Wednesday, December 29, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 29/12/04]

Anne Heung was at the second costume tryout for "Rouge and Powder" yesterday, where they were trying on their chipaos. Anne indicates she did not finish her costume fitting last time so she had to do it again. The dress she had on this time was rather loose fitting and she explains that it is for when her character is pregnant. In the show she has a baby with Savio Tsang and she will be trying on her pregnant costume later as the producer wants her to wear false breasts.

Wearing this prop for the first time, Anne says that she finds it very amusing: "I don't really like large breasts, but the storyline needs it, so there's nothing I can do." She also laughs that she has had to buy herself some new bras because of wearing the chipao, she needs to find suitable underwear with a more supportive function.

Anne was asked whether she would be making some extra money on New Year's Eve and she says: "Actually, I have stage appearances on 31st and 1st, but I have to start filming for 'Rouge' on the first, so I am trying to see if I can just perform on 31st because if I miss them both, then I will lose out on a six figure sum."


[Ta Kung Pao 29/12/04]

Christine Ng, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong was filming on location for "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" yesterday and as the weather is getting cold, the cast were wearing their coats to keep warm between shoots. Christine even paid for some hot drinks for everyone. In the show, she has the opportunity to work opposite Liza Wang and Christine says: "Even if there are just three lines, she will study each one carefully."

Wearing just one overcoat, Bosco said that his costume is very thin, but he has a thermal vest underneath because he is afraid of appearing puffy. As his series "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu" will begin airing after "Kung Fu Soccer", he feels very happy and says: "When we were filming, I would call John Chiang 'Dad' and Michelle [Yim] 'Mum'. I hope that this show can be like those of Master Kwan Tak Hing and we can make over a hundred episodes."

Myolie indicated that there was some unhappiness over the Christmas period and says: "On the 25th, I went to my boyfriend's home for dinner and found that I was being followed by reporters. The next day, they were still waiting for me and photographed my boyfriend close up. I really do not know what to do about this."


[Ta Kung Pao 29/12/04]

TVB revealed the top rated shows for 2004 yesterday and in the drama section, the top three were "To Catch the Uncatchable" (33 points), "War and Beauty" (32 points) and "To Get Unstuck in Time" (30 points). For variety shows, "Super Trio Show Continues" (32 points), "Sam Hui Returns Special" (25 points) and "Gourmet Secret Agent" (23 points) led the way and for special shows, the top three were "TVB Anniversary Extravaganza" (36 points), "Olympic Stars Special" (33 points) and "Anita Mui Forever Diva" (29 points).

The ratings for last week revealed that the top class "Kung Fu Soccer" fell by two points to an average of 25 points, "Virtues of Harmony" maintained 27 points and "The Last Breakthrough" gained a point reaching an average of 29 points. The show's finale pulled in ratings of 27 points. Responding to the ratings still being rather low, TVB External Affairs Assistant Chief Tsang Sing Ming indicated that this was because of the holidays, this is the usual trend.

With the tragic events unravelling in South East Asia, Tsang was asked whether TVB would be arranging any fundraising events to encourage donations to the victims. He says that as many of the executives are still on vacation, then the decision will be made on their return. As for Production Resources Deputy Chief Lok Yik Ling, Tsang indicated that she has returned to Hong Kong now and is safe and well.


[The Sun 29/12/04]

Mandy Cho and Bernice Liu were at a store opening yesterday and unafraid of the cold weather, they appeared in sexy dresses and attracted a number of fans to support them. After the event, many young men rushed forward to shake their hands, but luckily they had the security team to protect them and the to girls managed to escape unscathed. Mandy also revealed that her dress had been specially selected by her mother: "Each time I take part in these events, my mum will help me to choose my outfit and accessories and this dress we chose together. (Does she feel that you are old enough to dress sexily now?) It is just tying in with the event. I hope to look a little more elegant." She reveals that she has taken all the safety precautions and after the show she immediately put on her shawl to avoid revealing too much.

Bernice has just moved into her new home and she is in a good mood. As for when she will find a boyfriend, she sighed and said: "It is difficult to find a boyfriend who is on 24-hour standby, so my dad is still the best and if I find a boyfriend, he will need to be checked over by my dad first. (Has he met Moses Chan yet?) Yes, he has also met Hawick because we have filmed together. (Did he praise him?) He praises everyone and he was a fan of 'War and Beauty'."


[Oriental Daily 29/12/04]

Michael Tao and newcomer Devily Leung were filming for "Fantasy Hotel" on the Sai Kung seafront yesterday and as the temperatures fell to just 12-13 degrees C, they were shaking from the cold and in the scene, Devily had to cry and speak her lines at the same time, so she kept having NG's [outtakes] and the scene took two hours to shoot. However, Michael was very understanding and supported her, saying: "Devily is a newcomer and this is her first series, so NG's are inevitable and she has already improved a lot."

When asked whether he would have any kissing scenes with Devily, Michael laughs: "Yes, there will be a kiss scene, but I am not afraid because she will be the nervous one. Even my wife laughs at me, saying that I have had to kiss with all the female stars I have worked with, so I must thank the director and scriptwriter, not for giving me the chance to kiss so many pretty girls, but giving me the chance to do kiss scenes at my age!"

As for Devily, she is thankful to Michael for teaching her and she is very apologetic for so many outtakes. When the kiss scene was mentioned, she says: "I know and I am very nervous, so I hope I will be more relaxed by then."


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