Saturday, December 04, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 05/12/04]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok appeared as a couple at an event to promote the showing of "Quill" on TVB Pearl and raise funds for the SPCA's Guide Dog appeal. However, Kenix appeared wearing a fur lined shawl and was urged to take it off for photographs with the animal lovers, leaving her rather embarrassed.

Kenix was wearing her little coat throughout the event and did not realise the problem until someone pointed it out to her at the end. She said: "Originally I was going to wear a fur coat, but I changed for the little shawl coat instead. As fur is rather fashionable this year, I had not thought about the conflict with today's event. Luckily I had a short sleeved top underneath and not a strappy top, otherwise I would not be able to take the coat off. I felt something wasn't right when I saw some of the dogs staring at me and I was wondering if I had worn something wrong." She reveals that she once owned a Golden Retriever, but because they are both very busy, the dog became closer to the maid than to them, so they gave it away in the end. She also says that this is the first time that they have worked as a couple doing the voiceover for the film and to develop a field other than acting. Through this experience, they also realised how polite the Japanese are as Kenix says: "I am not usually very hostile, but when I know people well, then I will forget to say 'Please' and 'Thankyou'. I realise now that for two people to interact then it is important to have respect for each other."

Frankie will soon be heading out to Guangxi to film for "The Herbalists Manual" and he will be taking his own bedsheets because he is afraid of not being able to sleep in strange sheets.

Cerina De Graca was also at the vent and she fell in love with a kitten from the SPCA: "I don't feel that it has to be a pedigree for it to be special. I have a cat that I adopted from the SPCA at home. She has four white paws and is very cute."


[Oriental Daily 04/12/04]

Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam and Singaporean artiste Ben Yeo have become good friends since filming for "Yummy Yummy" and yesterday they were filming together in North Point in a scene where they were selling food on a hawker stall and then running away from the officials. During filming, they attracted quite a crowd asking them for autographs and photos and all requests were fulfilled.

Afterwards, Raymond indicated that his native origin is Fujian (Hokkien), so he feels very at home in North Point. He says: "My primary education was in the North Point area and I was often hanging around in the area. As there are a lot of Fujianese people living in the area, then it feels especially homely. Earlier, a granny grabbed me and said she wanted to take me home, it was quite funny!"

Kevin is currently spending three or four days a week in the area filming for the show and he is getting to know the locals now. He says: "My character has a chicken stall in the area, so I have to come and film down here all the time and I see the locals all the time. I know the boss of the fishmonger next door very well now and he often makes seafood congee and invites me over to eat it."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 05/12/04]

Although Beyond has mocked the 'New 4 Heavenly Kings' as being 'Crab Kings', they have openly praised the talents of Eason Chan and Hacken Lee. In response to the criticisms from Beyond, Eason declined to comment, saying that silence was the best answer to this.

There have been reports that Eason is currently fighting for a slot at the Coliseum next year for a concert, but he is unclear on this as he has just signed with a new record company and does not have any new songs yet. He has not released an album yet as is wants to collect a few more new songs first, so it would be better to hold the concert at the end of next year. As he has no songs up for awards this year, Eason says that if the company arranges for him to appear at the awards ceremonies, then he would like to know why.

With rumours that Andy Lau and Hacken Lee filming TVB music special, there have been suggestions that there will be a double winner for the "Most Popular Male Singer" award from them. When Edmond Leung heard about this, he was rather puzzled, but he says that in his opinion, Andy and Hacken have both had good results and have good chances of taking the award, but he believes that there should only be one winner. Edmond also does not believe the rumours about the music specials because if you will win an award by making a music special, then there would need to be five winners because everyone has done shows for TVB. He will just brush off the gossip about the awards. As for Miriam Yeung, she hopes that the fans will not take them too seriously as awards are just a game really.

Meanwhile, Universal Records held their Christmas Party earlier and singers attending included Hacken Lee, Emme Wong and Shawn Yu. As for Bobo Chan who had recently been rumoured to have ended her contract was also present and she clarified that she still has good relationships with the company and will be releasing an album next year.

