Monday, December 20, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 21/12/04]

Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng were filming on location in Lei King Wan yesterday for new series "Yummy Yummy" in a scene where they were riding together on a bicycle in a rather romantic scene showing their characters developing feelings for one another.

Afterwards, Charmaine was asked whether she felt it was very romantic and she smiles: "I guess so! Actually I have tried this in real life about ten years ago when I went cycling with my boyfriend at the time, but we had a bike each then. Now I can only re-live the feeling through filming."

Charmaine says that modern people are too commercialised now whilst dating and like to go karaoke, watch movies and shopping. She prefers the great outdoors instead. When she was dating, what other romantic things did she get up to? She says: "I remember one guy, who would make a handmade card for me each time he asked me on a date and made my name out of a gold coloured paperclip. We arranged to go to the Peak for dinner once and he gave me a bag of jigsaw pieces. When we put it together it was a giant heart shape. After this, we started dating properly, but I had to go and study in America then and we did not continue after that. (Do you still keep in touch?) No, but I know he is married now and has a daughter."

Kevin says that he has never taken a girl on a bike before, saying: "The last time was during filming when I was carrying Nancy Sit! (Is it a little lighter load this time?) A little!"


[Ta Kung Pao 21/12/04]

Sunday evening saw the "Jade Solid Gold Awards Polling Special" attended by many singing stars, including Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Deep Ng, Wilfred Lau, Edmond Leung, Shawn Yue, Anthony Wong (Yiu Ming), Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Gigi Leung, Miriam Yeung, 2R, Yumiko Cheng, Jade Kwan, Ella Koon and Fiona Sit. During the show, the stars played various games and also voted among themselves for their own favourites for the "Most Popular Male and Female Singers" and "Most Popular Newcomers" awards, with the votes counted and results announced at the end of the show. In this artiste's vote, the most popular males were found to be Hacken Lee, Andy Lau and Andy Hui and the female award leaders were Joey Yung, Denise Ho and Miriam Yeung. Newcomer winners were Jolie Chan and Endy Chow.

The winners were asked to perform a song immediately and good friends Andy Lau and Hacken were ready with the jokes to build some atmosphere. Whilst Hacken was singing, Andy brought a chair out onto the stage and sung along with him and then kept running up to him and congratulating him and then Hacken did the same when it was Andy's turn. There was speculation as to why Hacken's supposed arch rival Andy Hui wandered in front of him during his performance and whether he was trying to steal the show, but Hacken says that Andy is not like that.

Winning the award in this preliminary poll, Hacken says that he has a good relationship with the other stars, but he feels that Andy Lau is the real most popular star and he does not rule out the possibility of Andy taking the award for "Top Asia-Pacific Male Singer" at the same time. Andy says that he has never won in an internal poll before, so he is full of admiration for Hacken.

Gigi feels that this vote among themselves does not put any pressure on her, even though she did not get many votes and she was disappointed that you could not vote for yourself. During the show, Denise accidentally kicked Edmond Leung's sore leg, making him cry out in pain, to which Andy Lau joked that Edmond had well and truly been 'chosen'. [Cantonese pun - the word for 'choose' sounds similar to the word for 'damage'.]


[The Sun 21/12/04]

Michael Tse will be getting married in January and he sent out his invitations yesterday, but they were a little different from the usual 'red bombs' [Explanation: Chinese wedding invitations usually in red envelopes and the tradition is you must give the couple a cash gift.], turning against tradition by using a fresh green as the theme and continuing the unconventional approach from their wedding photographs as the card depicts the couple in a 'kung fu' type stance. When Michael was asked whether he was inspired for this design by Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu Hustle" poster, he says that Stephen may have been inspired by him as they had thought of this idea a year ago and there is a meaning behind the picture. He says: "I wanted to symbolise that for a pair of lovers to live together in harmony, then it will not be totally sweet for 365 days of the year as the odd conflict will help to further their understanding of each other. This is an experience I have gained from many years spent with Tina." This set of photographs was shot especially in Thailand and was arranged entirely by Michael, who laughs that his wedding banquet will be like a photographic exhibition.

As for not using the traditional red, Michael says he did not want to give the feeling of 'red bomb' to his friends, so he chose a fresh grass green instead to tie in with the wedding ceremony where he will be saying "I do!" on a grassy setting. Although there is still over twenty days until his wedding day, Micahel says that he is already planning his family: "We have not been buying contraception now and will be leaving it all up to nature."


[The Sun 21/12/04]

With the constant news of staff and pay cuts at TVB, there is finally some good news for the staff as TVB has announced that it will be giving bonuses to long serving and good performing staff in the Chinese New Year, equalling half a month's salary. Although this is not very much, it comes as good news to TVB staff, who have not received any bonuses in the last two years. However, artistes will be the exception as they will not qualify for this. On top of this, the ratings for TVB have taken a turn for the better with "The Super Trio Show Continues" gaining 2 points to 31 and "The Last Breakthrough" rising 2 points to 28 points, but "Kung Fu Soccer" was disappointing as it fell by one point to 27 points.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 21/12/04]

Marsha Yuen and Shaun Tam were in Tsing Yi yesterday, filming for gospel film "Children of Heaven and Earth", where they play paediatricians. When Marsha was asked about Patrick Tang's earlier suggestions that they had ended their relationship, Marsha admitted this calmly, saying that she did not want to think about her love affairs and hopes that people will focus on her career development instead. However, she insists that they are both still very good friends and asks the reporters in return: "Have you asked him? We are both concentrating on our careers at the moment and as good friends, when we can still meet up when we have time." Marcha also reveals that she will begin rehearsals for a musical next year: "There will be singing and dancing and the songs will be in Mandarin. I have spoken in Mandarin since I was a child, but singing is still difficult."


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