Thursday, December 16, 2004

[The Sun 16/12/04]

"The Super Trio Show Continues..." filmed another episode earlier that featured 'family members' Lee San San and Lily Hong among the guests. As the show will be aired at the beginning of next year, then there was a happy atmosphere during filming and a group of the hosts' relatives were invited to take part, inlcuding Jerry Lamb's wife Lily, Chin Ka Lok's girlfriend Lee San San and Eric Tsang's son Tsang Kwok Cheung. Other guests were Yuen Wah, Louisa So and the group Girls' Dormitory. During the stony path game, San San had to carry Ka Lok, but she could not pick him him up, saying: "I can't stand up!". To this, Ka Lok replied with a dirty joke, saying: "As long as I can stand up, then it's okay." [Em's note: If you don't understand this, please don't ask me to explain!!] The jokes continued as when Ka Lok had to pick up San San, she said he was standing too far [sounds like 'soft' in Cantonese] away, to which Ka Lok responded: "What do you mean soft? It is hard!"

Whilst walking on the stony path, Ka Lok complained about his girlfriend being heavy, saying: "San San, you are as steady (heavy) as a mountain and keep growing day by day." Afterwards, San San was asked if she minded being called heavy by her boyfriend and she said: "Coming onto this show, you are prepared to have the mickey taken, he was just joking." As for when they plan to get married, San San replied: "Not for the moment, marriage just means you get a piece of paper, we have lived together for so long now that I am afraid of him calling me his wife."

When Eric saw his son playing the 'seaweed passing' game and getting along very well with Toby from Girl's Dormitory, he immediately laughed: "This daughter-in-law is not so bad, I will hae to go and discuss it with Leung Ka Shu. (Toby's father)". During the word game, Kwok Cheung came out with a dirty word and was immediately scolded by his father: "You are bringing down the family name! Luckily this part cannot be aired."


[The Sun 16/12/04]

Yesterday there was an opening of a watch shop and Sheren Tang and Maria Chan were invited to be the guests of honour. Seeing Sheren working so hard at the promotion, the boss presented her with a diamond watch as well as the original designer watch, making her very happy. Sheren reveals that she will only receive a 'standard fee' and urges artistes not to be afraid of losing out because you will get your just returns.

However, the thrifty Sheren says that she will never waste money on buying expensive accessories: "I am very clumsy and when I was on a long term contract with the TV stations, I am used to some hard times. As it was needed at the time, I saved a few thousand dollars to spend on some expensive cosmetics, but I left them in the make up room and lost them all. I have learned to make the best use of budget items now and even when my friends invite me to buy designer labels for stage appearances, I will not buy them for fear of having them stolen or losing them." Conversely, Maria likes to collect watches and she has over ten at home, but not one was given to her by her boyfriend.


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