Having previously been rumoured to be Edison Chen's girlfriend, Bobo admits that she does know Edison's sister Trician and has called her to pass on her wishes: "I personally do not think she will get involved [with drugs], but I don't know the details and as an outsider, then I should not say too much as it has passed now." She reveals that she is still in contact with Edison, but as for whether she will ask him to design her image for her album, Bobo says: "The person helping us out is a mutual friend, so I don't need him to be our contact."

Hacken was asked about the rumours about him and Andy getting joint awards and he says: "The distance between Andy and me is like playing tenpin bowling - he always beats me by 20 points. I don't mind losing to him because he is very hard working and I totally accept my defeat." Emme won over $3000 in a lucky draw at the party, but rumoured boyfriend Shawn says that she was stupid: "She should keep her winnings low key and not say anything, otherwise when you have to buy drinks for everyone, you end up paying even more than you won!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 05/12/04]

'Man about the House' Moses Chan and ATV's Balia Chan were at a Furniture Supplier's charity show yesterday and he said: "This is perfect for me because I have always been interested in home furnishings. The most important thing is that it has to be inexpensive, attractive and good quality because I am quite thrifty. Although my income has gone up, I still don't like to spend too much, so I will just buy tennis equipment and trainers."

When asked if he would spend money on rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu, he smiled awkwardly and says: "I don't want to talk about these things. (What is the most expensive thing you have bought for a girlfriend?) It is hard to say, I know that a lot of girls like diamonds. (Have you given one to a girl before?) Not saying." He reveals that he is currently working on finishing filming for "The Gentle Crackdown" (aka "Scholar Meets Soldier"): "Maybe I won't even get to go out and have fun at Christmas."


[The Sun 04/12/04]

With earlier reports about a ghostly image being spotted in an episode of "Virtues of Harmony", cast members including Nancy Sit, Kingdom Yuen and Bondy Chui continued filming the show in Mongkok yesterday and were still discussing the topic. Kingdom says that there are always spooky occurrences in the studios, firstly with Bondy's cake and glutinous rice going missing all the time and Kingdom always hearing someone shouting "Cut" for no reason. When Nancy heard this, she was a little scared, but she laughs that it proves that even our spooky friends like watching "Virtues". She says: "I know that our friends in the other dimension like to watch shows, and if they like to watch 'Virtues', then let them watch and have a laugh too! Watching is okay as long as they don't come and interfere with us."

As for the reduction in the sentence of co-star Stephanie Che, Nancy says: "We are all very happy for Stephanie over the news. I have known her mother for over twenty years now and often pass letters to her through Stephanie, so I am very pleased to hear that her sentence has been reduced."


[The Sun 04/12/04]

Earlier there were reports suggesting that Sonija Kwok and Deric Wan are now 'just good friends', putting to bed the rumours about them splitting up. There have been suggestions that the reason for this high profile announcement is due to pressure from TVB, who feel that their relationship has put a halt on Sonija's progress and so have requested that they move their romance underground.

Currently filming in Shanxi for a mainland production, when Deric was called about this matter, he insisted that their relationship has not changed ad says that he is willing to be the invisible man behind Sonija. He says: "We are more than just good friends and no matter what people say or do, it will not affect our romance. I will respect any decision that Sonija makes for her career and am even prepared to be the invisible man behind her. Although we are both busy at the moment, we still keep in touch by phone." Sonija is currently in Singapore doing promotions for TVBI and she responded via her manager, who says: "Sonija will not be responding to any more questions about her relationship in the future."


[The Sun 04/12/04]

Appearing at Nat Chan's birthday party yesterday, TVB Production Resources Department Deputy Chief Lok Yik Ling was quizzed about the reports of mass resignations from the editorial team of TVB Weekly. She admits that there will be some changes as of January next year, saying: "We will be driven by the artiste department and let the artistes open their hearts and speak more candidly, but our objectives will not changed and we will still put the protection of artistes first." As for the staff who have resigned, Ms Lok says that they are working on retaining them: "Although there will be changes and we will introduce some new blood, this will be the same through every department and it is nothing to be alarmed about."


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