Sunday, January 09, 2005

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 10/01/05]

Andy Lau made history at this year's "Jade Solid Gold Music Awards", being the only artiste ever to win both the Most Popular Male Singer and Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer awards in the same year for the first time ever in the 20 year history of JSG. He was presented with his award by a rather stunning Vivian Chow. At the celebratory party afterwards, a crowd of 200 fans gathered to welcome and congratulate him and when he arrived home later another group of over a hundred fans were there ready to celebrate with a toast.

When Andy, Twins, Miriam Yeung and other winners arrived at the party venue in a bus, the five hundred fans gathered there flooded into the road and there was a lot of confusion as the police stepped in to control the situation. In an interview, Andy's excitement had still not settled down yet as he said: "To make history proves that anything can happen in this world. Whatever we do, the most important thing is never to give up. When I received the Asia-Pacific award, the three tigers (Kent Tong, Felix wong and Michael Miu) were quite disappointed because they thought I would win the other award, but when they announced my name for the Male Singer award too, I did not know how to respond. All the other singers came to congratulate me and Hacken hugged me and said: "You git! This has never happened before in history!" With so many people caring so much for me, I am very touched."

In the stakes for the combined media award, Andy is currently trailing behind Joey Yung with 13 awards compared to her 15 so far. He says: "It's enough, haha! It is really more than I expected, but I will continue working hard next year and with Eason returning to the music scene, it will be quite colourful."

When Andy left the part, the fans all stretched out to try and touch him and he had to bow down to get into his car. When he returned to his home, over a hundred fans were waving champagne bottles at him, but in order to avoid disturbing his neighbours, he quietly toasted his fans before cutting a cake with them, but telling them to try and keep quiet.

Hacken indicated that he would take Andy bowling: "As a friend, I am happy for him. After all it is a competition and it will be hard for the loser, but I will console myself and no matter who I lose to, I will accept it. (You are TVB's godson though?) If I was, then I should have won 15 years ago!" With only half an award, Andy Hui said: "Andy deserved the award, I am very happy and not disappointed at all."


[The Sun 10/01/05]

A group of overseas contestants gathered at TVB City yesterday to shoot their official photographs for the Miss Chinese International Pageant that will be held on 29th January. There are reports that the representative from Amsterdam has a tattoo on her ankle and when asked about this by the press, she openly admitted to it, indicating that she has her name tattooed on her right ankle. However, when she was asked to show it for a photograph, she quickly turned and walked away.

The show's image director, Karen indicated that she had tried to use concealer to cover up the tattoo, but it looks like she has some kind of skin condition, so she has decided to openly reveal the tattoo to everyone. As for the other contestants, it was revealed in the 'official inspection' that as well as tattoos, there were also some who had belly button rings. Hong Kong representative Kate Tsui did not know about the tattoos, saying: "This is their choice and the contest rules will allow this, so I have no comment."


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