Tuesday, December 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 15/12/04]

Niki Chow was at the premiere of "A Shark's Tale" earlier and this is the first time she has taken part in the Chinese dubbing for an animated film, where she plays one of the fish characters and she says that she was very nervous when she entered the recording studio. Talking of the hardest part in the process, Niki says it is when she is trying to do a kiss with the other fish played by Sammy Leung. She jokes that she nearly had to find herself a man to kiss for real to get the sound effects right. As for her fee, she says it is nothing spectacular as she is still a newcomer, but she had a lot f fun and hopes to have the chance to do it again in the future.

Niki was filming earlier for "The Gentle Crackdown" (Scholar Meets Soldier) and as she often had to film on location in the hills, she had a big problem with going to the toilet and this left her with intestinal problems and stomach ache all the time. She says that as she often had to be suspended from wires, she was afraid that the harnesses would make her wet herself. Luckily she managed to make it to the local store to use the toilet. This series is the hardest one that Niki has had to face in her three years in the industry and in the past she did not like men seeing her sleeping, but now she doesn't care and can sleep anywhere.

Also at the event were many celebrities with young relatives, including Yeung Siu Kuen and her son Lui Sin Yeung, Sherming Yiu and her little brother and Sima Yin and her son. Niki was there with her elder sister Kathy.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/12/04]

The second "Yahoo! Hong Kong Buzz Index Awards" were awarded yesterday with forty awards being presented, but over half of the winners were unable to receive their awards in person. The most searched local male and female singers emerged as Sam Hui and Joey Yung, Dayo Wong and Sheren Tang received the male and female television star awards and the local group award went to Twins. Fiona Sit, Isabella Leung and Girl's Dormitory received the newcomers awards and the film male and female artiste awards went to Stephen Chow and Miriam Yeung, but they were both absent. Joey, Fiona, Miriam and Twins also appeared among the Top Ten Buzz songs awards.

Sheren has been the recipient of many awards lately and she laughs that her 'popularity award' was thanks to people having to search for her information on the internet. She jokes: "So many people are interested in me, maybe because they are young and do not know about my background, so they have to look me up on the internet, especially as most of the people on the internet are youngsters under 20 years old."

When it was mentioned that Gigi Lai was not on the awards list, does Sheren feel she has one up on her? Sheren continues to laugh: "Don't compare us like that. Each thing is separate and I do not feel hard done by as I am very happy." As for reports that she invited Gigi and the others to a Christmas party but in the end they did not turn up, Sheren says she does not mind because there are plenty of chances in the future.

Sheren was asked whether she had responded to her fan mail on the internet and she laughs that she does not even reply to her friends' emails, never mind her fans. She says: "You can get very addicted to the net, so I have cancelled my email account now. If I have the time, I would rather read."


[The Sun 15/12/04]

A Christmas party was held at the Artiste's Christian Mission earlier and Sheren Tang had invited her co-stars Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung to take part, but in the end the three did not attend and Sheren said: "Gigi did not come, even though she had agreed, Charmaine had to work and Maggie is not in Hong Kong. Earlier I gave them all a book entitled 'I have found happiness' and I hope that after reading it they will be inspired." Fortunately, Sharon Chan was there to join in the festivities with Sheren.


[Oriental Daily 15/12/04]

Miss Hong Kong Kate Tsui revealed that she had been to the Tai Tam Hap Correctional Institute to visit the young girls there and felt that the environment there was not bad at all and very much like a boarding school. She says: "It was not as horrifying as I had imagined, it was more like a boarding school and there are classes in make-up, beauty, computing and cookery. The girls are very good and they all look so young and innocent and not at all like they have committed crimes, so I feel that we should give them a chance to re-integrate into society."

When asked if she had been in contact with the 'bad people' when she was at school, Kate shakes her head and says: "I did not hang around with them very much and the worst thing my friends did was smoke, but in the end I distanced myself from them."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 15/12/04]

"The Super Trio Show Continues..." continued to film two nights ago, with special guests Cecilia Cheung, Hacken Lee, Steve Wong, Anya, Danny Summer and Joyce Koi all playing hard to win prizes. After winning all the prizes last time he was on the show, Hacken won the top prizes once again after getting the highest score.

