Tuesday, December 21, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 22/12/04]

TVB's new series "Shades of Truth" (Water Margin Infernal Affairs) will begin airing on Monday and cast members of the show including Gigi Lai, Tavia Yeung, Griselda Yeung, Gordon Liu, Irene Wang and Matt Yeung attended a promotional event at a bar yesterday. However, the two male leads Julian Cheung and Wong He were absent. Coinciding with the Christmas atmpshere, the stars played games where they had to make cocktails and carve turkey and Gigi wore a fiery red strappy mini-skirt dress and became the main focus of the event.

Gigi has recently filmed a rather daring promotional clip for "Shades" and when it was mentioned, she screamed out: "Wow, it is hot!" Gigi indicated that when she was filming, she did not know that after the special lighting effects, it would turn out like this and even she felt a little embarrassed afterwards. She says: "At first, I could not accept it myself and wanted to complain, so I called the company to asked if it was a little over the top because they are usually quite conservative and this clip is even more racy than some movie trailers. However, for a trailer, it is alright because at least it has caught everyone's attention and I will treat this as a sacrifice for them. However, I am not a very busty person, just very average!"

After rising to popularity after playing Yuk Ying "War and Beauty", Gigi's advertisements and stage appearances have been non-stop and she has been so busy that she has not had time to go shopping. She says that she hopes that she can earn another $10 million in the next few years, so that even if she cannot find a rich man to marry, she can still keep herself if she becomes an 'old spinster'. When asked if she will be investing her money, Gigi says: "Of course! Luckily I have not had a chance to buy shares in SHK because I have been too busy, but even if I did, I would not have lost too much, just a little bit. (If they are floated again, will you buy?) It depends on the situation because I am a safe investor and I will only buy into blue chip companies because I am using my spinster savings and I do not want to risk too much."

With the constant mention of the word 'spinster', does Gigi feel that there is no potential in any of her suitors? She forces a laugh and says: "Of course there are men after me, but I do not have time to develop a relationship right now and we can only talk on the phone. I feel that for two people to be together, they need to be able to communicate with each other because if they are unhappy after getting married, then it is better not to marry at all." She also sighs that the heavens are very fair because when you have career success, you do not have much romance, so she hopes that after she has reached success in her career, she can also find success in love afterwards."

Tavia was wearing a little top with a jacket over it at the event and although she was rather overshadowed by Gigi's striking dress, she still refused to remove the jacket, saying that her character in the show is very conservative. Is she not afraid of having the limelight stolen? She says graciously: "No, I am good friends with Gigi and I am not going to take all my clothes off just for some screentime!"

As for the raunchy promotional clip filmed by Gigi, Tavia says that she has seen it and feels that it was rather surprising. When asked if she found Gigi to be rather voluptuous, Tavia says: "It is because of Gigi's character, who dresses in sexy clothes in the show. For example, in one scene where we go to do yoga, she apppears in a small vest and maybe I have seen her figure too much, so I don't think she is really busty."


[Ta Kung Pao 22/12/04]

Michelle Ye is currently filming for "The Herbalists Manual" in China and her co-stars include Kenneth Ma, Liu Kai Chi and Selena Li. As she has worked together with Kenneth before in "The Driving Power" [and also "Triumph in the Skies], they know each other well and are working together extremely well, with Kenneth giving her a piggy back without any fear of rumours.

As for the series, it will finish filming on Friday and as it has been hard work, Michelle will be taking time out after filming to go for a rest and a holiday in Shanghai. When her local fans found out that she did not have anything good to eat whilst working, they went to a nearby stream to fish for baby crabs for her to eat. Although they were rather miniature, they tasted very fresh and sweet and she was full of praises for them. Although it has been hard work filming this series, Michelle says she has gained a lot from the experience as she has shared many scenes with Uncle Chi and learned many techniques from the experienced veteran and even just by chatting to him, she has picked up a lot of tips.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/12/04]

At the opening of a new club in Jordan earlier, they held a pyjama party and invited Sherming Yiu, Natalie Ng and Zuki Lee to be the guests and models for some nightwear designs. Other guests included Raymond Wong, Emily Kwan and Nelson Cheung.

