Wednesday, December 22, 2004

[The Sun 23/12/04]

Charmaine Sheh was a guest at a store opening in Mongkok yesterday and she revealed that she will be flying out to Singapore on 2nd Jan to film on location for "Yummy Yummy" before returning in February to begin work on the Flying Services Series with Ekin Cheng that has been renamed "Always on Standby". When it was mentioned that the lead role in this series was supposed to be Gigi Lai, she says: "Well it is me now. (There were rumours that as Gigi replaced Sheren in 'Powder and Rouge' this led to a big mix up in the roles?) They were just rumours."

Also, with Kate Tsui taking over one of Charmaine's previous ad campaigns and being paid a seven figure sum, does Charmaine feel threatened by her? Charmaine replies: "It is just the market price, I am not clear about it, but for a good fee, she should be happy!" Kate denies that she has replaced Charmaine, saying: "Don't put it like that, maybe the company likes the Miss Hong Kong image."


[Oriental Daily 23/12/04]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winner Kate Tsui has received her first advertising deal, replacing Charmaine Sheh as the face of a skincare brand and receiving a seven figure sum as part of the deal. When it was mentioned that she was taking over from her predecessor, Kate says: "Don't say replacing, maybe the company likes the Miss Hong Kong image. (Your skin condition was quite poor before, why have they asked you to be their spokesperson?) My skin was pretty bad before because of an allergic reaction, but as a spokesperson, I have to try the product first and after a few weeks, the result was very good, so they took me on to promote the product."

Receiving such a handsome fee for her first ad deal, Kate is very pleased and excited, especially as she is one of the very few Miss Hong Kong winners who have received an advertising contract within six months of winning the title. When asked if she feels that Miss Hong Kong is becoming more and more commercialised, Kate explains seriously: "As Miss Hong Kong, as well as doing commercial work, there are also a lot of charity duties, such as visiting the elderly."


[Oriental Daily 23/12/04]

As one of TVB's 12 'Jade New Power' promoted newcomers, Cecilia Yeung has been cast with a part in the new series "Powder and Rouge" to learn from established stars such as Gigi Lai and Moses Chan, making her very excited indeed.

It appears that Cecilia still lives in a fairy tale world and still believes in Santa Claus: "My friends laugh at me for still believing that Santa exists even at my age, but how do we know? He might be from another planet!" She explains: "I remember since I was very young, there would be a gift waiting for me on Christmas morning at the foot of my bed, so in time I began to believe that Santa does exist!" This year, Cecilia has started her first proper job and she plans to dress up as Santa to give presents to her parents. She says: "At first I was planning on cooking a special meal for my family, but as I will be busy working, I will be taking them out for a big meal instead."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 23/12/04]

After their performance in the epic "War and Beauty", Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam have won this year's TVB anniversary awards for favourite male and female leading roles as well as a lot of recognition from viewers and critics. As they played a pair of entangled lovers in the series, they have forged an image for themselves of being 'the perfect couple'.

Working together once again on a Christmas shoot at Harbour City, Bowie and Gigi showed off their natural affinity for each other, posing like conjoined twins for their photographs and yielding a feeling of passion and warmth. With a crowd having gathered to watch the shoot, they were subconsciously led to share the feeling with those around them as couples exchanged hugs and kisses and had their photos taken later under the same tree, placing themselves into the role of 'Suen Pak Yeung' and 'Yuk Ying'.

Most men do not get too excited about Christmas and Bowie is no exception, especially as he has spent most of the last few Christmasses working. However he plans to make a little more effort this year: "In recent years, I have been spending Christmas working and it is a good thing to have work, so my girlfriend will be happy, but this year I have given it a little more thought and plan to buy her a gift with great sentimental value as well as make time to go for a meal with her over Christmas. I know she will be satisfied with this."

However, for Gigi, Christmas is an annual big event and each year she will arrange her activities with care and have a great time. However, when she experienced a white Christmas three years ago, it was very memorable. Gigi says: "That year, I went skiing and I was so happy to have had a white Christmas, but I injured my ankle whilst I was skiing and was limping all the time, then I had to return to Hong Kong to do some promotional work and I couldn't wear high heels, so I lost a lot of confidence at the time because I couldn't dress up and look pretty."


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