Tuesday, December 28, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 28/12/04]

Bowie Lam took part in a charity signing of his album "Dreaming of War and Beauty" yesterday in a Tseung Kwan O shopping mall, with the profits from the event being donated to charitable causes. The event attracted quite a crowd and a number of Bowie's fans held up a banner and chanted his name to help build the atmosphere.

When Bowie was asked how his record sales were coming along, he laughed: "At the moment we have sold about 3000 copies and this figure is already not bad. I did not know this, but some of the most famous singers out there only sell about this number of albums. I even said that if I sell 10,000 copies I would take my friends on holiday, but with the disaster in the Maldives, I don't think we will be going now. (Did you know that TVB executive Lok Yik Ling was in Phuket when the earthquake happened?) I know and I called her this morning, but did not get through."

Bowie also took part in the "Metro Radio Music Awards" two nights ago to receive the 'Best Duet Award' with Gigi Lai and he was still excited as he said: "This is my first music award since I entered the industry and I really wanted to keep the award myself, but seeing Gigi so happy and excited, she seemed like her character Yuk Ying when she saw the emperor, so as a man, I should do the honourable thing and let he keep it and take it home. I hope that they can make us another one for me to keep too."

When Bowie was asked how he thinks he will do at the TVB Jade Solid Gold awards, he smiles: "I have not signed a management contract with TVB yet. (Has Gigi signed?) To be honest, signing with TVB will have its benefits and in the past there has been a difference between those who have signed and those who have not, everyone should be able to see this."

TVB's Production Resource Department Deputy Chief Lok Yik Ling was on her Christmas vacation with her family in Phuket when the Indian Ocean earthquake caused a Tsunami in the region and Ms Lok sent an SMS back to Hong Kong yesterday to report that she was safe. She indicated that her family were all fine and they are currently looking for a way to return to Hong Kong. Originally she was due to return to work today, but at the moment it depends on when she will be able to get a return flight.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Kate Tsui was filming yesterday in TKO TVB City for a Miss Chinese International promotional clip and wearing a strappy dress, Kate was looking very ravishing. When she approached the Ancient Street, Niki Chow was there filming for "The Gentle Crackdown" in a wirework scene and when all the martial arts directors and stage hands saw Kate walking past, they all joked: "Who is this sexy kitten? Is she a reporter? Why is she wearing such a short dress?" Niki, who was being strapped into her harness at the time saw this and said: "Don't just look at the pretty girl! Hurry up and fix the wire, I don't want to fall off!"

Afterwards, Kate was asked if she knew that she was being heckled and she said looking bemused: "Really, that's funny. (They did not know that you are Miss Hong Kong!) It doesn't matter, they were still praising me. I don't usually dress this sexily, so I have never been heckled before. This is the first time I have been to the Ancient Street." She reveals that the training for the pageant will begin on 7th January, when she will join the other contestants and the contest will take place on 29th January.

As for her costume for this contest, Kate says that she had wanted to prepare something herself, but she could not find anything: "Now the company is making arrangements for me and I have been busy keeping fit recently, going to use the machines at the slimming centres. (Has your mum made you lots of herbal soups?) My mum doesn't bother about me, so I buy birds nest and ginseng for myself." When asked what she will be doing for the talent section, Kate says she will be dancing and adds: "My strength, so it is safer." Also, she indicates that she had a party with over twenty fans on Boxing Day, when she received a necklace with her English name on it, making her very happy.

Niki says that since she has been filming "Gentle", she has been treated as a man, laughing: "The crew are all men and they are all a lot of fund, treating me as a guy and always telling dirty jokes in front of me, so I just pretend not to hear them!"


ATV News

[Ta Kung Pao 28/12/04]

Joey Meng, Gilbert Lam, Pinky Cheung, Ng Ting Yip, Eva Shu and Andrew Yuen formed three couples and had a joint final wedding scene for "Cross Border Daddy" at a Sai Kung church.

When Joey was asked how she felt wearing a wedding dress again after having worn one in real life, she says that when she got married herself, she never wore a wedding gown, because she finds it very hard work and she has worn one countless times in her filming and just in "My Date with a Vampire", she has worn one six or seven times. So when she got married, she only wore a dress. However, Joey says that she does not mind if she is being paid for it. She says: "Recently, a wedding gown company has asked me and my husband to be their spokesmodels and although I don't really like wearing wedding dresses, I would consider it if I was being paid."

Pinky, who has also worn a wedding gown on numerous occasions agrees with Joey because she has become numb to wearing them now. She indicates that when she gets married, she will not wear a wedding gown and will have a very alternative wedding. She says: "If I really do get married, I would consider having a bungee jumping, diving or bikini party." When she was asked if she was putting so much thought into it because she wants to get married, she admits that she does want to get married. She says: "The fortune teller says that I will get married next year, but I do not even have a boyfriend yet."


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