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[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/04]

Miss Hong Kong runner up Queenie Chu represented Hong Kong earlier at this year's Miss World Pageant in Hainan Island and although she did not win an award, she is not disappointed because she has won the friendship of many other contestants and when they parted company, they did not want to leave each other.

Queenie says: "I was closest to the contestants from New Zealand, Sweden and the Philippines and in the past month, we have built a very strong friendship. The most memorable occasion was the carnival that we took part in upon arrival, where the contestants were arranged to parade on a floral float and I was in the same vehicle as the contestant from the mainland and Taipei and we were welcomed by 5500 people. The parade lasted an hour and 30 minutes and when I heard people shouting at me to gain recognition for my country, I was very touched. After the contest, everyone was very sad to be leaving and some of the Caribbean contestants were in floods of tears, saying that they lived too far away from everyone else, so there is little chance that we would meet again. In the end we agreed that whoever got married, then we would visit their country."

Queenie adds that there was an event where they all played with hot air lanterns and there were about fifty or sixty that were released into the air in an attempt to break a record, but they did not find out how well they did. Having gained a healthy tan after this trip, Queenie says that this is another thing she has gained from the trip that helps to show off her personality.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/04]

Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong and Chan On Ying were filming in TVB City's ancient street for "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" in a rain scene. The story tells of Myolie angering Liza's mother-in-law character and is punished by making her kneel in the rain. She is joined by her husband in the show Bosco and when Liza sees the loving couple getting soaked in the rain, her heart is moved a little and she lets them both off.

Although the weather is not very cold, Myolie still made sure that she had plenty of clothes on underneath her costume and after several takes, Bosco made sure to drink the ginger tea prepared by the crew to warm up afterwards. Myolie says: "It was actually a lot better today already, yesterday we had a scene where I had to jump into the sea and that was even worse because I had to wear a diving suit underneath." When Myolie chatted to the reporters, Liza passed by and said laughingly: "If you argue with me, today it is rain, tomorrow it will be faeces!" Myolie praises Liza, saying that although she does not film many comedies, she is full of life when she does it, especially in a scene earlier where Liza and Shek Sau had to film a scene depicting them meeting 20 years earlier and Myolie says it was very good.

Bosco did not wear anything under his costume yesterday, so after every soaking yesterday, the crew would help him dry off with towels: "I don't understand why how I got so wet with an umbrella. I am so dumb!" As for whether he has turned up late for filming after working with Liza for several sessions, he smiles: "Of course not! However, on my first day of filming with Liza, it was very scary. (Did she scold you?) No, she actually pointed out my lazy pronounciation and taught me how to speak properly."


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 08/12/04]

'Yu Fei' Sheren Tang appeared in Mongkok yesterday at the opening of a fashion outlet and attracted a crowd of onlookers. One female fan even called out: "Yu Fei Leung Leung - Support you! Keep up the good work!" Sharon says that after getting this title, she receives respect from everyone without having to play the diva.

Sheren was wearing an evening dress worth over $6000 and a set of jewellery worth $1.4 million. Her outfit was auctioned at the event with the proceeds going to the "Youth AIDS Education Centre". Sheren plays an active part in the organisation and often acts as a volunteer there. She says that this charity does not get any government funding, so she hopes to raise a lot of money towards it. She felt that the starting price at the auction for the outfit should be $20,000 and she hopes that many people will bid for it.

Sheren is pleased with the fee for this event and she feels that the most important thing is that she can do something for charity, so when she agreed to the job, she stipulated that it should all be about fundraising, the shop's owner Miss Lo agreed. Sheren indicates that this company often sponsors her outfits for events so that she does not have to waste her outfits. She says that in the past, she had to move into a larger house to store all her clothes, but now she has moved back into a small home and this is more suited to her. Does she put little emphasis on fame and fortune? She does not deny this and says: "I wish that I could take the MTR to work and in the past I have done this, but not so much in the last few months. Riding on the MTR means you can see the many faces of humanity and it is very useful for an actor."

Recently, Sheren has been working with Anthony Wong in a Wong Jing film called "Slimming" and she does not need to dress sexily in the show, but she does not mind because she does not want to limit herself to this path. This experience has allowed her to make some money as well as learn some skills from Anthony, so she smiles she has two rewards from one venture. She laughs: "There are some sexy scenes, but Anthony can look after them, I am just responsible for acting."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/04]

Miss Hong Kong winner Kate Tsui was invited by China Hong Kong Regional Business Association to Beijing for a charity ball and she also represented the association visiting some children in the mountainous regions, celebrating an early Christmas with them, decorating a Christmas tree and bringing them gifts.

Kate spent four days on this trip and although she had only been to Beijing two years earlier, she felt that the area had developed very rapidly and there are a lot of new skyscrapers with very modern facades. After the ball, Kate went to visit the children in the hills and although it is only half an hour's car journy away from Beijing, it is like another world there, where they still burn coal fires, do not have electricity and use open air toilets. A whole family of six had to sleep in one bed and the school is also very simple. The students are very progressive though and most of them wish to continue their study and become doctors. When Kate was asked if she will be sponsoring their plight and funding some poor students, she says that in the past she has done this before, but she has stopped now because she feels that going to visit them in person as Miss Hong Kong is far more meaningful than just giving them money all the time.

Although it was a very rushed journey, Kate still took time to visit Beijing University and the Pan Family Garden Market. She says: "I wanted to study Mandarin in Beijing University, but never managed to do it, so being able to see this famous Chinese institution and to be shown around by one of the students made me very happy. The environment in the university is very beautiful and as well as the antiquated feel to it, there is a park, a lake and pagodas." At Pan Family Gardens, she tried her hand at bartering and bought herself some paintings.


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