Saturday, January 15, 2005

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 16/01/05]

Nick Cheung has been helping police with their investigations following an alleged intimidation and blackmail case involving the star. Reports indicate that the case is currently being followed by the Kowloon West Police. As this case involves a well-known artiste and a Triad gang leader, the police have filed this as a confidential case and are offering 24 hr protection to Nick and his wife Esther Kwan.

In relation to the case of Nick receiving blackmail threats, the reports say that as Esther is currently filming abroad and will not be in Hong Kong in the near future, the focus of the protection is mainly around Nick. The report continues that after receiving the contact from Nick regarding the case, they have immediately started investigations into the suspect and arrested a man last week, who has a triad background and a criminal record. This man has been taken back to the Kowloon East Serious Crime and Anti-Triad Department for Nick to carry out an identification.

When reporters saw Nick leaving his Sai Kung home with a man yesterday, they immediately asked him about this case and at first his reaction was that of surprise, but after much harrassment by the press, he finally admitted that this was true. However, he would not go into any detail, saying that everything is now in the hands of the police to investigate.

When the press asked if he was under a 24 hour guard, Nick nodded but insisted he did not want to say too much. When asked if the man accompanying him was a police officer, Nick would not comment. Will he be considering employing security staff in the future? Nick says: "The police have already done it very well and have given me a very good service. It is so good in fact that the Tourism Board should promote the Hong Kong Police for their standards, so I will be fine." As for whether he is worried about his wife who is currently filming abroad, Nick once again said he did not want to talk too much. At the moment he is busy filming Johnny To's new film "Triads".

Further reports reveal that earlier there was a man, claiming that he was representing a 'brother' of his who had just been released from prison, who contacted Nick and said that this brother had been sent down after his involvement in the robbery of a gold workshop in 1988. As this was related to Nick in some way, he wanted to 'send his regards' to Nick. As Nick was a police officer before he entered the showbiz industry, there is speculation that this intimidation case could be related to his previous work.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 16/01/05]

As the event's celebrity ambassador, Kenix Kwok appeared at the "Hong Kong Quality and Trusted Enterprises" awards ceremony yesterday and she indicates that to go and buy things from unlicenced retailers is not worth it. She says: "The first time I was paid after entering the industry, I bought a 1 carat diamond ring for my mum for $50,000. However, I later found out that the ring was not worth that much and I had been conned so I never bought anything from that shop again." Talking of some lawless retailers selling fake products as the real thing to mislead their customers, Kenix says that she will always go to the licenced retailers to buy designer gear as this way, you will not be affected.

Theresa Lee was also at the event and as a slimming spokesperson herself, she has been busy looking after her son recently. In response to the recent news about Carol Yeung's pregnancy affecting her contract with the slimming company she represents, Theresa says: "My contract does not say that I cannot have children and the element of freedom is very great. It also allows me to breastfeed and I don't need to take pills, so my work has not affected the baby at all."


[Oriental Daily 16/01/05]

New generation 'Housewife Killer' Moses Chan, with his healthy image and amicable nature, has recently become the health ambassador for a Chinese herbal health product. Yesterday, a special contract signing and promotional event was held where he also took ten members of the audience to the product's production line and shared with them his experiences on keeping healthy. Afterwards, Moses went to a shopping centre for an autograph session that attracted quite a crowd, including over 80% female fans as well as a foreign lady, showing how popular Moses really is among the more mature lady.

With his fame once again proven and a substantial fee to go with it, no wonder that Moses was smiling broadly as he said: "This time I will be their health ambassador for a year and the fee is very good. (Is there also a limitless supply of the product?) I hope so! I am always going without sleep and not doing enough exercise, so it is just right for me!" Moses indicates that after becoming their ambassador, his friends are often calling him asking him for samples so his lines have been very busy!

Moses has been busy filming recently and has not had a break now for nearly three years. Luckily, he has three days off for Chinese New Year to let him recharge his batteries. He says: "It has been a long time since I have had several days off in a row, so I will try and get as much rest as I can. I will buy a kumquat tree and some flowers to decorate my home to create some New Year atmosphere."


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