wishes for them. If they can make a 'mini-Chapman' soon then that would be great! Haha!"

Despite his relative youth, Deep is littered with injuries from his boxing and even has arthritis. He indicates that he has most injuries in his head area and once, he was fighting against a black man and although he won in the end, he suffered internal injuries and after urinating blood, he fainted and had to stay in hospital for a week.

Sammul revealed that he was bleeding slightly from his ear yesterday and he had to go and see a doctor. He explained that some water got into his ear whilst he was showering and when he tried to clear it, he found some blood. After seeing the ENT specialist, the doctor indicated that there are a few small pieces of glass lodged in his ear from his earlier car accident and it is a good job they were found before they became infected.

Sammul will be joining Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma to take part in a tile-smashing event for the fundraising show and as there have been a lot of fundraising activity for the tsunami disaster recently, TVB Assistant Chief Director Ho Lai Cheun indicates that the amount raised may be less than in previous years, but all the guests will still be performing to their best.


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