Friday, December 24, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/04]

TVB's new series "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" held its studio blessing ceremony yesterday and the cast members taking part included Kenix Kwok, Ron Ng, Ella Koon, Joe Ma, Winnie Yuen and John Chiang. As the news of Winnie's pregnancy has just been revealed, many friends offered her their congratulations, especially Ron who shares a management group with her, naming himself as the baby's 'uncle'.

Winnie's child is due to be born at the end of next June and as her husband is the only child in the family, everyone is especially happy to hear the news. When asked if her husband as given her a gift to encourage her, she laughs: "No, I will have to remind him! (Would you like a girl or a boy?) I don't mind as long as he or she is healthy, but I have heard that to have a daughter for the first child is better because they are easier to look after and can help to look after younger brothers in the future! (Do you feel pressure about continuing your husband's family line?) No, because my husband wants to have as many children as possible." At the moment, Winnie feels hungry every two hours or so, luckily she is not putting on any weight yet and can continue wearing her old clothes.

Kenix was chatting away constantly with Winnie and when asked if she was feeling broody after seeing Winnie pregnant, Kenix laughs: "No, I am just happy for her because she has always loved children." Kenix adds that she will be filming another series for TVB in March next year, working opposite Bobby Au Yeung. After "Gentle Reflections" [TVB, 1994] this will be the second time that Kenix will appear in an ancient drama and as it is a challenging role, then she will be postponing once again her plans to start a family. She smiles: "I will not look to have children just yet, but if one comes along unexpectedly, then I will tell everyone."

Ella has been filming for "Revolving" for over a month now and she says she is very happy because the series has given her many new experiences, such as filming fighting scenes. Although this has left her with rather sore palms, she does not find it hard work.

Recently there were reports in a magazine where she was voted as the number one in a "Person I would most like to lose my virginity to on Christmas Eve" poll and she laughingly thanks everyone for voting for her, but she would not think of this in a seedy manner. Maybe people just like her easy-going look. However, as a result of this vote, she has been the brunt of many jokes, telling her to be careful on Christmas Eve. She laughs: "This year's Christmas Eve will be very peaceful for me and I will not even be in the streets because I have to stay in the studios and work on filming. (Were your Christmas Eves in the past peaceful too?) As peaceful as you can get!"

In "Revolving", Ella has a scene where she is violently kissed by Ron, but this has not been filmed yet. She smiles: "It is better filming this later, because it gives us a chance to get to know each other." When Ron was asked if he has been building up a relationship with Ella in preparation for this scene, he says: "The scene says I forcefully kiss her, so there is no need for a relationship, but we do chat. (Do you know her well?) I know she is Ella Koon."


[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/04]

Anne Heung, Nancy Sit, Akina Hong and Marco Ngai were among the celebrities at the premiere to "Phantom of the Opera" and Anne was with her parents at the event. She reveals that she will be heading over to Taiwan for a day to meet with her fans over there. When asked if her boyfriend would be with her, she smiles that she does not want to discuss her love life.

Later, Anne will be working alongside Gigi Lai in new series "Powder and Rouge" and talking of Gigi's newfound popularity with TVB, is she worried that she will lose out on screentime to Gigi? Anne says she is not worried because their character paths are very different and she will be playing the evil role, where as Gigi will be the protagonist. Although Anne has been the bad guy several times before, she does not feel that she is setting the mould and when she was approached by the producer Mui Siu Ching for the role, Mui had some reservations as to whether Anne would accept, but Anne herself is not worried by it.

Nancy happily took her three children to the screening and indicated that her eldest daughter Yau San has just returned from America to spend the Christmas break with her, so in order to spend more time with her Children, Nancy would rather pass on jobs and make less money. When asked if she has lost out in about a million dollars of fees, Nancy laughs: "Sometimes life is about sacrifices, it is good to spend more time with your family."

Marco was alone at the event as his girlfriend Joyce Tang is currently working in Shanghai, leaving her beloved dog to him to look after. However, the dog has had some tumours growing inside its body, but after surgery, they were found to be benign and no threat to the animal's health. Marco says that Joyce loves this dog a lot, so if anything happened to it, he is afraid that he will be the one needing a doctor and she will be very upset.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/04]

The three Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu and Fu Sze Sze took part in the TVB External Affairs and resident journalists Christmas Lunch yesterday and posed for photographs beside the Christmas tree and the snowman to build the festive atmosphere.

Kate says that she will have a break this Christmas, so she plans to have a party at home and go to the movies. When asked if she feels bad about not having a boyfriend to spend it with, she says not at all because it is more fun to spend Christmas and the new year with a large group of friends. She says that she has already received three presents, from her parents and friends and she has also bought many gifts for her parents, colleagues and friends. The gifts are not very valuable, but she has not calculated how much she has spent. Although she has studied in America before, living in California meant that there was very little snow, so she has never experienced a White Christmas before. She hopes that she can have the chance to go and see it in Finland.

Queenie has been a Christian since she was very young, so Christmas is a long awaited festival for her. Earlier she returned to her old school for a Christmas party and when asked if she has a particularly memorable Christmas, she says that she once played Mary in her kindergarten nativity play and used her own Cabbage Patch Kid as the baby Jesus. Later in primary school, her mother made a Christmas dinner and she mistook champagne for apple juice and when her mother walked out of the kitchen after cooking, she found Queenie drunk on the floor and though that she had a fever. Although she can drink now, she cannot drink too much and has been warned not to drink too much on Christmas Eve. She laughs: "Now I am older, then I can control myself." As for the present she would most like to receive, it is a real Christmas card because everyone sends electronic cards nowadays and so real cards with a sincere message inside are particularly meaningful.

