Sunday, January 23, 2005

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 24/01/05]

Spurred on by the 'success' of William Hung in the hit talent contest "American Idol" in the states, audition fever has hit Hong Kong in the form of TVB's "The Cruellest Bell" that will begin airing on February 5th. In this contests, there are no age limits for the contestants, as long as they make it to sing on stage, they will be awarded $100 for each second they survive before the cruel and ruthless sounding of the bell. Those who make it to the end of the show will have the chance to take away prize money of $100,000 and a recording or artiste contract.

The show held its first set of open auditions yesterday and the panel included one of the show's hosts Joey Leung, renowned opera singer Warren Mok and veteran singer Albert Au. A total of 240 individuals and groups took part and a crowd of several hundred gathered to watch in amusement. As this is no ordinary talent show, it has attracted some rather weird and wonderful acts to take part as well as some professional talent contest participants. These included a 'Ricky Martin' latin dancing guy who lost his cool when facing the judges and a mother and son singing Cantonese Opera, then there were the singer-songwriters who accompanied themselves as they sung and the little kids who were well beyond their years as they croned about love lost... unfortunately, they were all quickly moved along by the judges. Among those who only lasted several seconds were 'Attitude Hacken' with his hands in his pockets, 'XL Joey' who left a deep impression with the judges and a six year old 'Mini-Andy Lau'.

Producer Chin Kwok Wai reveals that the show has been set at 12 episodes for now, each lasting 30 minutes and as the response has been overwhelming, there will be a huge open audition on 16th and 17th of January to select the contestants for the show. As for guest performers on the show, Chin says: "Many stars are interested in coming along to 'buzz' people off, Andy Lau will be the guest in the first show and be judging alongside hosts Hacken Lee and Joey. Others who have agreed to come on include Joey Yung and Gigi Leung."

Joey indicates that as well as showing off singing talent, the contestants can show off their creativity: "If they can do magic or ride a bike whilst they sing, then they can give it a try. (Will there be a bottom line to your criticisms?) No, so they will need to toss their egos aside to take part. If they are afraid, then don't come along!"


[The Sun 24/01/05]

Michael Tao was shooting a plane crash scene for new series "Fantasy Hotel" yesterday and although they did not ever leave the ground, being blasted for nearly an hour by a giant fan was certainly not much fun. When the 'cover girls' page of a flying newspaper blasted into his face during the shoot, Michael noticed this and joked: "Aah so warm!". Afterwards, Michael says that it was not too hard, because the worst was the female artiste playing the cabin attendant in the scene who had to be suspended from the ceiling of the set. Michael says that he plays happy rivals with Melissa Ng in the series and compliments her saying: "She is not only quick with her reactions, she is also a great comedic actor."


[The Sun 24/01/05]

Andy Hui was filming a music video for his new song "Can't Even Say It" and 2003 Miss Hong Kong Runner Up Rabee'a Yeung was his guest in the shoot, who provided a number of sexy dresses from her own wardrobe. Andy says: "I wanted to wear something summery to match her, but I have developed a rash on my body recently, so I had to wear something long sleeved to cover it." Andy indicates that maybe because he is due hold his concerts at the end of next month, so he is nervous and his hormones are abnormal. He is currently seeking medical advice in the hope that he will get better soon.


[The Sun 24/01/05]

Bobo Chan was filming for TVB's new series "Fantasy Trend" earlier and was asked whether she was trying to look studious with her hair extentions. Bobo smiled widely with her new image and said: "A lot of friends have said that about me, I am not trying to look more ladylike, but I will be releasing a new album soon and I want to give people a fresh look. I have not had long hair since I was in high school, so I am feeling more feminine now."

Bobo says that she plays a very superstitious girl in this short story who often tells fortunes with Tarot cards. She says that she has played with them herself to ask about love but she finds that there is nothing special.


[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 24/01/05]

Kelly Chen has been recording the theme song to TVB's version of Korean Drama "Jewel in the Palace" entitled "Hope" and the Mandarin version of the song will be sung by her junior Angela Chang. Before recording the song, TVB had presented her with a copy of the first two episodes of the show so that she could understand the emotions behind the story, but after watching them, Kelly has become quite addicted and asked TVB if they could give her a fe more to watch, but they told her to watch it when it airs, leaving Kelly a little disappointed! Kelly says that she has been strongly attracted by the storyline and the determination and intelligence of the female protagonist Jang Geum to overcome all the difficulties. She adds that she would really like to film an ancient drama: "The costumes in ancient dramas are very beautiful, but I don't know why people don't ask me to make period films. Maybe they find my look too modern!"

"Jewel" is 70 episodes long and is the first long-running Korean drama to be aired on TVB.


[Oriental Daily 24/01/05]

Having decided to gradually retire from showbusiness, Priscilla Ku indicated at an event yesterday that although she will be lightening her workload, she will be doing a lot of meaningful things with her time and as well as writing her book, she will be doing voluntary work at a school, sharing her experiences with parents and students.

Priscilla says that as a mother herself, she hopes that she can use her experiences to share methods on how to bring up children well as well as encouraging children to understand the feelings and aspirations of their parents bringing the family bond closer together.


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