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[The Sun 02/01/05]

On 7th January from 6:00 pm through to 11:00 pm, a fundraising show entitled "Crossing Borders" will be held at the Hong Kong Stadium to raise money for the Tsunami Disaster Victims and a press conference was held yesterday in the grounds of the International Finance Centre in Central. Twenty one organisations, including TVB, Cable, Performing Artistes Guild and all the radio stations will be joining together in a groundbreaking event and each will be sending representatives to the show, with only Metro yet to confirm. However, Metro boss Chu Ming Yui indicated on the phone that he was currently on holiday, so he is not yet aware of the event, but he will be supporting it totally and will definitely air the show. As well as bringing together Hong Kong media, the show will also be aired directly to many different regions and Eric Tsang has called for all media with International broadcast links to contact them.

Eric also indicated that in an overwhelming response, there has been tremendous support from many artistes across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and those from the mainland will include Na Ying who has recently given birth, Sun Nan and Tian Zhen. Each artiste was handed a special T-shirt for the event and in order to respect the victims of the disaster, Eric asked that the shirts are not tailored in any way. He says: "I don't want there to be any pressure at this event, so we will raise what we can and let people donate whatever they want."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 02/01/05]

A special fundraising event was held at the Hong Kong Stadium yesterday to raise money for the Tsunami victims, hosted by Vinci Wong, Anna Yau and Cheng Dan Shiu and stars taking part included Miriam Yeung, Andy Hui, Edmond Leung, Leo Ku and Jade Kwan who all performed for free in order to encourage the public to donate. Jade revealed that she has an Indonesian maid who has lost touch with some family members after the earthquake, so she has told her maid to go back to Indonesia to visit her family and paid for her expenses. Andy has also changed his outlook on life after the disaster and says that he will treasure life much more: "Originally with the awards ceremonies looming, I was rather nervous, but now it is not important any more whether I win an award or not."

Tonight's TVB fundraising show was originally planned to run from 8:30pm to 12:00am, but there are plans to extend the show to make it like the Tung Wah charity telethon event. Sam Hui's performance of his new song "Dust in the Wind" has been recorded and Leon Lai has also agreed to take part. The show will be aired simultaneously in Thailand and Thai star from "Split Second" Sririta Jenson will be reporting on the local situation.


[The Sun 02/01/05]

Entering 2005, Gordon Liu has become the first artiste to be arrested for suspected drink driving. After filming for "My Sassy Mother-in-law", he had arranged to meet a group of friends to celebrate New Year's Eve and was driving home at around 4am when he lost control in a car park and hit a pillar. The police were called to attend and he was asked to take a breathalyser test, which he failed and was immediately taken back to the police station. He was later released on bail for $5000 and will need to report to the police station again on 24th. When asked about this on the phone, he says that there were no injuries and added: "It was a minor incident, there is no need to blow it out of proportion. It has warned me that I should never drink and drive again in the future."


[Oriental Daily 02/01/05]

Yoyo Mung and Moses Chan were on their first day of filming yesterday for new series "Rouge and Powder" and Yoyo did the gracious thing in buying hot drinks for the cast and crew. Afterwards, she said: "It is the first day of filming today and it is also the first day of the new year, so with the weather being so cold, I bought some hot drinks for everyone to warm up and feel better." When asked if she had been for a crazy celebration for the New Year, she shook her head and said that it was too cold, so she would rather stay in bed and rest.

Working with Moses for the third time, Yoyo says: "He has turned bad, as this is not the first time working together, he has opened up a lot. (Has he been teasing you?) No, I have not found someone as bad as Alex Fong (Chung Shun) yet, Moses is definitely better than Alex."

Moses indicated that he made himself a steak dinner at home on his own to celebrate the New Year: "I bought a Christmas tree earlier, but I did not have time to admire it, so on my day off yesterday, I made myself a steak and as I ate it, I watched the Christmas tree. (When will you find yourself a girlfriend to join you?) At the moment my career is my top priority. (What is your new year wish?) For my career to keep going up and to have a break so I can balance work and leisure."


[Oriental Daily 02/01/05]

A group of cast members from "Virtues of Harmony" including Nancy Sit, Joyce Chen, Kingdom Yuen and Louis Yuen were together with Bowie Lam and Cookies at Olympian City's New Year Countdown event on New Year's Eve and as well as bringing in the new year with over 10,000 members of the public, Nancy was also concerned about the victims of the South Asian disaster and together with the other artistes, held a charity auction that raised $70-80,000.

Nancy says: "One person's power is limited, so I have asked the Sino Group to donate $500,000 and many shops have donated items to sell in the hope that the public will be generous and offer their support." She says that she has been on the phone to Lok Yik Ling and she says that there is a great need for shoes in the affected region, as many people are walking around in bare feet or stealing them from corpses in a distressing situation. Bowie has also watched scenes from the French media of the people fleeing from the disaster and he is relieved that his album has not sold over 10,000 copies: "Earlier I had agreed to take some friends on holiday to the Maldives at Christmas if I had reached this total."

In the new year, Nancy laughs that she is not counting on any advances in her love life: "I would rather take it slowly because if it happens too suddenly, it may cause us to split up. My friends are already worried about my feelings now, but his background is wealthier than mine and he gave me a necklace for Christmas. It is me who has had no time to buy him anything and I even thought about giving him a lucky packet." As for her three children, they joined her and her boyfriend in a party after the event.

Also, Joyce hopes that in the new year, she will have prosperity as well as her career and laughs: "Recently, a lot of magazines have asked me to shoot swimwear photos, so I will not rule out the possibility of shooting a pictorial special, but it will not be too revealing, I would rather more was left to the imagination."


[Oriental Daily 02/01/05]

Gigi Lai was at a shopping mall in Wong Tai Sin yesterday where she joined a group of children in drawing self portraits and writing down wishes for the New Year. When the children saw Gigi, they were all very happy and when she played games with them, she asked what the name of her new series was on TV ("Shades of Truth"), all the children were all brainwashed by seeing 'Yuk Ying' that they all replied "War and Beauty", leaving Gigi speechless.

Gigi has had a rewarding year last year, winning "Most Popular Female Lead" so for this year she hopes to improve even more as well as wishing for world peace, with no disasters or war. Despite the celebrations for the new year, Gigi indicated that seeing the scenes from the tsunami disaster area on the news makes her cry from time to time and the first thing she did when she heard about the news was to join with her family and make a donation to the charities. She will also be taking part in the TVB fundraiser this evening.

Tomorrow, Gigi will begin filming for new series "Rouge and Powder" and in the show she will be wearing a lot of figure hugging chipao dresses, so she will not be able to wear anything underneath in the cold weather. Gigi says that she has disovered a way of keeping warm and that is to wear tights all over her body that will keep her warm, but not show under her costume.


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