Sze Sze's most memorable Christmas was when she was studying in Singapore. She says: "I remember that I had to leave on 26th, so on the 25th, I went shopping with my friends. As we did not want to part company, we ended up crying and did not get home until the early hours, so I did not have time to pack before my flight." Sze Sze would also like to see a white Christmas and when asked what present she would most like to receive, she smiled dreamily and said: "A cheesecake that would not make me fat, no matter how much I eat!"


[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/04]

Louis Koo and Yoyo Mung were at the Causeway Bay brance of 3D Gold yesterday to open their new concept store and as well as looking around, they were presented with a crucifix pendant as a gift.

When Louis was asked if he has bought a Christmas present for his mother, he says that she always chooses her own present as she likes diamond jewellery and then he will foot the bill. The items that she buys all have six-figure price tags. Louis has never given diamonds to friends as gifts, just jewellery and he will wear accessories himself usually, but not gold in particular. This Christmas, he will be having a reunion with some old schoolfriends that he has not seen for over ten years. Not usually one for buying presents for festivals, Louis has been forced by one of his friends to buy some presents, which he finally agreed to. However, he has not really spend much effort in choosing the gifts, just going to one of his sponsors and selecting a few items, such as personal hi-fi and candlesticks. Louis will be starring in Jingle Ma's new film "Butterfly Sword" soon and Louis indicates that he will be investing his fee into the movie. He says that this is because he feels that the script is very good and it is a reasonable investment, so he will likely be an executive producer for the show.

Yoyo has to work over Christmas, but she will take time out to attend a friend's Christmas party and exchange gifts. She laughs that she has bought some comedy category III films. During the interview, the strap to her dress kept falling down and she explained that it was just the strap to her top. She says that Alex Fong (Chung Shun) earlier asked her if she had 'changed colour' and she did not understand what he meant. She later found out that he was jesting at her often wearing black underwear. To get her own back, when Alex lost his voice earlier, Yoyo was always joking with him until Alex called her especially one day and said: "My voice is back!" leaving her in fits of laughter.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/04]

Bobby Au Yeung is currently in Beijing filming for "The Three Lucky Stars Bring Joy" and as the weather there is very cold, with temperatures dropping to -4 degrees C and snow falling every day, this inspired the playful Bobby to pose for souvenir photographs holding a snowman doll.

Yesterday whilst filming, after about two hours on set, Bobby felt rather unwell and his manager indicated that he had caught a stomach chill. After drinking some warming ginger tea, he felt no better so they took him to hospital but after a long delay they were unable to see a doctor and had to return to the hotel to take some medication. Luckily he is fine now.

Although Bobby will be away for Christmas this year, but he is able to fulfil a wish and experience a white Christmas, so this makes up for being away from his family and home.


[The Sun 24/12/04]

Bernice Liu has recently become a homeowner after spending over $3 million on a home in Tseung Kwan O and a further $100,000 on decoration that is nearly complete. As she does not have to work over Christmas and her family have returned from Canada to spend the festive season with her, Bernice hopes that her house will be ready soon for her to live in with her family.

Bernice smiles: "My mum, sister and brother have come over especially to spend Christmas together and as there is plenty of space in the new house, then we can put up a 6ft tall Christmas tree. This year I can spend time with my family and my new dog, so it will be very warming." Making enough for her deposit and fulfilling her wish for a property, what does Bernice have planned for next year? She says: "I hope that in the new year I will have more work and no gossip."


[The Sun 24/12/04]

With the tenth anniversary of "The Super Trio Show" and the imminent departure of the show's producer Chan Chi Kau, there was a special edition of the show recorded earlier, where Eric Tsang and Chan were almost in tears in a very touching moment.

A star-studded guest line up included many of Chan's friends such as Cheng Dan Shui, Lam Man Chung and Shirley Yeung and a special tribute was made by Eric at the end of the show, meriting Chan as being one of the pillars behind the scenes of the show and presenting him with a rendition of "Thousands of Songs", leaving everyone very teary eyed and Eric breaking down as Jerry Lamb closed the show on his behalf. Although Eric had asked the company to try and persuade Chan to stay, Chan felt that there comes a time when you have to part company.

Eight classic games were played on the night, with the female stars at a distinct disadvantage, for example when Shirley was picked up by Sammy Lau, it seemed like he was very close to her sensitive region, Halina Tam was met with Timmy Hung 'discovering' her bum and Iris Wong's breasts were attacked from behind by Carlo Ng. When Eric saw this, he commented: "You are all animals!". However, this did not help him as he was bumped on the eye by a female dancer.

After the recording, they held a special party for Chan and continued the celebrations by going on on the town in Tsim Sha Tsui. As well as the guests of the show, a heavily pregnant Vivian Lai, Lydia Shum, Pang Kin Sang, Joey Tang and Cutie Mui also joined in and as they all joined together to sing the song "Friends", Chan was moved to tears again.


[Oriental Daily 24/12/04]

Maria Chan has been an avid collector of Hello Kitty and earlier she went along especially to check out the Hello Kitty House at Tseung Kwan O's New Town Centre and buy some Christmas presents for her family and friends. When asked if she has any plans for Christmas Eve this year, Maria said disappointedly: "I will be very busy this year as I am filming all evening, so I can't spend the time with my friends."

Also, Maria has just moved into a new rented apartment and says: "Although my income this year has not been bad, but I do not intend to buy a place just yet because I have not decided whether or not I will stay in Hong Kong or move to Canada."


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