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[The Sun 09/12/04]

There have been reports recently that whilst filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" (Hotel Turmoils) lately, Kenix Kwok has been playing the diva, arriving late for filming and making co-star Joe Ma rather annoyed with her. Yesterday, during filming, the two stars worked hard to dispel the rumours, not only chatting and laughing throughout the shoot, but also posing happily for photographs, seemingly very friendly with each other. When asked about them falling out, they could not stop laughing and Kenix says: "We are getting along just fine, it should be that we are great friends, not enemies! As for my work ethics, everyone can see what I am like and I do not need to clarify any further about my punctuality and attitude."

Kenix will be making a breakthrough in the new show as she is breaking her tradition of playing the good roles, by playing a character who is both good and evil. She says that she is not looking to win an award after the influence of "War and Beauty", but she feels that it is easy to think this at this moment in time. She just thinks that as long as the role gives her opportunity to perform then she hopes that people will not be too sensitive!


[The Sun 09/12/04]

Michelle Ye set out for Guangxi yesterday to film on location for "The Herbalists Manual" for three weeks and as the temperatures there are only at about 10 degrees C, she has brought lots of winter clothing with her and has even employed an assistant to help her when she needs it. She says: "Recently my health has been rather poor, so I would rather spend some money and pay for an assistant. It is still worth it for the sake of my own health."

She says that after filming, she will stay an extra week in Shanghai for Christmas and visit her relatives: "Shanghai is very familiar to me because my father lives there and I often go to visit him. For Selena, this is her first trip to Shanghai, so I will show her around, going for a crab banquet and shopping."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 09/12/04]
Additional material from www.mimilo.net

Mimi Lo, Ada To and Joey Leung started their set of four performances of "Three Show" concerts at the Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts and they were well received by the audiences, especially whilst Mimi was singing the classic song "Iron Blood Bold Heart", special guest Felix Wong joined her on the stage, creating a frenzy from the audience. Seeing that not all the seats were full, Felix immediately announced: "Next time, put my face on the poster and display it in Golden Bauhinia Square, then the tickets will definitely sell out!" Michael Miu immediately jumped onto the stage from his seat in the audience and announced that Felix had been very nervous about his first such performance on stage, so he has been dragged out to Karaoke on many occasions to support him during practice. Mimi indicated that she had met Felix whilst filming a series with him earlier and as he has never sung on stage in public before, this was his virgin appearance in a concert. She says: "We are very thankful to Felix because he has not asked to be paid for his appearance." Joey reveals that he plans to have a show of his own in June and because of the rush, there were no sponsors for their show, so the diamond rings given away during the concert worth a few thousand dollars each were paid for from his own pocket.

The 'other halves' of the three main stars were there to lend there support as Margaret Chung rooted for Joey, Power Chan filmed Mimi's performances and kept a low profile, whilst Ada's husband Sunny Chan was on a promotional spree, saying that the ticket stub could be presented at his restaurant for a roast pork bun and earning the jeers from the audience. When his wife saw this, she chased him off the stage, causing a few laughs. Alice Lau was also a special guest singer and other famous faces in the crowd included Michael's wife Jamie Chik and Eddie Cheung.


A show without format and purely devoted to sharing some happy and warming feelings on the stage.

Joey Leung - In the style of stand-up comedy, with a laugh in each word, he will share the topic of "What is Love?" as well as a special song and dance tribute to Leslie Cheung.

Ada To - Taking her radio show onto the stage, singing her favourite Air Supply, Wham and Danny Chan songs as well as some surprise performances.

Mimi Lo - Sharing with you her version of the beautiful eighties, with songs from Anita Mui, showing off some amazing stage presence as well as the lovely melodies of Priscilla Chan.

Date: 7th-10th December 2004 (4 performances)
Venue: Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Drama Theatre
Ticket Price: HK$200 and HK$150


[Oriental Daily 09/12/04]

Ursule Wong was interviewed earlier by Nancy Sit for her radio show and she indicated that she was unable to hold back the tears as she watched the memorial service for her father on the television with her family. Nancy joked: "When the doctor read his tribute, he was very touching. He is very young, are you dating yet Ursule?" Rather embarrassed by this, Ursule became rather flushed and did not know what to say. Her rumoured boyfriend Shum Chak Fun was present at the memorial service and when Ursule was asked if he was the one, she said awkwardly: "Don't talk about that! They were linking me with Chow Tsz Kui before! (Which is your boyfriend?) They both are!"

Ursule says that her father James never asked her about her love affairs, saying: "He was very confident in me, but did tell me to try a few more (dates)! (Will you choose a man who is like James who dares to love and hate?) It would be good if I could, but it's not up to me. We are all good friends." As for the memorial brochure from the memorial service being sold on the internet for as much as $6000, Ursule says: "Of course this is not a good thing, but if someone is selling and someone is prepared to buy, then there is nothing we can do! (Will there be a reprint?) I don't know, even if they print more, it may not be enough."


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