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[Ta Kung Pao 02/12/04]

The latest episode of "The Super Trio Show Returns" was filmed two nights ago and guests included Rain Li, Yoyo Mung, Sherming Yiu, Wong Yat Fei, Timmy Hung and Dicky Cheung. As usual before the games start, the guests would be warmed up with jokes from the host Eric Tsang.

Timmy is used to jokes about his former girlfriend Cathy Chui, but he wasn't his usual happy cheeky self this time as he said seriously: "You have used this for so long now, I hope that in the future she is happy and I have my own life." Eric took the hint and did not say any more, turning the focus onto the rather figure-less Rain and Yoyo instead.

During the guessing game section, Dicky had to do the action for the phrase "showing your privates" on the 'dummy' Wong Yat Fei and he actually undid Wong's zip and pulled apart his trousers for it. When it was Dicky's turn to be the dummy with Rain controlling him, he got his just desserts when his phrase came up as "trousers falling down" and Rain undid his belt and pulled down his trousers, getting her revenge on Wong's behalf!


[Ta Kung Pao 02/12/04]

Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui and Fu Sze Sze were together with Hong Kong's first lady Mrs Tung at a Christmas light switch on ceremony.

Talking of Christmas, Sze Sze says that although she has been studying in Singapore all aong, but she is no stranger to Christmas in Hong Kong and actually has not spent Christmas in Singapore very much. She says: "As there is no winter in Singapore, then the temperatures at Christmas are still around 30 degrees and there is very little atmosphere, so when I had Christmas vacation, then I would come back to Hong Kong and spend it with my family. I like to buy some practical presents for my parents, such as clothes." When Sze Sze was asked what she would most like to receive under the tree, she smiles: "I would most like to have a non fattening cheesecake, because I have been dieting lately and I have not eaten that for a while."

As for Kate, who studied in America, she says that despite living in the states, she has never seen a real white Christmas when it was snowing, so her Christmas wish would be to go to Finland's famous Santa Town and have a real white Christmas!


[The Sun 02/12/04]

There was a promotion showing off Mickey Mouse jewellery yesterday and big kids Cerina De Graca and Patrick Tang were guest models at the event. Cerina's most valuable item was a Minnie Mouse brooch worth $148,500. Although this set of jewellery was not extremely valuable, Cerina says she loves cute accessories and the value is not important as long as she likes it. When she was younger, she was afraid of her boyfriends buying her jewellery but she does not mind now, unfortunately she does not have a boyfriend yet.


(File photo)

Strange things are happening at TVB City again! "Virtues of Harmony" was filming a scene earlier when a ghostly image of Anita Mui's 'Yu Fa' from the film "Rouge" seemed to appear on the screen.

Since "Virtues" began filming, everything has run extremely smoothly, but two nights ago, but readers have reported that when the show was aired earlier, an image of a lady wearing forties clothing and resembling Yu Fa could clearly be seen in a scene featuring Steven Ma and Linda Chung that was rather scary!

Currrently filming in Hengdian, Steven was asked about this and he was a little sceptical, saying: "I don't think so! Don't scare me! That episode was shot in around November and there was nothing there when we filmed it. Actually we were very happy then, maybe it was a shadow from the lighting." Linda Chung's manager responded: "Linda has returned to Vancouver now, there was nothing special when she filmed it."

The reader took the footage to see a soothsayer yesterday and when he saw it, he was rather shocked too saying it really did look like her. He said: "It is really like a lady wearing forties clothing, in a chipao and with wavy hair." When asked if this was the spirit of Anita, Mr Yu said: "It is hard to tell, but it is definitely a woman. If it is Anita, then maybe she has an unfulfilled wish, so she still stays in the human world, especially in places that she liked, so it is not unusual at all."

Also, Rabee'a Yeung was out filming for a travel programme earlier and at the press conference, she said that when she was visiting Huangshan, she thinks she met a ghost in the hotel. She said: "One night I was asleep when I heard that there was a loud snoring noise beside me, but there was just me in the room, so I switched on the light! There was no-one there and I was pretty scared."


[Oriental Daily 02/12/04]

Stars from TVB's "Sunshine Heartbeat" Yoyo Chan and Charmaine Lee were guests at the opening of a new Hong Thai Travel Branch and they will be heading out on 9th December to Kansai to film a travelogue. This is the first trip to Kansai for them both, so they are very excited. Yoyo says: "I am very afraid of the cold actually! This will be the coldest place I will have been on vacation, so I will be bringing a lot of heat packs and big coats with me, but I have heard that we can go skiing, so I am very excited."

Charmaine laughs that she will be paid as well as having a free vacation, so it is a great opportunity. She says: "I have been to Tokyo before, but this is my first time to Kansai. I have heard that there will be a guy with us too, but I don't know who that will be." She also says that after "Sunshine Heartbeat" has aired, many people call her 'Second Sister' in the street and as well as the travel show, she has received many offers of advertisements: "Many are still under negotiation, such as a conditioner ad and other jobs, but I shouldn't talk about them yet as they haven't been confirmed. The most important thing is to complete the travel show first."


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