Sherming says that doing a sleepwear fashion show can be quite perilous and she is most afraid of wearing silk lingerie because under the lighting, it can appear seethrough and to avoid exposing herself, she has prepared some underwear in various colours to cover herself up. Sherming says that for her birthday, her friends had given her seven sets of sleepwear and some were so sexy that even she could not accept them because it felt like she was not wearing anything. She is looking for an opportunity to pass them onto other female friends. Sherming says that her fee for this show is not bad and when it was mentioned that the end of the year is a prosperous time for artistes, she says that on Christmas Eve, she will be doing three shows.

Sherming has recently split up with her long term boyfriend and she says that luckily she has had a lot of work and so the time without a boyfriend has not felt lonely. She hopes to find another suitable man soon though.

This was Natalie's first lingerie show and she says that at a Christmas party last year, she and over 20 friends were walking in the street in their nightwear and it was a lot of fun. This year, she will be heading to a tutorial centre with some friends, where they plan to play some games from the "Super Trio Show".


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[The Sun 22/12/04]

Winnie Yeung and husband Wong Shui Fan, son of retired racehorse trainer Wong Tang Ping, have been planning to start a family for a while and after 18 months, Winnie is finally pregnant. Yesterday, she revealed the good news that she is three months pregnant, but the early stages of the pregnancy was hard work and she often felt unwell. Now she has become used it it and her family are pleased to hear the news.

Having a baby for the first time, Winnie has no knowledge about pregnancy at all: "I listen to the instructions of my family and did not reveal it before three months to avoid the baby changing its mind." [Chinese superstition] As for whether she wants a girl or a boy, she says: "It doesn't matter, as long as it is a good child and is healthy. (How many will you have?) My husband hopes for as many as possible, but I will have to see whether it is very hard work before I decide."

Although most of her family are abroad, Winnie still plans to have the baby in Hong Kong and her mother will come back to be with her at the time. Also, Winnie is currently filming for TVB series "Revolving Doors of Vengance" and despite being pregnant, she does not plan to pull out: "Most of my scenes are verbal, so it will not be hard work. I will be heading out to film on location in Dongguan later. (Have you asked the other artistes to look out for you?) They do not know I am pregnant, but just laugh that I am greedy because I am constantly eating!"


[The Sun 22/12/04]

Myolie Wu and Liza Wang were filming for "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" yesterday on location in a scene where Liza pretends to be paralysed to make Myolie carry her down the hill. Although Liza weighs only 108 lbs, but for Myolie who had to carry her and speak her lines whilst walking, she found it quite difficult: "It was pretty hard work! I have had an extra meal today to make sure I have enough strength!" After the walk, Myolie then had to record some panting sounds and when Liza heard her, she laughed: "It sounds like you are constipated!"

Afterwards, Myolie indicated that Liza is actually quite lite and laughs that she is very much in character during filming. When asked what she would do if that was not Liza, but Lydia (Shum), Myolie replies immediately: "If it was Lydia, then you would need to book me a body double! Filming with Liza has been very happy, but we always have to argue and shout at each other, so my voice has become rather hoarse!" Myolie also praises Liza for being very eyecatching, saying that she will win the award for "My Favourite Female Lead Role" next year, to which Liza responded: "Don't be silly! She is just encouraging me!"


[The Sun 22/12/04]

Shriley Yeung appeared dressed as a fairy at TVB city yesterday and seeing she was dressed so sexily, it was mistaken that she was filming for a slimming ad! It turns out that this is Shirley's guest starring role in new series "Mystery Trend" and she says that this is the limit of her sexy appearance.

Reports suggest that this fairy has very strong powers and can foretell the future and offers a chat service on ICQ that charges one day of your life for every six seconds. Shirley says she would not dare to try something like this: "Usually I will not even have my fortune read because if they say something bad it just makes me unhappy." At Christmas, Shirley will be meeting with some fans for a barbecue, but she says she would rather take her dogs than her boyfriend to avoid her fans getting jealous!


[Oriental Daily 22/12/04]

Linda Chung entered the entertainment industry by winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant last year and moved from Canada to Hong Kong to live on her own, undergoing some very major changes to her life. She has raised her popularity by appearing in "Virtues of Harmony" and her work has been continuous since and seeing her bank balance rising by the day, then of course she is very happy. However, the festive season makes the heart miss the home and when she remembers that she is away from home and away from her family, she does feel a little emotional.

In order to beat her homesickness, Linda calls home to speak to her parents every day and although her phone bill is only a few hundred dollars a month, Linda feels that this is incredibly expensive because she is very careful with her money. Linda's Christmas wish this year is to hurry up and make enough money to buy a new house in Canada for her parents to enjoy.


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