Sunday, December 12, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 12/12/04]

Bernice Liu, Ron Ng and model Kathy Chow were invited to a promotional event at a jewellers yesterday and were invited to share their thoughts on accessorising with the other guests. Bernice has been the promotional face for this company for nearly a year now and each time she attends an event she has been presented with an item of jewellery. Although she does not know the value, she has given most of them to her mother. Out of all the gemstones, Bernice's favourite is the diamond, but she has never received any from a boyfriend because she hopes that she will receive a diamond when she gets engaged in the future.

With Christmas approaching, Bernice's sister and brother will be joining the family in Hong Kong and as Bernice's new home is being decorated, she hopes to have it finished in time for Christmas so that she can cook a special meal for her family. Will she be inviting rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan? She says she will be celebrating with her family and emphasises that Moses is just a friend.

Ron is currently busy filming for new series "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" and he will have to force a kiss on Ella Koon in the show, but he has not filmed this scene yet. Earlier he filmed a kissing scene with Elaine Yiu and this was set on a beach where there were a lot of people around, so he did not have any special feelings. Modelling some of the jewellery for the sponsors, Ron says that he has never given a girl a diamond yet because in the past he could not afford it and now that he can, he has no-one to buy it for.

In the past year, apart from filming series, Ron has also taken on many advertising jobs and it has been a profitable year for him, but he feels he can still take on even more. For Christmas, he hopes to take some time out to do some stage appearances, but as he will be busy filming he does not even know if he has any time off. His most memorable Christmas was going fishing with friends before entering showbiz, they barbecued the fish they caught and although it was quite chilly, it was a lot of fun.


[The Sun 12/12/04]

Nancy Sit, Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Yoyo Mung and Alex Fong (Chung Shun) were invited to an opening ceremony, but none of the stars actually turned up at the event. Later, Yoyo indicated in a telephone interview: "I received a call from the company at the last minute, saying that the event had been cancelled, so I don't know what happened." Nancy said: "There were two PR companies asking me to do the event, but I don't know which one was the main organiser. I had to do the Tung Wah event, so I did not have time anyway and I turned it down." As for Miriam and Leo, their managers both said that they had not agreed to take part.


[The Sun 12/12/04]

Niki Chow was in Tai Po's Super City with Boyz and Sammi Leung promoting animated movie "Shark's Tale". She has recently been in TVB City filming for "The Gentle Crackdown" and as she has to shoot fight scenes every day, she finally succumbed to the exhaustion and paid a visit to the emergency room where the doctors diagnosed her with Intestinal Flu. Niki says that whilst filming in the forest hills, she had no choice but to pee on the ground: "Although there was a female assistant looking out, there was a draught down under and I have never tried this before in my life. It was okay for the men, but it was rather embarrassing."


[The Sun 12/12/04]

Selena Li took the 'Miss Photogenic' award for Miss Hong Kong 2003 and yesterday, reports broke that her father's company in Shatin and his three factories in China had closed, with 28 of Mr Li's creditors chasing him for debts amounting to nearly $10 million. With Mr Li nowhere to be seen, the creditors have reported the incident to Shatin Police Station. A police spokesperson indicated that the station had received one report, but the police have not yet made any charges. The case has been passed to the Sum Tin section CID to investigate. A notice was placed outside Mr Li's company yesterday indicating the name of the accountant and lawyers handing his bankrupcy.

Selena is currently in China filming for "The Herbalists Manual" and on the phone, she said: "I have found my father, but he just said one thing to me telling me not to worry about him. (Did you ask your father what has happened?) He has never spoken to me about his business and my father is divorced from my mother, so I do not see him very much." She continues: "My father says he will deal with his own affairs and there will not be a major problem. My father will not run away and he is probably seeking help from his accountant and lawyers. (There are suggestions that your father asked his staff to vote for you when you entered Miss Hong Kong.) The reports were exaggerated, it is only natural for my father to vote for me, but his votes don't count and it does not affect the result."

Hailing from the same contest as Selena, Priscilla Chik says that she has asked about Selena and says: "I have called her and we chatted very happily. She is feeling okay."


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