Cecilia came well prepared to face all the challenges of the games and wore a bikini underneath her clothes, wore waterproof make-up and even had a pedicure to make sure she looked her best. With her very playful personality, Cecilia was up for anything and although Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok and Jerry Lamb kept bringing up the topic of Nic Tse and Faye Wong, she did not mind at all, saying that she only cared about winning the prizes!

In the game where they had to give female stars names, Anya started by saying "Faye Wong" before calling Cecilia's name to be next. Maybe Cecilia wasn't quite ready for this and responded with 'Nic Tse', raising many laughs from the audience. Eric immediately responded saying: "We want female stars - what does Nic Tse have to do with it?", to which Cecilia retorted: "Anya said 'Faye Wong', so I say 'Nic Tse' - did you not know he is gay?!". As everyone burst into much laughter, Eric shook his head and said: "The relationship between the three of you is very complex!"

It seemed that everyone was ganging up against Cecilia and in the candle blowing game, she managed to have just one candle left very quickly so Ka Lok shouted beside her: "Faye and Nic are ahead - blow them away!". This seemed to work as Cecilia managed to blow out the last candle and replied to Ka Lok saying: "You didn't need to bring them out, I could have done it quite easily on my own." The funniest part was Cecilia carrying Hacken over the stony path as everyone was worried that the under 100 lb Cecilia would not be able to support him. Eric joked cruelly: "Don't worry, she has managed to support her whole family."

Although she was the brunt of all the jokes that night, especially surrounding her gossip, Cecilia did not seem to mind at all, saying that to go onto this show, you have to be prepared for this. She was only interested in the prizes because they would be the Christmas presents for her colleagues at her management company. As for Nic announcing at the earlier Tung Wah Charity show that he would wait for Cecilia for three days to take a photo with her if someone would donate a million dollars, Cecilia says that he was probably joking and as it was all for charity, it does not mean there is anything between them.

The beautiful Anya was also the target of the hosts affections and they were all rather envious of her gaming partner Steve, saying that he was so lucky to be able to go lip to lip with her! When he had to carry her, they called out to him: "Enjoy the experience!", whilst Ka Lok added: "We are like brothers - why does he have all the fun and we just have to watch?". Despite this, Steve and Anya were not awkward at all and completed the course like conjoined twins. When they had to play 'pass the seaweed', everyone else passed it with their teeth, but Steve and Anya were happy to touch lips with each other in the process. In the shower game, they were both soaked together and wearing a light coloured top, Anya revealed her underwear, but she explained that she had swimwear underneath.

Afterwards, Steve was asked about his 'beautiful experience' and he laughed: "I didn't want it to happen! (You even got to kiss her!) It was Anya - she was very clumsy and knocked into my face. (Did your natural instincts kick in?) I am an adult, I can compose myself. I was pleased to be partnering a pretty girl though."

Hacken nearly swore when he was playing the question game when he was asked for 'relatives' and he replied: "Your mother!". During the guessing game, his words were rather risque when he was trying to describe 'marital rites', he shouted out "A couple on their wedding day - high high high!" , causing roars of laughter from the audience.

Despite walking out on TVB's Tung Wah Charity event earlier, Danny Summer was still invited onto the gameshow, seemingly still to be on good terms with the company. Eric took the opportunity to give him some cheek, saying: "You come to TVB, but you leave without doing the show!" He did not seem to mind about this though.

However, he indicated once again yesterday that TVB are disrespecting him, saying: "I did not blast TVB, it was just the person who booked me was too hard. I wanted to do the charity show and even turned down the award show in the mainland, but I understand how TVB works after working with them for so many years. The most frustrating thing was that in the past I made some series for TVB, but when they promoted the show abroad, they did not have my name on there. I have fans all over the world and I have popularity abroad, TVB should respect everyone who has a part in their shows."


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