Thursday, December 16, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 17/12/04]

Michael Tse will be marrying his long time girlfriend Tina in January next year and yesterday he released three of his wedding photographs to the press, one of which was rather unusual and playful, featuring Michael flying up in the air.

Michael indicated in a telephone conversation that this set of photographs was taken in October and as the traditional wedding photos are too formal, he wanted to do something a little different, so he tried various different poses to let the photographer have some fresh ideas, but the most important thing is that his bride-to-be looks at her most beautiful.

As Michael is still currently filming for "Virtues of Harmony", he has been using all his spare time preparing for the wedding and he plans to invite over three hundred guests to his banquet and his entourage will consist of half showbiz names and half from outside the industry. Louis Yuen and Johnny Tang will be with the 'brothers', whereas Bondy Chiu will join with the bride's 'sisters'.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 17/12/04]

TVB's new series "Mystery Trend" held its blessing ceremony yesterday in Sai Kung's Ho Chung Che Kung Temple and the cast members taking part included Shirley Yeung, Mandy Cho, Sharon Chan, Winnie Shum, Patrick Tang, Isabella Leung, Deep Ng, Renee Tai, Yan Ng and Edwin Siu. This series will be as its name suggest centring around some unexplained phenomena and each episode will have a different story. It is planned to be aired in around January next year.

Patrick Tang's progress in recent years has been so-so and his horoscope clashes with the zodiac this year, so earlier, he joined three friends to go and see a soothsayer. As a lot of what this person said was true, a previously rather sceptical Patrick says it is better to believe than not to. He says: "This person even knew that I have a mole on the most secret part of my body!"

Earlier, Patrick's girlfriend Marsha Yuen appeared on her own at an event and when asked about their relationship she indicated that they had not been in touch for a while, giving rise to speculation that their romance was over. When Patrick was asked whether Marsha was his wife-to-be, he did not respond directly, just saying: "Having a career is very important, so I am putting it first for now and when I am very successful, we will see if she is the one. As she says, she is also putting her career first, so it does not matter. There are many priorities in life and she is putting romance down for a while. I am very serious and respectful towards her. (Does this mean you have split up?) Depends how you look at it. (How do you see it?) I would like to put my career first and the most important thing is to the best I can. I will respect whatever she says. (Have you discussed the matter?) Yes, she is a very ambitious person and she has always wanted to do a musical and the scope for this is much greater in America so if she wants to put aside love to fulfil her ambition then I will respect this. (Will she be going to further her career in America?) We do not know yet, but I hope she will find what she wants."

Patrick has now signed for TVB management and is now looking for a new record company to sign in the hope that he can release a new album next year.

Former Miss Hong Kongs Shirley and Mandy were also at the event and Shirley says that thankfully she has never met with any supernatural occurrences. Although she is afraid of ghosts, she loves watching ghost films, where she will shriek out loud.

In the new series, Shirley plays a spirit that can see into the future and when it was mentioned that many showbiz stars like to read their futures, Shirley says she does not like this because if she finds out that something bad will happen then she will be even more afraid, so letting nature run its course is better. With Christmas coming will Shirley be celebrating with boyfriend Gregory Lee? She says that they have not arranged anything yet and then changed the subject saying: "I have just been to England for four to five days doing promotion for the company and I was singing on stage for the first time in a foreign country. I sung three songs and if I have time, I would like to have singing lessons from a tutor."

Mandy is a somewhat cowardly person and she remembers when she was younger and watching horror films, she would place herself between her sisters. Later when she was studying in America, there was a power cut and as she was living alone, then she became braver after two or three times without power.

When asked if she has any supernatural experiences, Mandy says that when she was at secondary school, she was doing homework with a friend at home late into the night and she saw a figure jumping out of a TV that was switched off that turned her pale with fright. Her friend did not see anything though, she she just puts it down to visions because she was too tired. She laughs: "I have not done anything wrong, so I am not afraid."

Filming a ghost show for the first time, Yan Ng has requested a peace charm in the hope that filming will go well. She says: "I have experienced not being able to move when I have woken up from sleeping, like being crushed by a ghost, but my mother explained that this was just because I was too tired and my imagination tricking my mind."


[The Sun 17/12/04]

Fresh faced TVB idols from "Sunshine Heartbeat", Charles Szeto and Vin Choi have become good friends after making the series and have joined together to form a fan club, holding their first fan club meeting earlier with a barbecue and games party, attended by over fifty fans. As many of the fans learned of the news of the fan club, they immediately asked to sign up and some fans were so emotional when they met their idol that they burst into tears.

Charles and Vin were very touched when they saw this: "We have only filmed one series and already are receiving so much support from the fans. We never thought that so many people would turn up and they even made cakes for us. The sponsors provided us with gifts for everyone, so it was all very happy. After this event, we don't know if we will have the chance to do a meeting again together, but to mark our friendship, we have agreed that at the very least, in ten or fifteen years time, we will have another event like this!"


[Oriental Daily 17/12/04]

Sammul Chan was filming yesterday for Gospel Film "Children of Heaven and Earth" with Kiki Sheung in a car crash scene and as he has experienced two car accidents recently in real life, Sammul still has a shadow lingering over him, so the director was very understanding and just asked him to film the close up shots inside the car, whilst a body double did the actual crash scene.

Since his own accident, Sammul has not driven for six months now and has been relying on hiring cars (and drivers) for transport. Once when there was a problem with his arrangements, he was forced to drive his own car and when he stepped into the drivers seat, he was shaking very badly. It was then he realised the extent that the memory had affected him. Since this time he has not dared to try driving again and would rather take a taxi to get out and about.

In the scene, Kiki plays a pregnant woman and as the weather was rather warm yesterday and she was dressed in a woolly top, then she was a little irritable after being in the car for over an hour.


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