Saturday, January 29, 2005

From Top: Jolene Chin (KL) takes "Miss Friendship"; Annie Chang (SF) and Kelly Wang (Brisbane); Joyce De Jong (Amsterdam), Fala Chan (NY), Kate Tsui (HK); the girls congratulate Jolene; Kimberley Chin (Taipei); Jasmine Lim (Singapore)

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 29/01/05]

"Miss Chinese International 2005" will be taking place this evening in TKO TVB City and the 22 contestants paraded yesterday for the first time in their swimwear for the press as they voted among themselves for the winner of Miss Friendship, that was won by Jolene Chin from Kuala Lumpur.

Jolene was very surprised to win the award, saying that she never would have imagined it. Talking of the suggestion that the winner of this award was usually from someone who was no threat, Jolene laughs: "I am sure that the others would not vote for me because I am not a threat to them. We are not really fighting for anything, but anyway, I am confident in myself."

From the scenes yesterday, the swimwear arranged for the girls was not only rather skimpy, the material was also quite thin and the girls revealed some of what was underneath, including bra pads. Hong Kong representative Kate Tsui seemed to have overdone the weight loss regime as she revealed her bra pads as well as some rather bony ribs. Also as she walked, she seemed to be covering up some serious cellulite near her bottom. When asked if she was disappointed at not taking the first award, Kate seemed a little put out as she said: "Disappointed? How? I am very supportive of Number 5 and after sharing a room with her for three weeks, we have not argued at all. (Did you vote for her?) I don't really want to say because that would be unfair." When asked about her very thin figure leaving her a little behind the others when showing off her figure, Kate disagreed, saying: "Actually, my weight is very similar to when I was taking part in Miss Hong Kong and my measurements have not changed. I feel that the most important thing is the balance." She does not feel that she is too skinny, saying that her figure is okay.

Among the other contestants, there were some rather voluptuous figures and Brisbane's Kelly Wang has been recognised as the 'Bustiest Contestant' by the press with her 35.5 inch breasts. Annie Chang from San Francisco seemed to be wearing a bikini that was a size too small for her, giving the feeling of 'overflowing' and attracting much attention. Annie herself felt that the costume was a little tight, making her look even sexier, but everyone else was wearing the same, so she did not want to comment, despite laughing that no-one in America would wear it like this. As for the hot favourite New York's Fala Chen, she was very confident, smiling sweetly and showing a well balanced figure. When asked if she was confident about taking the crown, she said modestly: "I will do my best and give my all for tomorrow's show. (Is there any pressure?) Being favoured naturally puts a bit of pressure on, but my confidence grows with this." Fala's parents have come to Hong Kong especially to watch her performance and this has also helped her.

Amsterdam's Joyce de Jong is also dubbed for the top three and it has been revealed the Kimberley Chin from Taipei is the daughter of "Apple Flower Songstress" Yang Yan, who has also come to support her daughter.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 29/01/05]

Whilst filming in Singapore earlier for new series "Yummy Yummy - Food for Life", Raymond Lam was photographed with his arm around a girl as he went clubbing and when he returned to Hong Kong two nights ago with Kevin Cheng, he responded to the incident, saying: "Going to relax is a very normal thing. The Singaporeans are like that, very friendly and warm."

Raymond continues: "That night was the second time I had been to a disco in Singapore and there was a big group of us there, but I have to praise the photographer for just managing to get a picture of me. I don't mind, it is just normal socialising, you wouldn't go to a coffee shop for a drink and relaxation!" When asked if he was worried about affecting his image, he says there will be an effect, but it will be minor.

As for the girls that Raymond was photographed with, one of them was Singaporean artiste Michelle Chia and she indicated that she was just chatting and dancing with Raymond in the club and insisted that she was not usually the type to flirt with men. Kevin also supported Raymond, saying that he did not see him flirting with girls in Singapore.

Raymond also revealed that he wanted to go and visit a gay bar, but he was too frightened in the end. He says: "When I came to Singapore in the past, I have been touched on the bum by a gay man. Then he turned and greeted me and I was so stunned, so the more I thought about it the more frightened I got and decided against it in the end."


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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 29/01/05]

Last March, under the guiding hand of Alan Tam, Sammul Chan and Bobo Chan were introduced to Universal Records, but in the slow market of the music industry at the moment heavily affected by illegal downloading, there have been many rumours that the company have been trying to terminate their contracts early. With Universal denying this all along, Bobo has managed to overcome the obstacles and record her album, but Sammul has not been so lucky and latest reports indicate that he has already had his contract terminated early. Universal executive Chu Kwok Ching denies this, but does confirm that their short term contract has expired now. Sammul's manager Ivy has refused to comment on this, saying: "I am not in Hong Kong at the moment, so I do not want to discuss this matter."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 29/01/05]

Fiona Yuen earlier rewarded herself with a brand new dream car Jaguar worth $360,000 but after being on the road for just over a month, she has had an accident in it. At the beginning of the week, late one night, Fiona was driving home on her own from Hong Kong Island when she lost concentration and crashed into a garbage truck. Luckily, no-one was injured and Fiona called the police for assistance. The refuse department reserve their right to claim for damages and Fiona's expensive car has been severely damaged, requiring extensive repairs that will certainly hurt Fiona in the pocket.

When reporters contacted Fiona , she did not want to comment on the incident too much, but insisted that she was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. It was purely a lapse in concentration that caused the accident. Fiona says: "At the time, I was feeling a little faint when I crashed into the rubbish truck. It was a minor mistake and luckily I am fine. (Have you been to get checked out at the hospital?) I was just a little shocked. I called the police, but did not go to hospital because I was busy sorting out the car. (Do you know how much you have to pay for the damage to the truck?) I don't know how much yet. My car has only been on the road for a short time and has been crashed into this state, so it hurts a lot. The repairs will cost quite a lot."


[The Sun 29/01/05]

Michael Tao's manager Kam Shek Kai will be marrying his girlfriend next Monday and originally, Michael was going to be his best man. Then when Michael got married himself, he agreed to be a member of his entourage, but because Michael is currently busy filming for "Fantasy Hotel", he will only be able to take time out to go and join in the wedding banquet, leaving his manager a little disappointed. Michael says: "I could not even make it to Michael Tse's wedding earlier because I wanted to save the time off to go to Kai's wedding, but now the series has overrun its schedules, there is nothing I can do! If he is a mate, he will not be mad at me."


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