Saturday, December 11, 2004

[The Sun 11/12/04]

The Tung Wah Charity event will be taking part today and artistes have been busy preparing their act for the annual telethon event. Tian Liang and Nic Tse's swimming event has been dubbed the highlight of the evening that will raise the most money. When he heard this, Nat Chan has been roping in donations from all his friends to support him and his wife Cecilia for their performance of Cantonese Opera "Romance of Sword and Hairpin" to maintain his usual top spot.

During the show, Olympic Gold Medallist diver Tian Liang will be racing against Nic Tse and at the moment, they have received pledges of donations for $500,000 and are sitting in top spot. Nat is currently rounding up support to beat the 'Prince of Divers' and become 'Prince of Fundraisers'. TVB is currently considering presenting a souvenir award to the top fundraisers of the evening. In response to this, Nat says: "I don't need to say anything and my friends will automatically call and pledge a donation. Even those who live as far away as South America and America are willing to donate a five figure sum and producer Siu Chiu Shun has offered his donation of $18,000. (You want to be 'Prince of Fundraisers'?) I want Cecilia to be 'Princess of Fundraisers'! I always have the chance to sing, but she has not sung in twenty years."

On the other hand, Tian Liang and Nic have been preparing for filming in the pool and will be appearing well covered in their full body swimsuits. Nic says that he has not had time to do exercise recently, so this is to cover his belly flab. To avoid being accused of stealing the limelight, Tiang will also be hiding away his physique. The race will be swimming freestyle and buttterfly and there is very little between the two. Tian has already returned to training in China to begin preparing for the next Olympic games. His appearance at this event has been authorised and supported by the National Sporting Council as it is not working directly for EEG. Tian and Nic will be appearing at TVB City to make their call for donations and there is a big chance that Nic will bump into his former love Cecilia Cheung.


[The Sun 11/12/04]

The China National Diving Team signed a sponsorship deal with a brand name yesterday and the official deal was completed in a ceremony held at Zhongshan yesterday, with evening dining and entertainment afterwards. The three spokespersons for the brand Alice Chan, Annie Man and Candy Lo were also present. When Annie found out that Alice had her photo taken with Xiong Ni, she was very envious, so she made the most of her opportunity to have her photo taken with Hu Jia and wearing a low cut top, she was very eyecatching and she was so excited that she started giggling. As for Candy, she was appearing despite being ill and after the ceremony, she went to her room to take some medicine and did not take part in the evening event. When she found out that Alice and Annie were able to pose with the divers, she was full of regrets. She said that she really admires Xiong Ni's diving talents and says that his cool exterior is very stylish.

Talking of Annie's beauty shining out, Candy later bumped into her and joked: "Wow! So amazing!", to which Annie replied: "Nothing compared to your 'centre door opening' at the Golden Horse awards!". Candy later explained that her outfit on that night was in line with the occasion and not to steal the limelight.


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