Wednesday, December 15, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 16/12/04]

Louis Koo has always kept good relations with TVB and was among the favourites of former TVB executive Barbara Siu. However, when Barbara left TVB earlier, there has been non stop speculation as to whether Louis would remain under TVB management, but it has been revealed that Louis has secretly signed for Barbara's own management company when his current contract expires.

Louis was at a mobile phone promotion two nights ago when he indicated that his contract with TVB has expired and his movie contract with Chinastar will also expire soon. When it was mentioned about him signing for Barbara's company, he says that this is purely as an employee and she will be responsible for any future contracts he signs. Louis currently owes TVB a 40-episode series, so when does he plan to pay this back? Louis says that he has had dinner with TVB chief Lok Yik Ling and she has not forced him to film this in the near future, so it will all depend on his health. However, he emphasises that Barbara is not his godmother and they have never adopted each other as such.

Recently there have been rumours that Louis is dating Miriam Yeung and when asked about this, Louis refused to comment. As for the reports that Miriam has been 'borrowing luck' (from the gods), Louis laughs that his own mother has 'borrowed fortune' from the Guanyin on his behalf before and when he found out how much she had 'borrowed', he was very shocked.

Louis was presented with a new phone at the event and he reveals that he has over thirty mobile phones at home, but he only uses one of them and only for outgoing calls. He explains that four or five years ago when he went on vacation, his phone was not able to receive a signal and he felt that being isolated where no-one could contact him felt great and there was no pressure, so after returning to Hong Kong, he has never given away his phone number again and even his own father has to call his assistant to get in touch.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/12/04]

Bobby Au Yeung, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu and Bowie Lam were in Singapore promoting TVB series at the beginning of the month and during the three day trip, they had a very packed schedule. After two days, Bobby also travelled out to Malaysia.

During the event, the artistes played games with members of the audience and Bobby was teamed up with a fan in a game where he had to catch biscuits. Although he cheated in parts, it brought on a few laughs and he won the game. Ever the greedy one, Bobby went on to play tricks on his partner Sonija as he defaced her picture on the promotional poster, but she got her own back as she drew on Bobby's picture. Not to be outdone, Bernice and Bowie went on to do the same to theirs. It appears that Bobby did the same thing two years ago when he was promoting in Singapore along with Nick Cheung, Flora Chan and Anne Heung. As well as working, the stars took time out to try out the local delicacies.

Bobby has visited Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia recently and has tried many delicious foods, so he has gone up a clothes size. Next March, he will be filming a new series for TVB "Justice Sze Investigates" and the producer of the show is a little worried with Bobby's weight, so he says that after filming the mainland series, he will start to diet and regain his figure.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/12/04]

Gospel film "Children of Heaven and Earth" began its first day of filming yesterday in a Wanchai church and cast members Damian Lau, Kiki Sheung, Carol Yeung and Sammul Chan filmed a scene where they were gathered to listen to the sermon of a well respected priest. During the shoot, Damian evaded the press and refused to be photographed as he plays a famous paediatrician who gave up his son's life to rescue his wife, played by Kiki, who was injured in an accident. This causes Kiki's character to become infertile. When the character listens to the words of the priest, he becomes very emotional as the memories flood back and in order to psyche himself up for the scene, he did not want to speak to the reporters.

As for Carol who has not performed now for two years, she feels that she has lost her confidence a little when faced with the cameras, but is not finding it hard work. She smiles: "Looking after a child is even harder work, luckily my son is three now and has started school, so he is a lot smarter now then before, but he has learned a lot of dirty words at school. (Will you have another child?) Maybe! If God gives me another child, then I will accept it. (You have just slimmed down though and will have to start again?) I haven't thought about this matter." She says that since becoming a mother, she has turned very sensitive towards children and once she saw a mother push her child away, leaving him crying in the street. In the past, she would have thought that the child may have done something wrong and was being punished, but now she is worried that the child would run into the road and would even approach the mother to ask for mercy and hold the child's hand again.

Sammul plays an angel in the film and as he will be working with great actors such as Damian and Kiki, he feels a little pressure. Luckily Damian looks out for his juniors and Sammul has gained a lot.


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